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I will be writing more about 2017 trends for bouquets and flowers in the coming week so keep a look out for that. I hope you have a lovely Sunday, and if you have been wedding planning, it has not been too much of a headache for you.

Choosing the perfect bouquet for your winter wedding

Flowers are a big decision when it comes to your big day. Do you want a bouquet that’s going to make an impact? Or something subtle and pretty? Are you going to use a florist? Or attempt to put together an arrangement yourself? Whatever you decide, if you are planning a winter wedding, and are looking for inspiration here’s how to choose the perfect bouquet:

Are the flowers you want in season?

Certain flowers are only available at certain times of year, so you can forget about adding peonies into your winter bouquet unless you want to pay a fortune to have them shipped over from somewhere still growing them. In the UK, here are the best flowers to take your pick of for your bouquet:

  • Amaryllis – These flowers come in a stunning range of colours and are in season between November and April.
  • Peonies – The Goddess of all flowers and only available a few months of the year, from April till July.
  • Holly – These sharp leaved flowers are the ultimate symbol of things festive, perfect if your nuptials are taking place in December.
  • Roses – These are all year round, but a deep red is perfect for a winter bouquet. It is the colour of romance after all!

These recommended flowers are all pretty hardy too, unlike popular choices such as Freesia or Peonies, so should last all day too. Check out The Knot’s wedding flowers guide for more inspiration.

Think about your colour scheme

Some brides don’t care about clashing colours, but tying your floral arrangements into your colour scheme is a great way of ensuring the photos looked balanced – and the ties you chose for the groomsmen don’t look totally out of place. A red and green festive colour scheme probably won’t look quite right with fuschia pink flowers in yours and your bridesmaid’s bouquets!


Think about size

Is your dress simple enough to warrant an elaborate trailing floral bouquet or do you need something modest to hold to balance out a huge skirt or an extra long train? You don’t want to hide the details on a beautiful gown or take away the focus from your stunning engagement and wedding rings with an enormous bouquet, so think about the pictures when putting together your flowers. 

When it comes to choosing the perfect winter bouquet consider these tips and ensure you get your hands on an arrangement perfect for your big winter wedding!

This was a collaboative post working together with 77 Diamonds. Who doesn’t love flowers and diamonds?! As always, we promote brands we love and trust. When it comes to working with diamond companies I always check that they are conflict free, which they are, and you can read more about here.

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