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Happy New Year! No doubt you’ll be feeling bombarded with plenty of New Year, New You type posts – as much as we may hate them,  if you are anything like me, you can’t help but feel like January is the time to think about self improvement, whether physical, mental or lifestyle. One super simple change (and definitely not as depressing as dieting or similar) you might like to look at is skincare- particularly if you are getting married this year.  I thought I’d start 2017 by bringing you a few easy ways to get your skin looking on point this year and some newness I’ve been testing over the last few weeks and months. The easy thing about everything below is they will work for all skin types, tones and ages – whether you are 16 or 60, dry, oily or spot prone.



Go for good skin from the inside out – I’m a huge fan of supplements and I’m sure skin supplements are going to be a growing part of the skincare market in the next few years – SpaceNK now have an extensive selection and social media is awash with supplements for hair growth, weight loss and more (some much more dubious than others!) It’s definitely something to consider, particularly if you struggle to get your Omegas and antioxidants through your diet –  I’ve been adding this Equi London Beautiful powder supplement to juices and smoothies (including Zinc, a natural anti inflammatory great for acne prone skin, and Hyaluronic Acid – see below), as well as ANP Omegas +, and the Vitamin A supplement (some ANP are currently 50% off on SpaceNK here, incidentally). Whilst you don’t need to take multiple supplements if you don’t want to, the ones I take focus on targeting anti ageing, as well as the glow (which is hard to retain when you are a terrible sleeper, and a chronic workaholic). If you ar stumped on what to choose, I’d look at it like I do serums – what’s your main concern? Dehydration, firmness, anti ageing, luminosity? Then pick accordingly.


Facial Oils 

I waxed lyrical all last year about facial oils, and I’m still 110% convinced they are totally the way forward.  You’ll have noticed how many brands are jumping on the oil wagon – from high street to high end. Whilst I wouldn’t use one in the morning (although if you have dry skin you may like to), I love an oil in the evening, especially at this time of year where skin tends to be more dehydrated with the weather and central heating (my other half keeps our house practically tropical, which isn’t as fun as it sounds sometimes!).

Current faves? I’m currently trialling the Beauty Sleep Elixir by Beuti, which boasts a ton of nourishing natural ingredients to help to combat inflammation of the skin, as well as provide a glow (and is said to be loved by K-Mid and Rita Ora). If you prefer a balm, I love the Katherine Daniels Nuturing Night Balm melts to an oil when massaged in to the skin, and is so beautifully hydrating without any heavy residue. I’m also alternating with the Pestle and Morter Superstar to get my Retinol fix too.


Hyaluronic Acid

So, you’ll have heard talk of HA, but what is it? The long and short of it is *without boring you senseless with science* it is a substance which can withhold one whole lot of moisture – meaning when you add it to your routine, it will help to make skin look plump, hydrated and youthful – unlike dehydrated skin which can look lacklustre and aged. (If you want it broken down take a read here). If you are a makeup fan, remember that foundation sits so much better on hydrated skin, so your makeup will look far better too – base is really only as good as the skin underneath it, and on dryness tends to become patchy.

Hyaluronic Acid is perfect for every skin type so everyone will benefit from it, and I alternate Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair (one of the first brands and products to really champion HA) and Dr Sebagh – so waterweight and quickly absorbed you can even bung it on under makeup. If these aren’t in your budget – the Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2%  is £5.90. No frills it may be, but really, results are what fundamentally matters, so you literally can’t go wrong with this.


LED Light Therapy Facial 

Just before Christmas I was invited to Harvey Nichols to try an LED facial at the in-house Light Salon – this uses wavelengths to help to stimulate the skin (much in the same way Microneedling, and the NEWA does) resulting in increased collagen and hyaluronic acid production (see a theme occurring here?!). If you want a super quick (15 mins), easy non invasive facial, this is warming, relaxing and gives you plump, bright, glowing skin for the next few days (with a course this is up to 12 weeks). The staff are lovely, friendly and it’s a cute salon within the busy beauty hall. So easy for pre wedding prep – no side effects breakouts or anything, and suitable for all skin (there’s a blue light facial for acne prone skin too which has antibacterial effects).

If you try any of these let me know. I’m literally drowning in skincare at the mo with lots of newness to try and a lot of amazing products from my Liberty Advent Calendar (the hero of which must be the Byredo Bal D’Afrique hand cream – omg! The smell! I need to investigate this brand further no?) so I’ll keep you update with anything I love over the coming months.

Emily x

*this post contains press samples, but as always, I only feature products I love and would buy myself.

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