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I went back and read the first ever Weekend Edit, which was publish 31 May 2015. I wanted to bring the soul back in to the blog and I think over the months I have managed to achieve that. I am very open and honest with you. In global terms 2016 has been rather shitty, in personal and business terms it has been rather good and I am so happy you have been part of it all.

I don’t think I need to recap the year because you’ve been with me every step of the way so I will pick out a few highlights, then list my resolutions/goals for 2017. This isn’t a traditional weekend edit, if you want to see the last week (21-27 Dec) then there is a vlog up! But thinking about it, the highlights of my year happened from September onwards, so most of this will still be fresh.

My first highlight was finally deciding not to sell and do the house up a bit more. I hated living in limbo and whilst I dreaded the upheaval of having workmen in, I felt better knowing we would be settled for a bit longer. The house looks so different now!



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Another highlight, though I hate to admit it, is my sister moving up. It meant that our parents came up more and we could all hang out as a family again. Plus it is always nice to have someone to drink gin with. I started CBT in May and really, that has been the most life changing thing that has happened to me this year. I signed up in August 2015, so there was definitely a wait, but worth it.

Moving on to the latter parts of the year, I can’t even explain how momentous is was for me to go in to the city for my best and oldest friends 30th. I hadn’t been in to the city in about 6 years apart from one very blurry hospital visit which I had no choice in and was up to my eyeballs on valium to do the journey. In October, I tearfully made it in to the city centre, gave my best friend her birthday gift, stayed for drinks, wandered around the city for a bit then came home. It will forever be known as The Breakthrough.


Following that excursion I then fell ill (remember the a&e visit, chest paints etc etc) but I was back on it come November 20th (our 6th wedding anniversary). I went to the cinema for the first time in about 8 years. We watched Fantastic Beasts, and I had a little wander around. December saw me go in to the city 3 times in the last couple of weeks; 2 cinema trips (Rogue One and Passengers) then a shopping trip. I hadn’t been in a shopping centre like John Lewis in about 10 years. Isn’t that crazy?

Work wise, the blog has hit milestones and achievements through out the year, from winning awards to helping brides. I have found 2 ladies (Rebecca and Emily) who work so well with SYGM and I can’t wait to continue in to 2017 with them. A highlight that happened in December was that I started vlogging. Michael agreed to it too so The Millers on Youtube was born. I am really enjoying it, have learnt more about filmography/photography and editing in the last month than in my few years of blogging and I love that I am capturing moments I can share with other people who want to see them. I am hoping that you will see me from my first venture to the cinema, to getting back on a plane again! We are not monetising the blogs, they wont have annoying pop up ads etc, they are there simply for our (and your) pleasure.


I read last years Christmas Weekend Edit, I was in such a different place then than I am now, due to so many different reasons. The main one is probably my anxiety is more under control now, and last Christmas just wasn’t that fun. After read that post I found the one with my 2016 resolutions:

Be healthier – I’ve let things slip for the last few months. Currently aiming for 2 pilates, and a run a week –  hmmmm I have kinda kept to this one. Whilst I pilates about once a week, I do walk every day.

Travel more (re: this post)nailed it. But not as much as I would like. Yet. 

Less time on social media (this is hard as I use it for work, but I plan on having social media free Saturdays) – didn’t manage a social free Saturday but I have really only used it for work, in fact I have doubled my time on it as I now have a SYGM insta account as of beginning of 2016. Ha.

Eat less sugar – whilst this is part of number 1, I eat farrrr too much sweet stuffs. I think because I can’t eat gluten I fill up my sadness on the yummy things I can actually eat. E.g chocolateI gave up sugar for June/July I think? It was torture, but since then my sugar intake has been a lot less. 

Keep to a blog schedule, I usually blog to a schedule but I want to really nail it down this year so you know what to expect and when – yes to this!!

Photograph more. I really enjoy taking photos (I wouldn’t say I am amazing but I am always happy with how things come out) and would love to find more opportunities to take more in 2016   there has been more photography and videography this year for sure! 

Make new friends. You are never too young, or too old for new friendsyes to this!! A couple. Hello Sam and Laura.  

Keep not giving a shit about what anyone else is doing. TBH, I nailed this last year and want to carry on in 2016yup. Even more and will continue in to 2017.

Learn a new craft. Not sure what yet, but I will keep you updated. Have any suggestions?does filming and editing videos count? I think so. 

Finish off the house. So many little bits left to do, but I was kind of like “oh we are selling so what’s the point”. But now we aren’t I really need to crack on. No one else is going to paint those skirting boards. just the bathroom and hallway repaint to go! 

Resolutions for 2017 

These are half ‘bucket-list’ style and half general goals, some of them are vague because I think they need to change and evolve as you do throughout the year;

Get healthier. I have really started to hone in on what makes my tummy upset and occasionally I will cave and eat something I know will upset it. No more of that, I always regret it. Gluten still a mega no, but some dairy really plays with it now.

Run a 5k.

Microdermabrasion x 5

Get my ears pierced again.

Get better sleep hygiene. I will tell you what, ever since Boxing Day I have slept so so well. I haven’t slept like this throughout the year, I know it helps having all work scheduled and being off but I am actually falling asleep when my head hits the pillow and waking up with my alarm, not several times in the night. Really want to hold on to this.

Drop Facebook, Pinterest and Snapchat. Yup. Dead weight, time consuming vacuous hell holes. (so is instagram but I need it, ha)

Keep on vlogging. Gain 1000 subscribers by May.

Have an overnight stay somewhere.

Have a weekend away somewhere.

Eat out in the city more.

Learn to meditate.

Read more. At least a book a month. January’s book is The Warden.

Visit Stamford.

Promote mental health where I can.

Volunteer/Charity work – Age or Mind in particular.

Go to a live music gig (it may help that I have The Weeknd tickets)

Push SYGM even further. We have so many exciting things planned for 2017.

I think that is about it for now, I may come back and add more if I remember them. There are superficial things on there, like getting my ears pierced, but big things like helping take away the stigma of mental health issues, charity work and my own personal goals of my anxiety. I also just want to say a huge huge thank you to you. When you read my Weekend Edits and I have done something out of my comfort zone, you always come and find me on social media and say well done. I genuinely has helped keep me going, and pushing myself. I have also had emails from readers asking more details about CBT, how it works etc so if that may be one of your 2017 goals please do get in touch and we can talk about it. You guys are the best. I can’t believe this little blog has turned in to something so wonderful, with a community of the best women (and some men!) who are here to love and support each other. Wedding planning can be such a tough time, and I am glad we can supply some prettiness, light relief and advice to you.

2017 is going to be awesome for us all, I promise.


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