The Weekend Edit #56 | uk wedding blog

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Evening all, this is the last Weekend Edit before Christmas!! It has been quite the week, you can catch up in film format in our latest vlog here. This week saw dental drama, doctor and hair appointments, failing at finishing work off, but it wasn’t all doom and gloom as I watched lovely Christmas films, drank mulled wine and had a successful cinema trip! 


Tuesday I had Geoff come for a visit, it was good because it meant Atticus was occupied and not bored whilst I worked all day. Which is exactly what happened as I try and get it all done in time for Christmas (at the time of writing I have still not achieved this, I fail).


Wednesday I awoke with some kind of abscess type thing on my gum. My goodness it hurt to talk! I happened to have a dentist check up the following day so I chucked some bonjela on that bad boy and got on with my day. I popped out to get wrapping paper and finish off the last of the gifts. And omg. Kylie Jenner lip kits. On top of the cost, £14.95 delivery and then £15 customs charge…for a $14 lipgloss…cousin better appreciate it!!

Wednesday is date night but I wasn’t feeling hungry. Miller had chimney cakes (you can see that on the vlog, they are his favourite thing in the world) and I just had some paella.

Thursday – I didn’t sleep much the night before due to dental nerves. The appointment went fine ( I won’t go in to detail, it was awful). I left with a numb face and went home to nap off the anesthetic before my hair appointment. Hair went well, I *think* my next appointment will see my chop off most of my hair and dye it brown! I know! I have been wanting to since before the wedding but kept my hair as I didn’t want to look different in the photos. What do you think? Have you gone from blonde to brown? I think I will like it for a little while but maybe wish I was still blonde after a while. It is a big step!

I then met my sister for much needed wine…which I shouldn’t be having as I had been having stomach pain…

Friday and I was waiting in on some final christmas house bits and gifts. The cushions arrived. In love with them! And then it was time for a doctors appointment. Stomach pain is an ulcer. Fun times. I have had one before so suspected it was that, mine are usually brought on by anxiety. I am very anxious at the moment. Daily tummy upset, tight chest etc classic anxiety symptoms for me, and I know it is because I am worrying about Christmas so I am trying not to worry about my worry and let my body do it’s thing…(do I sound deranged?)


Saturday – a chill day, Miller went and did the shopping as I was working all day. He brought back treats, mainly for himself as the Christmas offerings from M&S gluten free wise aren’t amazing this year. How cute are these red velvet mini cupcakes? We had roast chicken and salad for dinner and watched Nativity.


Sunday – Ohhh whats this? Casual trip in to the city? Yes it is. Because my brain is such a fun place to reside in, I was 100% convinced I wouldn’t make it to the cinema. I had my new daily anxiety, plus anxiety about the trip and a stomach ulcer. I went about my day, edited the vlog, uploaded, had a bath and then got ready but was so certain I wouldn’t go.

Well I made it, and we actually parked in a multi-storey car park (it’s on my top 10 list of “things Phoebe hates”). It was empty, town was empty, I didn’t enjoy the walk there. I have never walked through town really, if ever. It was all quite overwhelming, I didn’t really know where I was, how far the cinema was etc. But! I managed to look in the windows of some of my favourite shops.

I did a little cry. I was very happy with myself, it was a shame Star Wars wasn’t as good as I had hoped.

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Monday – A new week, and a new attempt at finishing my work off. Yeah…We were going to face the shops that night but I was feeling drained from the day before so may attempt on Tuesday. I haven’t been shopping in Leeds for about 6 years. I am thinking the week leading up to Christmas may not be the answer but Michael said he would like to pick my Christmas gift with me!

Oh and the Christmas day table linen arrived! Michael hates it, I think it is beautifulllll. All the sparkle!


Next Weekend Edit will be up on boxing day. Next vlog will be up on Weds. I will then film over Christmas but probably upload the following Weds (28th). Make sure you’re subscribed to see a Miller Christmas