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Another day, another beautiful wedding. In my head I always think “oh no, not a coloured wedding dress” then every time I see one I am totally jealous. Ruth looks beyond beautiful in her bespoke red gown, I mean, what else is a girl to wear to her winter wedding?! Ruth and Paul’s day also includes a cute dog, a windmill and some exceptionally precious moments. I love the wedding favours, such a lovely touch. Because it was just close friends and family, the evenings entertainment consisted of wine and cheese by a roaring fire listening to music, followed by a dog walk along the beach. I don’t know about you, but doesn’t that sound like heaven? I know planning can get stressful, sometimes you need to pare things back a bit to rediscover what is truly important for your wedding. I think Ruth and Paul absolutely nailed it.

photography | Karen Fuller 

fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-002 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-003 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-004 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-005 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-006 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-007 theflowers

All Seasons Florist – My mother Anne arranged the flowers and we had four arrangements – three for the table and one for the main room. They were a mix of cream roses, mistletoe, red berries and pine greenery. We had buttonholes to match.

fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-008 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-009 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-010 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-011 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-012 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-014 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-020 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-021 thecake

We had the main cake and some delicious brownies made by Ruth’s close friend, Jenny Henderson.

fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-026 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-029 thegroom

Paul’s Suit – Moss Bros in Nottingham,
Shoes – Marks & Spencer

fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-031 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-032 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-033 thebride

Ruth’s gown – Tailored To You in Stapleford, Nottingham,
Shoes – Dune

Ruth knew what style of dress she wanted, but could not find one. She wanted a red dress to match the Christmas theme, so decided to find a dressmaker and have the dress made. It took about six months to be made. I wore a black and grey three-piece tail suit with ivory waistcoat and red cravat.

fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-035 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-038 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-039 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-040 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-041 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-042 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-044 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-046 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-048 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-049 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-050 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-051 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-052 thephotographer

Our photographer Karen Fuller captured every moment. We had a great time having our photographs taken and with Karen’s experience and knowledge of the windmill we were able to have a variety of excellent photos in all areas of the venue. Even Misty the dog was present on many of our photos, looking her best.

fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-053 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-054 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-055 thevenue

We absolutely love the coast. When looking for a venue we knew we wanted to be by the sea, but also wanted a venue that would feel magical at Christmas. When Ruth saw the windmill she fell in love with it – it is beautiful and was perfect for our wedding weekend. All the family arrived on the Friday afternoon as we had booked the whole windmill and all the rooms for the weekend so we could have it exclusively. We left Sunday morning after another great breakfast and all the family and dog had a long walk on the beach before heading home. We had a wonderful wedding at Cley Windmill and hope to return soon. The staff made us feel ever so welcome and couldn’t do enough for us. Nothing was too much trouble.

fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-056 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-057 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-058 favouritemoment

I waited for Ruth with everyone in the ceremony room. She looked beautiful as she walked in. It was the most amazing moment. The ceremony was perfect. It was everything we had hoped it would be. The registrar made us feel really calm and made it the best experience.

fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-059 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-060 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-061 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-062 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-063 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-064 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-065 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-067 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-068 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-070 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-071 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-072 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-073 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-075 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-076 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-077 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-079 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-080 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-082 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-083 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-084 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-085 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-088 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-089 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-091 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-093 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-097 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-098 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-099 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-100 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-101 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-102 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-103 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-104 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-105 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-106 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-107 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-108 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-109 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-110 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-111 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-112 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-113 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-114 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-115 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-116 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-118 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-119 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-120 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-121 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-122 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-123 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-124 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-126 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-128 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-129 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-131 thedecor

We had a Christmas theme with red, green and gold as the colour scheme. We wanted it to be a big family Christmas get-together as well as our big day. We decided on one long table decorated with a traditional Christmas feel.

fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-132 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-133 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-134 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-135 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-136 theentertainment

In the evening we retired to the lounge in the windmill. We had a roaring fire with comfy sofas, music, board games, wine and cheese, followed by a midnight walk on the beach.

fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-137 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-138 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-139 thefavours

Ruth’s mum Elizabeth made damson gin in memory of Ruth’s late father John, and each table place had a small bottle in a basket with a photo of him.

fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-141 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-143 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-148 fullerphotography-ruthpaul-cley-149advice

Keep it simple. The best weddings don’t have to cost a fortune. Always have a photographer like Karen, who has experience of shooting at your wedding venue. This ensures that you get the best photos that reflect the uniqueness of your venue and also reflect our personalities too.

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