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Morning all! I am always so inspired by how many wonderful creatives we have in this industry, and how many I am yet to discover. When this gem landed in my inbox I was in love with the colours used and the general ethos of ‘bigger is better’ when it came to florals.

photography | Cat Beardsley 

words | Jo from Issy & Bella

puzzlewood-shoot-001 puzzlewood-shoot-002 puzzlewood-shoot-004 puzzlewood-shoot-005 puzzlewood-shoot-006

The inspiration behind the shoot was to push the boundaries of the head crown trend, something really statement and wild. For a while now I wanted to design and make a head crown that incorporated all of the following concepts: woodland, wow, seasonal, wild, statement, whimsical, but pretty. It needed to be realistic to make and wear. The flower trends for next year are becoming looser and wilder, lots of texture with a woodland feel,bouquets and head crowns are using lots of foliage, feathers and stag horns and brides are going for statement prices with bigger bouquets and head crowns. This is my type of floral style, using the resources we have at hand, foraging the woods and hedgerows, using nature. It would suit a bride who wants to wow, who loves flowers and is creative. A boho or country wedding, a woodland wedding. But head crowns can be adapted to suit any theme you just need a bride to like being the centre of attention. 

puzzlewood-shoot-007 puzzlewood-shoot-008 puzzlewood-shoot-009 puzzlewood-shoot-010

I wanted to surround myself with suppliers who understood this concept very well and who could do it justice. Michelle from Rebel Rock Hair and Makeup was an obvious choice for the bohemian hairstyle that would go with this type of crown, we have both been wanting to do a similar styled shoot for a while now! Next I thought of Cat Beardsley Photography as her style is bold, cinematic and nature oriented and she could definitely give the viewer the true feel for this style. She recommended Anastasia from Makeup by Anastasia, as beyond her in-depth understanding of all things makeup, she can bring any vision into life and would provide extremely good quality makeup for the day. We asked a friend of ours, Tanya, if she wanted to be our model – she had beautiful long blond hair and her look suited the bohemian vision we had so well; shhe proved to be a truly talented model! Our local supplier Ashton Rose Bridal Centre have helped us choose the best bohemian wedding dress for this shoot, they advised on a simple, flowy, easy to move in wedding dress, with lovely lace detail to add style to the dress but not detract from the main attraction of this shoot: the head crown. We all thought of the magical (and local to us!) Puzzlewood to give that whimsical and fairy-tale feel to our shoot and we were lucky to have been allowed to have this wonderful place as our backdrop

puzzlewood-shoot-011 puzzlewood-shoot-012 puzzlewood-shoot-014

Michelle from Rebel Rock Hair and Makeup: “I clicked straight away with Jo’s vision and really wanted to participate to this styled photoshoot. I love the boho bridal style and the epic floral head crown that was going to be created for this shoot! I chose a fishtail braid and simple bohemian hairstyles that complemented the dress and the girl, while showing off the floral headpiece very well. It was a pleasure to work on this bohemian styled shoot!

puzzlewood-shoot-015 puzzlewood-shoot-016 puzzlewood-shoot-017 puzzlewood-shoot-018 puzzlewood-shoot-019 puzzlewood-shoot-021

Makeup by Anastasia: Once Issy& Bella and Cat Beardsley Photography shared with me the look they wanted for this styled photoshoot, it became apparent that we needed to go for nude lips and light smokey makeup. In this way, the makeup did not compete at all with the floral head crown, which was the main focus for the shoot, but instead it highlighted it nicely. I quite like Urban Decay Naked Pallets, very pigmented and easy to apply and they last for long periods of time as well.  I went for mink lashes (cruelty-free) as they look amazing, shiny and incredibly natural.  As smokey eyes can make your peepers smaller, I brightened them up with highlighter, my favourite is Charlotte Tilbury. The base was urban decay primer and Estée Lauder foundation (double wear) and on the lips I applied Jane Iredale fixation in “craving” shade and then I fixed the face with the Urban Decay fix spray.

puzzlewood-shoot-022 puzzlewood-shoot-023 puzzlewood-shoot-025 puzzlewood-shoot-026 puzzlewood-shoot-028 puzzlewood-shoot-029 puzzlewood-shoot-030

Cat Beardsley Photography: I could not wait to photograph this shoot! I am absolutely in love with Issy& Bella’s work and I just knew this floral crown would end up being epic, with a wild and lovely woodland feel to it. I was very happy to be part of it, give this shoot the wild and whimsical feel it deservedand make all the boho floral head crown, necklace and flowers stand out in all their glory. Our lovely model Tanya did such a great job to take our vision and the directions and put them into reality – she was a dream to photograph!

puzzlewood-shoot-031 puzzlewood-shoot-032 puzzlewood-shoot-033 puzzlewood-shoot-035 puzzlewood-shoot-036 puzzlewood-shoot-037 puzzlewood-shoot-038 puzzlewood-shoot-039 puzzlewood-shoot-040 puzzlewood-shoot-041

Credit list:

Florist: Issy& Bella

Hair-stylist: Michelle from Rebel Rock hair and Makeup

Makeup: Makeup by Anastasia

Dress: Ashton Rose Bridal Centre

Model: Tanya Lampart

Photographer: Cat Beardsley Photography

Location: Puzzlewood

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