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However it is December already? I think I’ve blinked and missed the latter half of this year! This will be my last 2016 monthly faves,however there’ll be a best of 2016 up in a few weeks that you won’t want to miss! But for now, a few beauty loves from this month, either new, newly purchased or rediscovered.


This Works Light Time Cleanse and Glow Cleanser £30

This has replaced Eve Lom in my cleanser affections – I’m totally in love with this. Packed with vitamin C for bright glowy skin, this is an oil based cleanser in a tube which you massage into the skin to emulsify makeup and then rinse off. You can leave on for up to 10 minutes for a super fatigue fighting effect. If you struggle with tired, dull looking skin, or if heavy work loads or heavy  nights out show on your face ( I often look knackered, even when I don’t feel it) this is perfect – I’m breakout free, with plump, hydrated skin.


Lancome Sourcils Styler Brow Mascara 

I am so all about brushed up brows right now – I know everyone is, and I know it has a time and a place if you do have longer brow hairs or thickness. I did this makeup for a shoot this week and for one of the first times ever, used only brow gel on my model’s brows – not really a big deal, but a big deal for me! Lancome’s tinted gels are a lazy girls best friend, although I love the NYX brow gel on myself as it adds loads of product and fullness (mine are mega sparse). NYX has a mascara type brush, so thicker, but these by Lancome have a tiny multi sided brush  to really get close to the skin. If you want to build realistic volume and fullness in your brows, this is perfect.


Phee’s Makeup Shop Luna Highlighter

This highlighter is just stunning, as are all Phee’s handmade mineral powder highlighters and eyeshadows. If you like your highlight game strong, you just can’t go wrong with her gorgeous products – buttery soft and pigment rich. Super reasonably priced too – all my clients are always totally wowed by the glow these give!

Easilocks Hair Extensions 

I’ve had my extensions in for three months now, and the other day I had my first refit. I had extensions when I was about 20 for a few years when I had bleached blonde hair, and I loved them at the time but looking back they were a lot of upkeep and often looked lank or stringy. I had deliberated having extensions again for a long time, but finally took the plunge this year when my friend became an Easilocks technician, and now I’ve done it I’ve no idea why I waited so long. They are natural looking, easy to maintain and make my hair thick and full (my main reason over length). I wish I’d had them done sooner. The best thing with these extensions is that you can refit any that you lose – although I only lost 4-5 strands in 3 months, far less than I used to with Great Lengths.


Pestle and Mortar Superstar Retinol Night Oil 

A vegan blend of cruelty free, organic, cold pressed oils are designed to target fine lines, pore size and even tone and texture. I’ve been using this in lieu of Sunday Riley Luna and it’s a great alternative (plus far cheaper at £63 for 30ml), particularly if you want a retinoid which is non animal derived. Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative which can improve fine lines and first signs of aging, so is a great addition to any skincare routine.

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