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Evening all! I feel when it comes to writing these up it makes you assess the kind of week you’ve had, quite frankly, I don’t remember much of this week, meaning I don’t think I did anything of significance? I know…I am enticing you in to read more, I think we all know I have never been good at the click bait. Whilst I did have some fun moments this week, everything is consumed by work at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I love my blogging life but I have just decided to add vlogging to it as well, read on to find out more! (wooaaah click baittttt)


I think I wrote last weeks edit on a Monday so I will start with Monday night, and a late night arrival of a much needed dressing gown! I haven’t owned a dressing gown since boarding school, I genuinely feel it may be life changing. That night it was utterly torrential, so much so we had water leaking down the side of our wood burner, yes it shouldn’t do that, yes we are getting someone to look at it.


Tuesday morning, my sister linked me to this facebook page. Our family bakery (we are Goodliffe) has finally had to close its doors after 68 years of providing the east coast of Lincolnshire with baked goods. It was a stark reminder that we should cherish our local, independent shops as they support people’s livelihoods. I have so many fond memories of visiting my grandmother who worked in the shop, visiting my uncles at the bakeries and watching all the staff making the cakes and bread. A trip to my nana’s always meant we would be treated to incredible millionaires shortbread, Lincolnshire plum loaf and the softest, fluffiest white bread you could imagine. (I often wonder why I ended up having to be gluten free…). So please, this Christmas where you can, shop local. Bread, butcher, candlestick maker style.


By Tuesday evening I had decided that Michael and I were going to daily vlog. This is what happens when you live with a blogger, you get roped in to things. I wanted to start this for 2017 but I was all “why the hell not just start now”. I know what you are thinking “Phoebe, your life isn’t even remotely interesting” and to a degree I very much concur. But my life isn’t overly interesting yet…I would love to document my struggles with anxiety and agoraphobia for myself and others, to catalogue memories and to see if I can do it. Vlogging looks hard. It is very demanding and I like a challenge. So The Millers have been born. You can subscribe here and we would love love love your support. I think we will be uploading on Wednesdays and Thursdays. So you should see something shortly. Argh!


Wednesday’s usual CBT was cancelled as my therapist was ill so I did a little bit of my own exposure and went for a dog walk somewhere I had never been before. I then came home and worked all day. Wednesday is always date night so we ordered pizza, and we filmed a little bit of our life for the intro video, dear god there is a learning curve.


Thursday morning and I was up early and blogging weddings. The dog and I stopped just before lunch for a misty walk but it was then back at it. (I told you this week was boring!)


Friday morning saw me blitzing the kitchen ahead of Ross (one of the guys that made it) and his photographer (Sam) could come and photograph it for their website. Genuinely, if you are in the market for a kitchen the look these guys up.


The sun popped out for a couple of hours so I nipped up the post office to send my mothers birthday gift and stopped to get some coffee, because we are now vlogging I am trying to get in to the habit of taking me camera with me where ever I go. At least it means the quality of pics on the weekend edit will improve. I guess that our vlogs will kind of be The Weekend Edit but in film format.

dsc_0053 img_4219

That night I was getting ready to go on a blind instagram friend date. Yes I was meeting a girl I know from instagram. She wasn’t a serial killer, she was lovely. We drank gin, talked about Leeds, weddings, boys, pokemon, gilmore girls, harry potter, dogs amongst so many other things. Whilst I don’t go out of my way to meet strangers off the internet I am always up for making friends. Friendship is a weird one at nearly 30 (UGHHH). Everyone is off living their lives and sometimes I feel people can become consumed in their own lives and forget to nourish the friendships they have. I don’t think true friendships need work, but they do need the odd text or phone call every now and again. And when it is a text it’s to ask them how they are, not send a link to something or a funny meme.

Anyway, we stayed so late at the pub Dan (fave barman) was cleaning around us.


Saturday morning and a hangover which was only going to be cured by watching the new Gilmore Girls in bed (do not read on if you don’t want spoilers!!) and awaiting Indian takeaway. I have so far (at time of writing on Sunday) only watched up until Summer, I am not too fond of Rory anymore (the Logan thing) and I am a little annoyed at Lorelei for going Wild. I know life is not perfect but that doesn’t mean it can’t just work out? You don’t have to make her the over achiever that has no love life, or the inn owner that can’t commit. Sometimes, everything can just work out OK. Right?? I am going to watch the last episode tomorrow so my opinion may change, but at the moment, Im not feeling too warm and fuzzy!

We ordered and sorted out all the Christmas food, didn’t manage to take advantage of any black friday/weekend deals for shopping really and still have a lot to buy on that front. Oops.


We walked for takeaway, loved this shop window next door. I then craved chocolate so ate the advent calendar Michael bought me. This weekend was a bit of a meh. I had plans but needed to get more work done so I am still on schedule for next week which meant we didn’t really go out and do anything. I hope you had a lovely week, tell me how you’re doing!!? The new vlogging camera has been purchased and arrives on Tuesday in time to start on Weds. I am hoping to get decorating the house soon as I was so jealous seeing all of your pics on instagram this weekend. Sadly, my tree doesn’t arrive until the 5th but my god I have much frippery to play with till then.



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