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It has been a little while since our last weekend edit, I do believe I had been to A&E? Since then my health has been pretty up and down. I still think I have this chest infection thing but I’ve tried to not let it get in the way of activities. In the past weeks I have met Rebecca (finally, after 2 years of working together) celebrated birthdays, started to sort Christmas and I did a little bit more exposure!

I don’t know how to lay out this post, if I should run down the last three weeks or just pick the highlights? I feel like sometimes we can get lost in the highlights so I think I will do a mixture.


Ok, let’s start with the first week of November. Relatively quiet one, my mother sent up a scarf for the dog, doesn’t he look dapper? I also rediscovered my love of gin and ginger beer.


Sunday the 6th – I met Rebecca and Ben! I put the call out for a London based assistant in October of 2014. I needed someone to attend London events as we were getting invited to so many but I was having to turn them down. Even if I loved London there is no way I could afford to travel from Leeds a few times a week with the occasional overnight stay. Whereas if someone could just pop in, we could still support the incredible brands we love and it wouldn’t cost the world, that is where Rebecca came in. Well a week after her working for SYGM an email came in asking if we would like to go to Jamaica. It was a no from me but I asked Rebecca and it was a big yes from her, and that is where our travel and honeymoon section was born! 2 years, and million texts later we finally met as Rebecca was on her way back down from Scotland and it turns out Leeds is a good halfway point. We went for lunch, a few drinks (by me, none of the others drink!) and a little wander before having to say goodbye to them. It didn’t feel like the first time at all and I wish we lived closer!

img_4081 img_3743img_4082

I’ve started getting the house ready for Christmas guests. We have my parents and grandmother coming up to Leeds this year, which I am nervous about but equally excited. The guest room, where my nana will be staying, is nearly ready. Just a few little bits left. The house has a lot of stairs but this room is on the same floor as the house bathroom so I think it will be easier for her.


Atticus got a new harness, I had been meaning to get one for years but finalllly got round to it, as I am going on longer walks I don’t always feel comfortable taking him off the lead in places neither of us know. He also has an extendable lead which has been so good in these circumstances. He tries to shake off the harness every 5 minutes. He hasn’t learnt yet. If you are looking for one I can highly recommend, it sits in the right places and provides padding, it also has little reflectors on it for late night walking.

img_4078img_4079img_4080img_4083 img_4084 img_4085

9th November – we got a dump load of snow!! The first of the year in Leeds, I didn’t get to go out and enjoy it as I was working. This time of year is always manic as we try and get everything prepped for Christmas. January is by far the busiest time on the blog but I want to take 2 weeks of for Christmas this year so I need to get December and first week of January all blogged up and sorted in advance. If there is anything you’d like to see blogged about please let me know. You will be meeting our new blogging brides hopefully this week!


11th November – Happy Birthday to Atticus!!!! He is now 5 years old. I took him on a lovely long walk in the autumn sunshine.


And OMG, it just so happened that Lisa, from Paper Knots sent some christmas cards inspired by Atticus, he was the only pooch she thought of when it came to drawing a schnauzer. They are so so cute and can be bought on her site.


12 November – I was feeling really unwell, the weird chestiness had come back a bit but I decided to shrug it off, wrap up and go and watch the local Christmas lights switch on with a friend. It was like something out of a Carry On and the lights ended up getting switched on at the end of the practice countdown to no cheers and just confusion. There were some very disappointed children. We then went for booze. Shirene had a prosecco cocktail and I went for one of my favourite non gin cocktails – an old fashioned and my goodness it was a good one! We stayed there for a couple hours then headed home for a Sunday roast cooked by Michael and then snoozing in front of the TV.


Wednesday 16th November – It was Millers birthday!!! BUT NO, I had been glutened. I had glutened myself because I didn’t check the label on something whilst making bolognese. He was at work that day then I had to skip the evening meal out because I was in so much pain. He still had another dinner to go though, so was hoping I would feel better by the Friday.


Friday 18th November – Woo! My insides decided to play ball and calm down for me to enjoy Millers couple of days off. Friday morning we went for brunch, played Modern Warfare Remastered (so good) then in the evening we were out for dinner (yay exposure) with his mum and partner. The whole day was anxiety free, I can’t believe that this time even a few months ago these traffic lights would have caused utter dread through my whole body. Don’t get me wrong, traffic lights still do ( I feel trapped whilst waiting) but in more of a city situation now.

img_4091 img_4092 img_4093

Sunday 20th November – We booked tickets to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them agggesss ago, I was excited to go, I had already done a trip in to the city so I knew I could do it. This time I had to wrangle a multi-story car park (yuk) and a big shopping centre, where the cinema is at the top. It was our 6 year anniversary so I didn’t want to ruin the day but I knew that if it didn’t happen Miller wouldn’t be angry. To be honest, I was convinced I wouldn’t make it, I was feeling anxious but it was being exacerbated by this chest thing I had been having.  I went through my usual motions; trying to have a lie in, eating very little, plain food so my anxiety tummy doesn’t have too much to churn, a long lovely bath, doing my make up and getting ready…at this point I was still sure I wouldn’t make it.


We got in to the car and I was around a 7/10 (anxiety scale), we got to a roundabout ( I think I have spoken about it before) if we go down the roundabout we are then kicked in to the one way system in Leeds, and the only way home is through the city centre. We went round it 4 times and by which point I was calming down, on the 4th turn (dizzy!) I said “go for it” (I was maybe down to a 6/10). We drove through the bottom of the city and I recognised a few things from before, I knew that the car park wasn’t much further. We drove up the ramp and Michael said I could get out, walk round the side and meet him at the door or stay in. I opted to get out (which has its own issues as I didn’t know where the hell I was going). I walked down the side of the building and found the door Miller was going to emerge from. There was a homeless lady sat with a dog next to the entrance. I went over and asked if she needed anything, if the dog had everything and gave her some money as I realised that if she asked for a sandwich I had no idea where the nearest place was! Michael emerged then it was on to the cinema.

img_4095 img_4096

Made it 🙂 God, I don’t know how people live in London, Leeds is plenty enough for me!! Up two escalators and a little bit of window shopping we made it to the cinema! Trinity itself is quite impressive, not sure I am ready for day time venturing though. Everyman was lovely, Miller booked seats right in the middle, I usually prefer an end seat, and it was rammed. All the seats were full. I felt a little claustrophobic (spiked to maybe 8/10 felt a panic attack coming on but talked myself down) however I settled in to the film eventually.


Gin on arrival, always. I asked my therapist if me having a gin when anxious was a good thing or could verge on crutch behaviour. Her reply to me was lengthy but in essence said it was OK. Beautiful scarf from here. Nails are in my all time favourite red with is from here.

Fantastic Beasts was wonderful, I think one of the last films I saw in the cinema was The Half Blood Prince (2009!) so it was a nice circle to be there watching something Harry Potter world related on our 6 year anniversary.


No clue what any of those buildings are but I went out on to the terrace to have a look.


Shoes from here. In the sale!

So there you go, my last few weeks crammed in to a little post! We have a few more trips planned soon, I also have to find something to wear, and tackle Millers Christmas work party. Thinking of maybe booking a hotel and staying overnight nearby. Thats a whole new struggle though. I hope you are doing well? Have you started on Christmas prep yet?

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