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As a makeup artist, teeth are one of those things that brides to be often talk to me about, and it’s amazing how many people are so self-conscious about how their teeth look and their smiles, particularly in photos – which is why whitening might be something that springs to mind to do before your wedding day.  I often get bridal clients asking me about whitening before the big day, especially as my top teeth are naturally quite white. I don’t usually whiten them, and the top usually look pretty good but I’m not a massive fan of the bottom – they are way more crowded, so I do find it more difficult to keep them as white, and have always felt they look a bit like a “before and after” from top to bottom! As with most elements of my appearance, there is always room for improvement(!) so when Philips invited me to review their Zoom teeth whitening I couldn’t wait!*


In chair whitening

So I began with the In Chair Whitening, which means you walk out of the dentist after treatment with instantly whiter, brighter teeth. I felt super lucky to be going to see celeb dentist Dr Rhona Eskander who specialises in cosmetic dentistry at Westminster based SW1 Dental, and when I arrived we had a chat about my teeth, as she explained what she was going to do and what the treatment involved.

Once you are in the chair, a big mouth guard is put into your mouth to ensure all soft tissue (ie. your lips and mouth) are out of the way and won’t touch your teeth once the bleach is on. This isn’t the most amazingly comfortable thing in the world, but you do get used to it after a while. Plus at SW1, once the bleach has been applied,  you can lie back and watch TV in your goggles to pass the time whilst you whiten! (I know – a DVD literally plays in the goggles you wear – who knew?!) You get several rounds of whitening depending on what you need, so the treatment in total lasts for up to an hour and a half.


Below are my own, and my professional before and afters ~ I love that they do look smoother and shinier as well as whiter!  The first photos are whilst I was in the chair, and as I had my mouth open for 45 mins there is some dehydration on the teeth – you can see this is gone in the second before and after. You can also see what a massive improvement it made to the staining on the bottom.

picmonkey-collage-4 picmonkey-collage-5-2

After the treatment was finished, the mouth guards were removed, I rinsed my mouth and I was pretty much done! All in all it was a super simple treatment with only the mild discomfort of the mouth guard. I’ve had absolutely no sensitivity afterwards at all, and they not only do they look whiter but also cleaner and smoother too. The best time to do this before your wedding would be around a month before the day – you could then use the at home to top up just before the day.

At home whitening

When I arrived at SW1 Dental before my In Chair treatment began, moulds were taken of my teeth and on leaving I was then given an At Home kit to use to either continue whitening straight after my chair treatment, or to top up as I fancied. The kit contains rubber moulds which are fitted to my own teeth, and two vials of solution, suitable for up to 18 applications. You simply pop a dot of the solution into the trays, and then put the moulds on for 15-30 minutes a day. You can do this twice a day and you’ll start to see results in just 3 days, with maximum results in 7 – 14 days. I’ve done this a few times since the treatment, but I’m 100% happy with the whiteness I’ve achieved so far, so I’m going to keep this to top up with and apply the remaining applications sporadically. This would be great too for pre-wedding, as you can increase use leading up to the day in time to the big day.


I’m so happy with my Philips Zoom treatment and am 100% on recommending it to you and to my private clients too – I think this is perfect for a pre- wedding treat, and even for me it’s been such a confidence booster! I was slightly worried they would look too white (first world problems, I know) but they just look natural but gleaming (especially with red lipstick!)


Prices for the Philips Zoom Whitening In Chair and At Home treatment kit vary from dentist to dentist, but start at around £400 and £350 respectively. There are lots of practises around the country which offer this service, and you can find your nearest on the website here.

If you try this let me know how it goes!

Emily x

*I received this treatment for free along with numeration in exchange for this review but as always, I only post honestly about products and treatments I recommend myself and would be happy to pay for.


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My question is for colleagues who perform Zoom whitening treatment.
Is it real to save on Zoom in-office whitening? Has anyone heard about the possibility to save on Zoom whitening by buying a special chip from I’ve heard the rumors that it works. And there is a chance of using all remaining gel from a standard 2 patients kit to serve more patients. What do you think about it? Has anybody tried?