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I am so very much over seeing traditional pearls and platinum being pushed on to brides as if they are the only options available when you get married. If you wear pearls (which I do, and did!) then obviously they would be a choice, likewise, if you prefer silver over gold you will be drawn to that but it is quite OK to say f*ck it to all of the above and wear whatever the hell you want. This is also a good gift guide for bridesmaids/fiancé/friends. I may have bought a couple of pairs of earrings off the back of it!

Whether it is fine or costume, turquoise or opal. I think it is time we shift things away from traditional ‘wedding day’ jewellery in favour of expressing your personality through the medium of golds and tanzanite. I have tried to section this post in to price bands rather than types of jewellery because I think sticking to your budget is essential when planning, and really, jewellery is just a bit of fun. Pretty, shiny, sparkly, beautiful fun.

I have tried to keep the jewellery on the subtle side because your dress will want to steal the show, but if you have quite a plain dress then by all means go all out with the lion rings and spiked earrings! If you have some kind of jewellery idea in mind but can’t find it then let me know because I can guarantee I will be able to locate it for you!


Under £50



Gold Tusk Earrings / Rose Gold Cuff EarringsTassel, Pearl and Gold Earrings / Simple Gold Band / Necklace / Love Necklace / Bracelet / Infinity Earrings / Hexagon Band / Set of Rings /


I love the idea of wearing your new initials to be. I think it would make a really sweet morning of the wedding gift (just in case any grooms to be are reading!) or likewise, the initials of your bridesmaids to each of them.


Pearl Earrings / Arrow Earrings / Knot Bracelet / Eye Ring /  Initial Necklace / Blue Beaded Bracelet / Love Necklace / Rose Gold Ring / Horseshoe Ring / Heart Ring / Spike Earrings /



Pearl Earrings / Black Ring / Moonstone NecklaceRose Gold Earrings / Diamond Earrings / Tasselled Bracelet / Pink and Black EarringsLove Bird Necklace / Locket Bracelet / Liberty Bracelet /



Orb Necklace / Crystal BraceletLove Bracelet / Flamingo Necklace / Circle Necklace / Pearl Necklace / Cupid Earrings / Lion Ring / Saphire Ring /


I was very tame in this category, I decided to stay under £500.


Heart Necklace / Earrings / Blue Earrings / Bracelet / D&G Earrings / Rose Gold Diamond / Diamond Ring / Skull Necklace / Bracelet /

Other great brands to check out are Lumo (which is where I got my engagement ring from), Skylarman, Dower & Hall, Nikki StarkLove Audrey Rose, Luna Skye, Bing Band NYC,


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I should imagine people are afraid to veer too far from the neutral colours, which you can understand as who wants their jewellery to end up taking centre stage or distract from the rest of the outfit, especially in photos … however you can easily get away with a dash of pastel pink, or indeed blue and it not become dominant.

I got married on a beach in the BVI in the 90’s … I didn’t wear jewellery at all (just me and a white bikini!), but if I did it again I’d wear a pale blue sea glass necklace.