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Brides are forever telling me how much they worry about their skin in the run up to the wedding – everything from breakouts, to dryness, to dullness, and especially fine lines and wrinkles. Whilst I always reassure them that their skin is never as bad as they believe it to me, nonetheless women always want to know about the newest and most potent skincare technology to help to keep to keep skin looking younger for longer. For the last few weeks I’ve been testing the NEWA*, a brand new home-use skincare device which is designed to both improve skin tone, plump fine lines and keep wrinkles at bay. This basically gives you at home access to the kind of skincare technology you’d usually have to head to a salon for, and after trying it I’d say its the perfect too to have if you fancy working on your skin in the run up to your wedding.


So what is it?

NEWA is an at home anti aging device which uses Radiofrequency technology to improve your skin. The packaging and design are super sleek and it’s very easy to use, as well as to transport as it comes with its own carry pouch. It’s palm sized, and comes complete with everything you need to use it – the device itself, the mains plug point to power it, a tube of  the activator gel and a carry pouch.

What does it do?

Ok, so this is a lot like using a salon treatment at home – it uses sophisticated new technology to tighten and firm the skin, leaving you with an immediate plumping and smoothing effect, and with prolonged use a noticeable softening of fine lines and improvement of skin texture. So you’ll see a difference as soon as you use it, but also results as you use it over the course of a few weeks or a couple of months.


How does it work?

The NEWA device uses Radiofrequency, a form of energy which has been used for decades in medical science, and which generates heat in the three levels of the skin to help stimulate collagen production (collagen is what makes your skin plump, youthful and radiant – sadly our body’s production of collagen naturally depletes as we age so we need to help it along a little!), increase blood flow,  and promote healthy skin cell renewal. This is also the only home radio frequency device on the market approved by the FDA.

How do you use it?

It’s super easy to use, and I found it pretty relaxing too (it’s like a warm facial massage – enough said!) Use it once a day, 3 – 5 times a week for the first four weeks, and then you can reduce use to just twice a week ( I have been using it before any events though as it makes makeup apply beautifully to smooth skin!) It takes around 20 minutes per use if you treat all areas –

~ Upper cheek area

~ Crows Feet ( upper cheek)

~ Under the chin

You can choose to treat as much or as little as you want. You just plug it into the mains, remove the cap and pop a line of the Lift Activator Gel onto the tip. You then press the button to switch it on, and the light will start blinking to tell you its switched on. You then begin to massage the area you are treating, and go back and forth using a continuous motion. It will gently start to heat your skin, and when your skin reached the optimum temperature, the device vibrates and stops. You can then move on to the next area. It gets warm, but it stops before the temperature becomes uncomfortable, so just shy of hot. Below is a before and after on my nose to mouth lines of one use only – which I’d say are my deepest set lines (there are more before and afters here)


It’s as terrifying as you imagine to see a close up of your skin with no makeup on!

Who can use it?

Anyone from their 20’s upward who wants to prevent fine lines and loss of volume, and anyone who wants to improve their skin tone and texture. To get the best results use this as a program as often as is suggested, but you can use this before an event, night out or even your engagement shoot if you just want to look glowing and fresh!

What results did I see from trying it?

I have to say I loved using this! For starters it’s such a nice sensation, especially last thing at night – I’ve been using NEWA in bed with a cup of peppermint tea to help me to wind down, which I’m usually pretty terrible at as I find it quite relaxing. The great thing about using this is you see an immediate difference (unlike a lot of at home treatments) and your skin looks fresher and glowier, so it’s great before an event (ie. the morning of your wedding day) as well as long term to help to smooth and tighten. I’ve been trying it for a couple of months now and I’ve been really concentrating on my nose to mouth lines as they are my deepest set lines, and are the ones I have that can’t be treated with botox (I’m not ready for filler yet)

I’ve definitely seen an improvement and softening of those lines, and the more often I use NEWA, the greater the improvement is. My skin has zero natural radiance at all, but immediately after use it looks way more alive, and my foundation applies so well it’s totally worth using it as prep. My skin is usually mega reactive to heat, so I was worried that the heat element would make me red, but it doesn’t at all – I think because it’s a gradual temperature change it’s really gentle. I’ll definitely be continuing to use this a couple of times a week to maintain, and before I go out.


The NEWA is £350 and comes with everything you need to start including an Activator gel, and you can buy it here. Let me know if you try it and how you get on!

Emily x

*This post is sponsored by NEWA, but as always, these views are all my own, and as always, at SYGM we only work with brands we love and believe you will too.

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