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A little change to usual beauty proceedings today as Emily is on holiday so you have me today! Before I got Emily on board I used to love writing about my current beauty and skincare favourites. It is something a spend a large portion of my monthly income on, and I am also lucky enough to be sent products for trial and review so during 30 days I manage to get through quite a lot of product. If I haven’t troweled lots of make up on my face in a day then there has definitely been an equal amount of skin care instead. 


I will start with beauty products as I feel these are what I am most fickle with, I can love a lip colour one month and hate the next, or only use one eyeshadow on repeat or mix it up every day.

First up is mascara, I have gone back to an old favourite. I started wearing Diorshow mascara in school about 15 years ago, I remember going to the John Lewis in Peterborough and spending £18 of my hard earned money and thinking I was oh so super awesome. It has always been a firm favourite but I loved Clarins for quite a while until they changed their formula. I was going to try a new one from benefit but decided to repurchase Dior. Well bloody hell, thanks to inflation and what not it is now £25.50!  It is a wonderful mascara and gives thickness and volume to lashes but at £25.50 it isn’t a cheap buy, but if I had a hall of fame for products (ooo that would be a good post Emily, if you are reading) it would definitely be in there.


Foundation love this month has been Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation, my colour is ivory. Now, this to me is not a full coverage foundation. It is build-able but on first application you can definitely still see redness and blemishes. If you have wonderful skin and are looking for amazing coverage then this is for you. For those of us that need an extra bit of work you do need to build up then add usual concealer etc. What I love about this foundation though is the lasting power. It stays in place for an entire day. It doesn’t settle in to fine lines or flake away on dry skin patches like other long lasting foundations do.


Brush love this month has to go to these from Zoeva from left to right. The powder brush, so soft and fluffy. I use for bronzer. The soft blender is a great eyeshadow brush and I prefer it to a mac 217 as I feel it fits my eye lid shape better. And the concealer buffer. I use for concealing spots. Solid enough to apply directly but fluffy enough to blend out the cover up. If I had to choose one ‘entry brush’ it would be the middle, the soft blender.


This arrived this morning and I haven’t had a chance to use it properly yet. Sadly the corner of it had been smashed in the post. But I know from previous experience that these shades will become firm favourites. It is the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics. And I am the ultimate basic.


My favourite beauty product is lipstick and this month these two are being worn on rotation (you may have seen a few insta snaps). On the left we have H&M Orchidding Me and for £7.99 I am so impressed with the colour and formula of this. On the right is Soft Plum by Clarins £20. I know everyone is loving matt lips at the moment but in the winter when my lips are quite dry I much prefer a creamy formula and the Joli Rouge by Clarins is the best I have tried.


Added extras –

Nail polish – Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat. Everyone in the world needs this in their life. It makes any normal nail polish look like a gel, so shiny! It also is so so hard wearing!

Eyebrow pencil – another purchase from H&M and I am genuinely impressed with it! I went for espresso brown which has ashy cool tones.



Next up is skincare – there has been nothing new really. I have been using Luna Sunday Riley all year (and still have lots left). The Ren Rosa Centifolir is my absolute favourite cleansing water and I can safely say I have tried many rubbish ones. New to my skincare regime is Kiehls. I started with their ultra facial cream which was lovely for summer but I need something a bit more robust for winter so decided to try their herbal moisturiser. I was a little disappointed with the smell, I had hoped it would be lovely and herbally but actually smells quite clinical. This isn’t for those of you with dry skin, and is directed more towards acne prone (which mine is).


Eye care – for the past two years I have suffered with acute dry eyes. According to my optician is it mainly down to my lifestyle. Contact lens wearing, using screens all day every day etc. The murine dry and tired eyes drops have helped so much, it is a little annoying you cant use whilst wearing contacts, but I pop them in last thing at night and first thing in the morning and it has helped my dry eyes drastically.

Hair care – I am regularly asked what I use on my hair. It is v long and dyed but I manage to keep it in relatively good condition. I had tried so many haircare products over the years, my latest indulgence was Oribe which is £46. After running out of shampoo I needed to pick something up from the super market, I grabbed OGX shampoo and L’oreal Nourish and Shimmer Conditioner and have never looked back. The combination makes my fine hair strong, shiny and well looked after. Best of all? The OGX shampoo is better than the Oribe and comes with a price tag of £6.99. The L’oreal conditioner is £3.99. I don’t believe in being brand loyal and that things work better if you use both the shampoo and conditioner. So there is my hair care secret!

Oooo perfume. One of my favourite things to purchase. I will admit, I am a total perfume snob and I will admit further that since experiencing Bloom Pefumery’s monthly subscription, I have become even more of a snob (re knob). I have completely gone off Jo Malone, to me the notes now smell synthetic or watered down? It is hard to describe. I have always been a fan of very rich, deep darky, smokey scents and Jo Malone doesn’t really cater to that any way. Current favourites this month are Diptyque Tam Dao – delicious woody notes and perfect for this time of year. I am still holding on to my Acqua di Parma which is in my summer perfume wardrobe (oh yes, I have summer and winter perfume wardrobes, I am that person now).  To me it is such a classic, refined scent. And I am so surprised by the last addition. It is Michael Bublés recent By Invitation perfume. I have been wearing this casually and it would be remiss of me not to include in my favourites post! I love the base layers of sandalwood and vanilla. It is a well thought out scent and for £30, a bargain.


The only product sent to me in this blog post was the Urban Decay palette, everything else was paid for by me and not sponsored. All opinions and words are my own. Hope you enjoyed the post and I would love to know your current favourites.

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    For starters, I not a girl whose good with makeup. Every mall trip needs my bestie’s assistance in choosing some new merchandise. This blog site has a very custom- made likable vibe that set me reading the initial lines and I kinds liked it. Thanks for the update!