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I wouldn’t be surprised if you are fed up reading about my issues with Lloyds Bank but this post is going to involve just a little bit more. Feel free to skip this week, nothing major happened anyway! This week involved stolen money, log fires, perfume and a bit of exploring. 



Tuesday – Ok, so we last left off where all of my money had been taken from my bank account with lloyds telling me I couldn’t have the money back as it was being investigated. Michael was due down to London and I was worried I was going to be left without money for the week so I rang Lloyds. After being on hold to the fraud team for a while she put the money back in to my account but said there is a chance all the money could leave again because they are pending transactions. After arguing for about an hour, I thanked them for the money and took the dog for a walk.



Wednesday – I didn’t really know what to do because I didn’t want to spend any of the money in my account in case it all got taken again, we thankfully did a food shop for the week so whilst I couldn’t really go anywhere I at least had food until Miller was back from London. I have finally got the hang of the wood burner, there is a scary moment when I put on another log as its 50/50 whether the fire will go out or not, but I am sure I will nail that over time.

That afternoon I checked my bank…all the money had been taken again. The fraud lady told me that money would be refunded immediately. I gave them a few hours, and by 10pm that night with no money being put back in I gave them a call. After speaking to the gate keepers I got put on to the fraud team. Who I was on hold to for over an hour. I hung up, called the first number back and told them I had been on hold for an hour and I just wanted the money back that had been stolen from my account. This was my favourite part:

The fraud team are the only people that could have given me my money back, I asked if he can flag my account and get the fraud team to call me when they are available. In order to do that he would need to call the fraud team…so I might as well just call them because he would also be on hold.

At this point I laughed, informed him what an absolute joke the bank was. I couldn’t believe that in 2016 I had been left without money, money that was mine and no one had called or made the effort to either calm my worries or try and get it back. I don’t understand how money can be taken from a card that had been cancelled, whether they were pending transactions or not? All in all I was just gobsmacked. You can always tell the true nature of a company when something goes wrong.


Thursday morning – the money had been refunded bank in to my account, have I heard from Lloyds? No? Have I been called to say it has been sorted, what happened or that they were exceptionally sorry? No. It is because of this that I am switching banks. I called First Direct (thank you all for the recommendations) and applied for an account with them. They are a branch of HSBC but have no physical banks and everything is done online. Their rates are OK and have good reviews, both online and from you guys.


Friday morning all the papers arrived and now I just had to wait till they can switch me over. I feel a little bit sad about leaving Lloyds. I have had a bank account with them since I was 5 and remember going in to the bank with a £1 to open up a savings account. But 25 years later…it is time to move on. I am sorry this whole post has been about Lloyds but it consumed my week!


Friday night called for catching up on TV by the fire and good food. This week we watched Westworld (good but not entirely sure about it), Great British Menu, The Apprentice, Bake Off and American Horror Story. Throughout this whole week my stomach has been unbelievably bloated. I have reduced what I am eating down to v plain food but the bloat is still there. It seemed to ease off towards the end of the week but I had been looking pregnant! If you have any anti bloating tips then please let me know!


Saturday is always a day of two halves. Chores for the first portion, usually rewarded in advance with some brunch. Then usually a film in the afternoon. I got chores out of the way, went for a bath then decided that I should do some exposure. I decided to go to the lake in Roundhay Park. Whenever I take the dog for a walk I tend to stick to woodland because I feel safer there. Roundhay Park is one of the biggest city parks in Europe and with over 700 acres theres plenty of woodland for me to walk. I avoid the lake because I don’t particularly like open spaces. Well as you can see, I made it! CBT is definitely helping, if you are considering it or on the waiting list then make sure you go for it.

We went towards dusk, there were only a couple of other dog walkers there, Atticus loved it. We came home and I decided that rather than staying in to text sister and see if she was free. We went for an impromptu night out, made some new friends and drank too much gin. Which was a bad choice becauseeeeee I had more exposure planned for the Sunday…

img_2905 img_2906

Sunday – I didn’t make it to the cinema! I was still feeling a little bit too hungover. It is my own fault but we will make it to the cinema this week to see Girl on the Train. I haven’t been to the cinema in years so it is a big step and I need to be feeling fully well so that only my anxiety is an issue. I know that may not make sense to some people but I know others will totally get it.

Also, you may have seen on instagram I got sent Michael Bublé’s new perfume, By Invitation. Now, I am not usually one for celeb perfumes but the lovely girls at We Are Thirty Plus sent it across. I decided to wear it on and off all week and omg, I love it! Every time I had it on I had a compliment from Miller asking what it was, and every time I was like “It’s the Buble!!!”. My favourite part of the scent is the lingering base notes, I am not usually a fan of vanilla but it is made less sickly with sandalwood which I find perfect for this time of year.


So this coming week sees a cinema trip (hopefully!) a dinner party, my best friends 30th (more exposure) and getting ahead on autumn content on the blog. Hoping to go up to the lake again (really should have started doing this in summer with lighter nights) and I am hoping my stomach sorts itself out soon. I hope you have a good one, and thank you for listening to my whine about Lloyds!

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