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It was a good week that has ended shittily, hence the delay in getting this up. My bank details have been stolen and my account drained, I was also glutened (which hasn’t happened in ages!). But shall we start with the positives?! 


Monday – oh my god, it felt so good to have the kitchen back, lunch times were now a relaxing break rather than scoffing 2 or 5 snack a jacks on the sofa sometime between 1pm and 4pm. This was chopped toms, little bit of pesto on hummus on toast. That night we had our first proper meal in the kitchen. Its good to get a feel of how the kitchen actually works, how the drawers close, if things are well placed etc. There are a couple of bits left to touch up so decorator and kitchen fitter are coming back to sort at some point in the next week.

img_2723 img_2724

Tuesday – I can’t believe I have gone this long without discussing the major merits of Sonos! If you are already au fait with this electronic gift from the gods then skip to Wednesday. So in the living room, about a year or so ago we ordered a new TV and wanted better sound. I had watched a vlog of The Michelaks in which Stefan was talking about Sonos, after googling around we decided on getting a play bar. So it plugs in to the TV and wifi and what not, and my god, the sounds is just perfection. The best part? You download the app and you can ping your music straight to the play bar. Spotify, itunes, whatever you use.

We decided to up our sonos game and get something for the kitchen, we weren’t sure which to go for but went for the play 3. Same functions, insane sound quality and you can link it to the other sonos around the house. You can play different or the same music in each room. The main thing about this is the quality, the bass on it is so good and the volume whilst goes exceptionally loud (sorry neighbours) never sounds tinny. It has such a beautiful rounded quality. This isn’s sponsored, if they did human sized ones, I would take it to bed with me.

img_2725 img_2726

Another day, another salad for lunch. I am currently obsessed with beetroot. That evening my sister and I went to the pub, I wore my new Marks and Spencer top. I KNOW RIGHT. M&S. You can also get it in white but I love this green. Lip colour is Clarins Joli Rouge in Soft Plum (they are so creamy and hydrating but don’t last hours. Fine if you can touch up).

marksandspencer img_2727

There were dogs. We were happy.


Wednesday walks and fresh air. Oh I do work during the day too, I just don’t often mention it because that’s boring isn’t it? One thing that majorly bugged me this week is that out of all the invoices I sent out in August, none had been paid as we approached October. Whilst it is great I have Michael in life (for more reasons that just money obvs) if I lived alone I would have totally been screwed for September as my SYGM bank account read £0 (oh I know, money, taboo topic). This is the first time this year that I had to spend everything in my account, all because people haven’t paid me. It is big brands as well. I shall stop complaining now. This was also one of the reasons I got rid of banner advertising. Even then, I have only taken the odd sponsored post.

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Wednesday is always date night, we either go out or eat in. This week we ate in, I had the new lamb pizza from Pizza Express and demolished an entire chocolate orange. No shame.


Thursday was an admin day, but here was pretty post from Knots and Kisses. I am always blown away by how talented so many of the people in my life are. Well done Nikki, the whole Luxe collection is gorgeous. Plus, gluten free chocolates at last! Usually I can never eat what is sent in PR packages.

img_2732 img_2733

Friday – ooooo got to use the new steam mop on the white floor boards. Such middle class fun for a Friday night. I was then glutened…so the rest of the weekend was a right off. Because I have been so so vigilant lately it really hit me this time. Body was not happy and I was knocked out for 3 days 🙁


Sunday I was feeling a bit better. Well enough to attempt numerous goes at a fire. After the help of instagram I finally got there and snuggled up in front of it and watched Victoria.


Sunday night I got a text from an unknown number saying that the card ending in XXXX had been used to pay £815 to giff gaff. Well my tummy did a little flip. I checked my bank and yup, more transactions had been made and my account read £0. How it has happened is beyond me as I am exceptionally vigilant online especially when shopping. They hacked away about £100 an hour mainly to microsoft and amazon. I used my app to cancel my card and tried to sleep.

Monday morning – think I am going to switch banks. After speaking with Lloyds they said I won’t get any of the money back until they have investigated it. I am aware that other banks give you your money back then investigate it themselves. If there are any issues then they can always just take the money back. So I have to wait 5 days for a bank card and indefinitely for them to investigate the transactions? Is that normal? Who do you bank with? I am thinking about going with Santandar or HSBC.


Monday afternoon and it has been a very slow day. But! Pretty post from H&M above and the bench (its now on sale!) has arrived for the table. I think it is too big and will be returning. I really like it, but it’s just not right. For one, its bloody huge. So that was my week. Really hoping Tuesday on wards is better for me. Did you see todays post? It was all about the candle launch, thank you so much if you have supported our little venture already. It means a lot!



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ninegrandstudent //

Highly recommend Nationwide as a bank – my parents/fiance have used them for years (including being paid immediately after a similar situation to you). I recently switched to them and got rewarded £100 as I was recommended by my fiance (he got £100 too). Definitely worth it!


Laura Sheridan //

I’m with Halifax and I had a similar experience to you recently, where someone in London (I’m in Newcastle) spent money at a Premier Inn, got several very expensive Ubers and had a Dominoes. Halifax refunded the money as soon as it left my account and that was it sorted! I think they’re great and I got £125 for switching recently. x