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Well we made it. We have a kitchen! This was THE week. D-Day. K-Day? The culmination of stress, blood, sweat and tears. We were already behind schedule and I had invited 20 0dd people to a kitchen warming on the Saturday thinking I would have had a week to plan, and prepare the house. They did the last bit of work on Friday afternoon. Friday night and Saturday morning were manic as hell but Sunday…Sunday was bliss. The kitchen is beautiful, as we have used it over the last couple of days we have noticed a few snags but the fitters are coming back to do a final whip round of touch ups. I need to put my clock and copper pots back on the wall but apart from that…it’s done! What will I blog about now?!


Tuesday – so the worktops were meant to go on, and they did, kinda. The sink area didn’t fit. He was gutted about it but arranged to come back on the Thursday. We still had no doors on units and I was starting to really get to the end of my tether with it all as it seemed like it was “just one more day” each time a different workman came round.



Wednesday was a big day. Kitchen fitters were back in to fit cornicing on the tops of the units, skirting boards, plinths, handles…all the trimmings really. Decorator was back in to paint the hall way and touch up anything that was left in the kitchen. I escaped to get brunch with the dog. Really couldn’t stand being in the house anymore. Technically by the end of the day it should all by in bar the sink unit, well that didn’t happen. Not quite sure what did but they weren’t finished and we were told…just one more day.


Thursday morning and we had the plumber and work surface men in. They fit the sink area perfectly and added the little bits of splash back. Taps went in and it really pulled the room together. Kitchen guys stayed until about 9 that night finishing everything off. And by that night, we were 99% there.

I can’t even remember what else happened during the week apart from getting the kitchen finished. Oh, I finished Alaskan Bush People, still have the rib pain (been to docs this morning and I am now being sent for an x-ray) I am gutted about The Bake Off news and Brangelina!


Friday, kitchen guy back in to finalise last little bits and collect tools etc. He helped hang mirror and clean/polish up the kitchen. By the afternoon we could start putting stuff away. It felt gooooood. Friday was insane though, I had 2 meetings in the morning then it was all about the house. It was still an absolute state and it was all the little things left to put away and move from guest bedroom back down to the kitchen and living room. I was waiting for the kitchen table and bench to arrive. Bench didn’t come (new arrival date of 3rd Oct) but table did…and its rather on the large side. Ha. Will leave details about where its from in a separate big kitchen blog post because they were probably one of the best companies we used.

That night I spend 3 hours cleaning the chandelier that had accumulated so much dirt and grease you couldn’t even see a tiny bit of sparkle any more. We then took a trip to Tesco at 2am to get booze and a few bits for the party the next day. Really regretted agreeing to a party less than 24 hours after kitchen was finished but I knew it was going to be worth the exhaustion.


Bet you don’t want to swing from this grimey chandlier!


Saturday – oh my god so I haven’t even mentioned the garden. The front garden turned in to a dumping ground, from the original tiles that were lifted weeks ago, to off cuts of wood, packaging (there were some white goods out there for a week or so too). All of my plants were covered in thick layers of sawdust and general dust, it looked awful and this was going to be the first thing guests saw on the Saturday.


We borrowed mother in laws larger car (re: Miller didn’t want shiny car getting ruined) and made several trips to the local tip. They then went to costco and I spend the next couple of hours putting the garden back together. Sadly one hydrangea plant was crushed from the debris but the roses seem to actually be about to bloom again! I popped to the shop to get some bedding plants to add a bit of colour back…checked my phone and it was 3pm. Guests were arriving at 5.30 and myself and the living room were not clean.


I had ordered cronuts for the party (they are delicious, if you are local to Leeds check out they were almond and raspberry and apple and cinnamon. Apparently there were delicious. It was so nice to see everyone and know we had nothing else to worry about with the kitchen anymore! 3am rolled round and we finally went to bed.


Sunday – ahhhh. The first day in a month and a bit where there were no workmen arriving, no one to let in, no noise, no obligations.


This is what the kitchen looked like before just in case you hadn’t seen it. I am going to do a full blog post on the kitchen with better pics and in depth details on who we used, who we’d use again and most importantly who we wouldn’t and what we would do differently. We have the bath room penciled in next and I am definitely going in to that with my eyes open.


Oh we had Geoff for the day, Atticus was very happy about that. He


Monday – Early morning doctors appointment, and I bet you can guess where I will be working from today! The most exciting thing that happened in the last 24 hours is that the SYGM candles are now ready for pre order!! I had the wedding evening one in the kitchen lit for the party and wedding morning lit in the living room and had so many compliments on both. People keep asking me which is my favourite and if I had to choose it would probably be morning as it smells so uplifting that you could light it any time of day to enjoy. Wedding Evening contains bergamot though which is my all time favourite its a tough one! Images are by Kitty Wheeler Shaw and flowers by Boom Blooms.

dsc_6052 dsc_6147 img_2390

Have a lovely week! Look out for the kitchen post if you want further details (if you have any questions just ask them under this pic on my @phoebewedding instagram) and then usual schedule of pretty weddings, beauty and general loveliness to follow this week. I can’t tell you how relieved I am that it’s all done. Thank you for putting up with all of my moaning!!

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Whoa, kitchen looks amazing, well, so does the living room too! Its your fault I now have Downpipes in here 😛 Love the look of the candles too <3