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So to begin – here is a list of things you will not see in this post – face wipes, baby wipes, baby lotion, vaseline, water, a bar of soap, mouthwash, vodka or TCP (seriously, I’ve heard it all).

There are so so SO many products on the market now that there really is no excuse any more for lazy cleansing – and what you also need to remember is as makeup technology continues to progress at a rate of knots, it means products last longer and are more difficult to remove than ever, meaning proper removal is as necessary now than it ever has been.  There’s also lots more options available at the lower end of the market too, so whatever your budget you’ll find a product that works for you.

I’m sorry to break this to you too, but Micellar Water comes into the No bracket – it’s slightly more forgiving than wipes, but it still a quick fix and is not a “proper cleanse” – like face wipes, this is for convenience and times you cannot access water like holidays and festivals. Should I ever use Micellar water is takes me at least 4 cotton pads worth to take my face off, and I can still see traces of makeup on my skin afterward – hardly quick or easy in actuality. So let’s be nice to our skin and cleanse it properly shall we?

Why do we cleanse? I’m hoping that most of you guys know why, but obviously the main reasons are to remove makeup, dirt, sweat, oil, pollution, bacteria, and dead skin cells. Improper cleansing can mean dullness, excessive dryness, excessive oiliness, premature aging, breakouts and many other not-fun things. So make sure you do it every night. Thanks. Here’s how –

~ Cleansing Oils

I am 100% sold on oils to cleanse for most skin types. The amazing thing will oils is they emulsify your makeup, making it super easy to remove, they offer some slip so you can take a few seconds to really massage the cleanser in, again, breaking down your makeup, but also stimulating the skin. If you are spot prone, or oily, don’t be scared of oils – they are much kinder to your skin than drying, foaming face washes, and they will not make you greasy, I promise. My two current faves are Environ Pre Cleanse, and  Elemental Herbology Harmonising Cleansing Facial Oil  – both perfect for removing stubborn makeup, and balancing the skin.

~ Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover

If you wear waterproof eye makeup, you’ll need this to effectively remove all your makeup without excessive scrubbing, which can be damaging to the thin skin around the eye area. These makeup removers will melt away stubborn, long lasting eye makeup and remove every trace of makeup gently and easily. I love Lancome Bi Facil (£21.50) or for a budget alternative, L’Oreal Eye & Lip Makeup Remover (£3.99).


~ Try a Device {Ooo-er}

Cleansing devices have been a thing for a while now ~ a phenomenon that began with the Clarisonic, a cleansing brush designed to offer a deeper cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Recently I’ve been trying the Foreo Luna Play (£29), which is a silicone skin care device which uses pulsations to offer a deep cleanse, stimulate collagen production and exfoliates.  There’s a range of Foreo products to choose from, but this wireless mini version is perfect for travel and if you’ve never used a cleansing device before. The pulsation technology claims to remove 99.5% of dirt and oil, plus dead skin cells and makeup residue – I am so impressed by how well this works to get into all the contours of my face, and I’ve definately found it’s made a difference to how clean my skin feels after cleansing.

~ Product Free Cleansing

If you aren’t familiar with this concept, prepare to have your mind blown – there are now micro fibre flannels which removes everything – HD, waterproof, mascara, everything – WITHOUT cleansing products, only water. I’ve tried the Jane Iredale Magic Mitt, and it 100% works – simply saturate the cloth with water and then wash your face to take off everything! This is a “knitted micro-fiber cloth that relies only on water and tiny micro-fibers to penetrate oil and grime and wash it away”, so this will save you ££ on cleansing products, or if you struggle with allergenic skin, or are reactive to products this is perfect. Rinse with hand soap when you are done.  This also helps to maintain skin health as unlike skin care products, it does not affect the skins acid mantle {the PH balance of the skin}. Options include the Jane Iredale Magic Mitt, or the Makeup Eraser. 

~ Double Cleansing 

Not a specific product, but definitely the way to go if you wear a lot of makeup, or daily SPF on your face. Remember the first cleanse removes makeup, the second cleanse cleans your face. In total this will only take a couple of minutes, but will make all the difference to your skin, as it will look fresher, brighter and healthier. You don’t need to double cleanse in the mornings incidentally.  For the record, my stance on cleansing morning and night is – if you really can only bring yourself to do one, go for night, but remember during the night you sweat, and you will produce oil, so if you can steel yourself for five extra minutes to your morning routine then do.


I hope this helps! Let me know what works for you or if you have any products you love.

Emily x

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