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img_5874-2So a few weeks ago on a super hot day in central London I headed to Thai Square Spa, having been invited to try out their Spa facilities and a Himalayan Ritual Massage. Thai Square Spa is located smack bang in central London, so if you work in the City and are time shy, want a central Hen Do idea or need some mid week relaxation, this spa is a slice of Eastern relaxation in the capital. Only a super short walk from Embankment or Charring Cross, you’ll find the day spa on Northumberland Avenue right near Nelson’s Column. You can’t miss the building – upon approach there’s a huge flag hanging outside and as you walk in you are greeted by the receptionist. I was then checked in and shown to the changing room, where I changed into swimwear, a robe and flip flops.


All the staff at Thai Square Spa are Thai, so this does feel like an authentic slice of Thailand!  There is an extensive range of treatments on offer, from facials, body treatments such as traditional thai massages, exfoliations and mud wraps, as well as hair services, nails and makeup. You can also book slots to use the Spa facilities – namely the jacuzzi bath, steam room and sauna.  Price wise this Spa sits at a mid to premium price range – the 60 min treatment I had was £105*.


Decor & Ambience

The spa itself looks amazing – as you walk down the stairs to the below ground level facilities you are met with relaxation areas and treatment rooms, with all the decor being inspired by East meets West with both Thai and Roman influences. It really is beautifully done, and you can’t fail to be impressed by how decadent it looks – it’s clear that absolutely no expense was spared when creating such a stylish space. The spa was peaceful and quiet, with a lovely zen like atmosphere.  I have to say it is very dimly lit throughout most of the lower floor, so be prepared for a shock when you surface to daylight at the end!

The Spa

I had a half an hour slot in the day spa facilities, which basically comprise of the jacuzzi bath, steam room, a shower area and a dry sauna which are in a separate area to the treatment rooms. There’s also water to drink and fresh towels to help yourself too.  I didn’t know when I was taken to the spa area that I was the only person to be using it at that time, and when I went into the steam room I had to stand for a few minutes to get my eyes adjusted to the low lighting and thick steam – I couldn’t see anything, and I was petrified I was going to “do a Chandler” and accidentally sit on some random person’s lap! I assume if you booked directly you’d know whether you had exclusive use of the facilities, but a heads up would have been great when I went in. That said, it was lovely in the spa – I had 30 minutes to pretend I was on holiday somewhere exotic! I think an hour in here would be plentiful. When my time was up I was called and taken to a treatment room by my therapist.


The treatment

My treatment was a Himalayan Ritual Massage.  This takes place in a room which looks like it has a white sandy beach on the floor, but it’s actually salt. “Himalayan salts are found deep within the rivers and valleys of the Himalayan Mountains. For centuries, these salts have been celebrated for their versatility, purity and healing properties. Their pinkish hue and crystalline beauty, sets them apart from any other salt and their benefits are wide-ranging”  The massage itself used essentials oils and was truly amazing – super thorough and I have to say I felt like I was on a different planet by the time it was over! I usually go for a firm pressure and my masseuse had a great technique and really worked out my knots. It was definitely up there with one of the best massages I’ve ever had. The staff at Thai Square Spa are polite but slightly aloof – I think in this instance because my masseuse’s english wasn’t super fluent she didn’t say a great deal, but to be honest I quite liked this as often I end up chatting throughout treatment and can’t switch off! After the massage I was taken to the relaxation area for a cup of fruit tea, and then was left to change in my own time.


The verdict

Looks beautiful, offers a taste of luxe and tranquility, and feels a million miles away from the rush of central London but is only a stones throw for anyone in the capital. Great for hens seeking something a little more sophisticated, for a couple of hours of retreat for couples, or for a pit stop during a busy working week.

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Emily x

*this was a press visit, so my treatment was free.


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