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Hello all this is just a little post to say sorry for the lack of posts (Meta? Irony? Not sure). With the electrics being off for the kitchen, and virgin media being down in our area over the last week I haven’t bene able to blog. Internet connection at cafes is shocking for doing things like 30 under 30 so I have accepted defeat and will give in to the technology till everything is sorted over the weekend. There will still be a post from Emily tomorrow. 

I adore blogging and I get so frustrated when things work against me. I also get major guilt if I can’t get content up but this is something I will just have to accept. I will insta some pretty things (though how much data I have left is another question, oops) and keep you updated but with any luck I will be back on Monday with The Weekend Edit then a week full of gorgeous weddings such as..



by Jonathan Ellis


By Kate Williams Photography


by Photos by Zoe

Thank you for your patience! Ohhh and the blogging brides. I will introduce you to them too!! May do that over on insta first. Keep and eye out!

Main Image – Old Brand New

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