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Afternoon all! I hope your week and weekend have been kind? We have made progress on the kitchen, in CBT and in general well-being this week. It was much better than last, stress levels have been lowered and I feel like the end is in sight with the kitchen chaos. I have been messed around by a couple more companies when purchasing kitchen bits but I think that was the only negative this week (or I have already blocked it out).


Tuesday – Tiler arrived to tile inside the chimney breast recess. I just opted for white metro tiles with white grout. I was going to go dark grout but decided its a fad and would date in a few years (I could be very wrong). I don’t know a lot about tiling but I was very happy with his work. Our kitchen guys came back that evening to check and were equally impressed.

We had yet another takeaway for dinner. I have been living off of Pizza Express’s gluten free pizzas and superfood side salads. I have never been ill or felt ‘glutened’ by them so would highly recommend. Just wish they did a gluten free dessert too.


Wednesday – back at CBT. I was told I have 4 sessions left. 2 normal ones and 2 ‘relapse prevention’ (?!) sessions. I also kind of thought that once we were finished that would be it, but you kinda stay on the list and can ask for refreshers every 3/6/12 months. I was slightly worried that if I did get worse I would have to wait another year to get back on the list. Well done NHS :). Anxiety wise (kitchen stress aside) I am much better. General anxiety is lower and popping in the car to the ‘normal’ places really do feel normal now. I still have to work on my exposures and push myself. I am terrified of the city centre, thats next on the list to conquer. Thank you to those of you that always ask how its going. I wasn’t going to share it in these weekend edits but I am glad I did because not only does it give me an extra avenue of accountability but I hope my progress may encourage some of you that are thinking about seeking therapy.


I always send a pic of this door to my mum when I arrive, it amuses her every time that it looks like the inside of a pub.

On my return from CBT the base units had been fitted. There was an issue with the sink area unit as the stopcock was in the way so had to be remade or cut out or re-plumbed (which ever plumber thought best). It is starting to take the shape of a kitchen. Lili brought Geoff and some lunch round for us. This is Geoff telling Atticus all about his adventures in to the depths of Harehills.


Best thing was that the oven arrived!


Thursday saw the arrival of pretty things from French Connection for a current partnership. Off to take photos today (Monday, if rain holds off as theres a suede coat). I sadly have to send them all back. They are also all too small for me so I can’t even try them on.


Oh, also cup handles arrived for the base unit drawers. Thats not in the kitchen, thats on the TV stand. That night we went out for curry with friends. Was lovely to escape the house and have something other than pizza!


Friday saw the best kitchen update so far. The paint finally went on the walls! I am so so happy with colour choice (Farrow and Ball Blackened). It is a very soft off white grey/blue and changes and the light changes in the room. Very serene and I am hoping will look lovely against white marble and navy units.


Saturday morning Atticus was off for a haircut. He has not been feeling very well over the last couple of days. There has been a little blood in his poo (sorry if TMI) and he had been off his food. He seems his happy usual self and as of Sunday he was back to his food but still blood present. Keeping an eye on him and will call vet if still there in a couple of days. I bet he was glad to get all his fur off with the coming heat wave!


We had the kitchen fitters in that morning to fit the sink unit. Part of my CBT is to do things a little bit more spontaneously. Michael asked the fitters if they wanted a coffee, rather than walk down the road he suggested we drive up to Starbucks and get brunch too. Well no where had anything GF so I settled for another pumpkin spice latte. Treats always feel better when you earn them.


We got home to the arrival of the most beautiful knobs for the kitchen cupboards. They’re from Anthropologie. I originally needed 11 but I put 10 in my basket then they were sold out. So that was that! They are no longer online but may be in store, they are called the Gilded Trio knob. I wanted to pull the black in from the oven and the addition of brass and marble was just unbelievably fortunate. The only problem I am having is that I don’t know which way to put them in! I am thinking on double cupboards they should be vertical and have marble facing each other. But then what would I do on the singles? Would it be easier to have them horizontal? In which case, black or marble on top?!


Sunday, meant to be a day of rest, but not for us at the moment. We cleaned our windows from top to bottom in the kitchen, I did ironing etc. Really need our washing machine plumbed in soon or I will be making a dash to Tesco for bulk packs of pants! Took Atticus for a lovely walk though.

This week sees everything put in to the kitchen, and this weekend we get the floor laid. Will keep you updated! I feel like this week was kinda boring, I will put more effort in to my weeks I promise.


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