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Afternoon! I don’t even know how to sum up this week. There was a hospital visit, a decorated living room, a lost dog, pretty kitchen arrivals, cement floors, takeaway every night, problem electrics, and so much more. In saying that, Sunday afternoon was the best I have had in a long time so the week ended on a high. This week sees the kitchen actually get fitted and decorated. Everything has been bought and is ready for installation! We are at the half way point and things should get better here on in. Hopefully…


Tuesday – the kitchen was ripped out early morning ahead of flooring guys arriving in the afternoon. Decorator was due to start in the living room but we realised he would be cemented in to the house along with myself in the afternoon so he was able to start on the Weds instead. Took about 3 hours to demolish and remove all old units and appliances (our garden looks like a whites good graveyard/ghetto). Flooring man called. Wouldn’t be there till 4 so would just rip up old tiles and not cement. Welllll he did arrive till 7pm, so nothing happened. Rearranged for 8.15am on Friday for tile removal and cement. Decorator would hopefully be finished else we are back in the same position as we were before.

The first pretty arrival turned up. My Anthropologie serving board, it is heavier than I thought it would be, makes sense seeing as it is brass and marble. Ha.

Miller went to wagamama for lunch, got food poisoning so left work sick for the afternoon. The lack of workmen in the afternoon actually worked out well.


Wednesday – someone of a pinnacle day for the kitchen, I was actually feeling too anxious to go to my CBT. Much irony. The electricians, decorator and plumber were in the house so I took myself out for brunch up the road to escape all the noise.

The sink was meant to have been delivered at our kitchen fitters address. They called but I missed it and just decided to drive off rather than try to look around the building (they work out of a large mill in Keighley but there is a reception desk to show you where to go…) so took it back to Birmingham and told me (very rudely) that it couldn’t be delivered again until next week. Well we needed the sink that day so the unit could be measured and built around it so we kept on schedule. Do not use Taps UK or FurDeco (the courier). I am not going to link to them because I don’t want to give them any SEO/clicks. The following customer service experience from them has been terrible. I finally managed to rearrange delivery to my Leeds address and kitchen men came and collected from me but it was like pulling teeth.

Came home to so much mess, the smell of fresh paint and my Oliver Bonas book ends for the big shelf that will be going over the oven area. My photo doesn’t do their gorgeousness credit.



We had to choose our flooring in order for it all to happen in time for the deadline of the 24th. After doing all the maths and me accidentally choosing the most expensive herringbone, we decided that we couldn’t justify nearly £6k extra on flooring in a house that isn’t our forever home. We are still keeping it dark, there is a sample plank below next to the Hague Blue our units will be in.

Thursday – After a days prep on the woodwork, the first coat of Downpipe finally went on and I had a little wobble on whether it was going to be too dark in there. Decorator (who was ace by the way, and if you’re in Leeds/surrounding area message me and I will pass on his details) assured me it was going to look great and the white bay and ceiling would lift it all so it wouldn’t be cavernous.


My mother text me a picture of Maude in a christmas scarf. She has started making prototypes for this year. I shared on twitter and real life human beings would like to buy the scarves. I am going to set her up an instagram. We all think they’re awesome but they’ve never left the family before. So keep your eyes peeled for those!


I escaped the house for a hairdressers appointment, the first time I have ever looked forward to going to the hairdressers. Plasterers were working hard when I got back, jesus christ they are messy but all the walls are now silky smooth.


Thursday night dinner was picnic style from Tesco. Don’t buy these, they aren’t firey at all. Stick to the white chocolate one.


Friday – waiting for arrival of sink, and kitchen fitters coming back to measure one last time now that all the plaster was down before cement is laid on floor in the afternoon (oh yeah so 8.15 turned in to 11.30 which actually ended up being 1pm). Sink arrived on time and our kitchen fitters came and picked it up safely.


A double belfast from shitty Taps UK. It was a great price so if you want to perhaps deal with bad service then by all means use them.


The living room is finished! I am so so happy with it. I have chosen our sofas, going to a pale dusty pink from I am just waiting to hear back if they will actually fit up our stairs. We had to go for modular ikea ones last time because our living room is on the first floor, up a very narrow and steep staircase. I will keep you updated but if you know of any other companies that offer sofas partially broken down then please let me know!

I am so happy with the colour and the new matt white woodwork. This room is nearly finished now! Can’t wait to get a fire lit.


Taps arrived in the nick of time before cement was laid. They are Tre Mercati from Taps Empire, you can purchase from other online shops though. They come in a variety of metals (copper yum!) and different taps. I prefer lever taps in the kitchen for when hands a messy. Really happy with service received from them.

Cement was laid in kitchen and hall. I was trapped in the house till it dried. Such fun. Thankfully it dried in time for Miller coming home.


Saturday – we had some final bits to buy. First up was the dining table and what chair situation we wanted. As you may recall I have 5 wooden chairs painted in various colours and a wooden table with painted legs. We now have a lot more floor space to fill but I didn’t want to commit to a huge 8-10 seater because whilst yes we have the room, I didn’t want the newly acquired room to then be taken up by a table.

We opted for this table which sits at 6ft long and 3ft wide (or 183cmx112cm) but extends out to 8ft (244cm), its the best of both worlds. I have never been a fan of matching sets so we are keeping the mismatched chairs we own but will repaint a couple, and have bought this bench. I really wanted to tie black in to the colour scheme after buying this oven. I have found the perfect sheepskin to put on it too (the bench, not the oven)

Final thing to purchase was the handles. Something I had agonised over for weeks. I initially thought I wanted cup handles on everything but then thought nah. I wanted knobs on the cupboards and pull handles on the big drawers and the fridge freezer. So, I bought these knobs. I KNOW. They will look good I promise. And stuck to plain gold cups for the big stuff.

Saturday was lovely, we chilled out watched a couple of films and then sadly at around 1am my sister called to tell me Geoff her dog had gone missing from the field at the back of her house. I pulled on jeans, grabbed waterproof and drove over to hers to help look, we drove the routes he knows shouting for him but he could have been anywhere as there are so many gardens, fields and alleys he may have gone down.


Sunday – I text her around 9 and there was still no sign of Geoff, we registered him on dog lost, no local vets were open, no dog wardens on duty etc etc. I put the above picture of him on social media and within an hour or two we had found him!!!! He had wandered about a mile and a half that night to a late night bar (thank you so so much if you shared the post as you helped us get him back), he was taken in, given a bed for the night and my sister collected him that afternoon. It was such a relief. I could then focus on the hospital appointment I had in the afternoon. I hate hospitals. Like, really hate them.


I know that a lot people have had bad experiences with the NHS. I personally haven’t. I have experienced the long wait times but that was for mental health services. I went to my doctor about a month ago about a pain in my rib area. First doc thought it was my back, second thought it could be internal so the only way to find out was an ultrasound. It was as I expected, lots of cold lube and awkward conversation for 10 mins. But I was given the all clear. All of my internal organs are delightfully perfect. Good and bad right?


Good because I know everything is functioning properly, bad because I am still in pain so what the hell is it? I am sure I will be called back to the doctors this week. Sunday hospital appointments are eerily quiet.


We then drove back across Leeds ( I know, check out all my exposure) to go to a friends shop and look at pretty things. I picked myself up a Joseph grey slouchy top but fell in love with so many things. Then went for lunch, I had a nourish bowl (think wanky superfood vegan delights) which I followed with a pumpkin spice latte (decaf, coconut milk, because I am that person) and an entire chocolate orange whilst watching Poldark. Because I am all about balance.

IMG_1610 IMG_1611

I really want this D&G banana leaf print scarf!


A cosy Sunday night. Ready for what will hopefully be a less stressful week! Hope yours was a good one!!

Finally! I hate doing this but I SYGM has been shortlisted for 4 awards in the Wedding Blog Awards. You can vote here I am so happy with the categories we have been shortlisted in as I feel we put the most effort in those. They are Honeymoon inspo (Rebecca works so hard on this) Beauty (Emily fits in blogging for us round an already super tight business schedule) Bridal Real Talk ( I like to think this is where I come in with my honesty and stuff) and finally Best Bridal Blogging Team (well…I think we are awesome!!). Thank you so much in advance.

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