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Oh what a week! Mr Miller was away sunning himself on holiday with a friend whilst I remained in glorious Leeds, sorting kitchen work and ya know keeping myself alive. If you read anywhere on this blog or my social media that I may be thinking about doing more work to the house, it is your job dear Reader to remind me of The Kitchen. Deal? This coming week is going to be even worse but hopefully after Sunday we will start to see a tidier house and a fully formed kitchen. 


Monday started off OK if I remember correctly. I needed to get work out of the way so I could focus on buying the last few bits for the house and organising the workmen. I also need to start washing all our clothes and slowly emptying the cupboards. I saw it as a great opportunity to asses what we had and what we actually needed. Whilst I’m not a hoarder…I can’t part with a jam jar or 10.

Friend cooked me dinner which was exceptionally yummy. Anything with chorizo is always a winner with me.


Tuesday – well, lets just say things got cancelled, workmen charged more than quoted, items were put on back order and flooring was becoming an issue. All in a day. It got to the evening and I didn’t want to cook in my sparse dust covered kitchen so ordered myself a takeaway from Pizza Express via deliveroo. Well, that of course wasn’t gluten free and had to rearrange another pizza, but you can’t go directly through Pizza Express…it needs to go through deliveroo…who have no contact number. Safe to say, wine was most welcome.


Wednesday. Shit hit the fan. Let’s just ignore this day. But I did have CBT and met sister in the evening for gin, took the dogs, they made lots of friends.

Thursday – my weird rib pain came back (thankful my hospital scan is this Sunday) so I took it easy, blogged up thirty under thirty (it’s a goodun) and relaxed enjoying the fact Miller would be home the next day. Started watching Jane the Virgin, and Green Wing. Looking for more TV recommendations if you have any. I like to have something on whilst I work.

Finalised candles, they are due to release v soon. So excited to share with you.



Friday – Mr Miller returned. Woo. We met very romantically in Tesco to pick some bits up for dinner, ate and got an early night as the weekend was going to be spent sorting the kitchen. It also meant I could watch Great British Bake Off! I am sad I can’t cook along this year, the last 3 years had been so fun.


Saturday – we started the day with good intentions. We would treat ourselves to brunch then crack on with what needed doing so we had the rest of the bank holiday free. Well, come 4pm we still hadn’t touched the kitchen and got an invite to go out for dinner at 6.30 so there wasn’t any point starting…

Dinner was good though I didn’t eat much after eating my weight in meats, and cake at a late brunch, technically a lunch.



Sunday – productive day? Kinda. Started on the cupboards and rounding up and sorting through all the crockery.

IMG_1342 IMG_1387 IMG_1395 IMG_1396

Monday – well this is where all the hard work started. Couldn’t take everything up to the living room (decorator is in there on Weds) so the contents of our kitchen is now in the third floor guest room, and cluttering up the master bedroom on the fourth floor. We had a lot of tinned beans/peas from 2014, must have been a good buying year for us. Thats a lot of stairs for a sweaty bank holiday Monday! We finally finished and had our last roast in our old kitchen. I escaped the dirt (SO MUCH DUST) for a dog walk with Atticus, we watched a cricket match until he started crying about wanting the ball, found a secret patch of blackberries and I had a bath and watched Victoria before all the madness.

IMG_1397 IMG_1398

Tuesday  –  and this is where we are at right now, a sunny early start (for me). And the kitchen has been ripped out ready for the first phase of the flooring to go down. Whilst it was my dream to have herringbone. The quote came in about 6k over budget so I think, unless we can find an alternative, that dream may have to be planks instead of parquet.

The oven has been ordered and arrives on the 11 Sept so we are without one til then, the fridge is currently in the garden and I have no idea where the salt and pepper is. Anxiety wise it has been a little high over the past week or so, I know that for a ‘normal’ person they would probably feel higher levels of stress at the moment. I have CBT tomorrow so will have a chat with her about it. I am sure what I am feeling is probably what everyone would, I just have a few extra stresses that others may not have.

I hope you are well. Wish me luck for the rest of the week!

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