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Good afternoon all! Last week was definitely testing. So far, nearly all the companies we have worked with have been terrible in some respect but a business this week took first place for being class A ar*eholes. The entirety of downstairs was blanketed in a thick layer of dust, even with the use of dust sheets but we now have a decent hole in the wall. 


Monday was spent ripping up the carpet that was in the dining room. I really hoped we were going to uncover some beautiful Yorkshire flagstone or the original victorian tiling, but no. Blue lino with a border of faux wood lino. I know what you’re thinking, will I keep these beauties? No. I have another flooring company coming next week to quote up as we weren’t happy with the first company that we found. I called up the worst business of all time and booked a skip to arrive Wednesday AM for the builder who would be knocking in the chimney breast.


Tuesday – thankfully a friend asked if I wanted to go for a gin in the sunshine. Of course the answer was yes. It ended up being a small schnauzer meet up as Geoff and Atticus made two new friends. I’m not surprised when I see more and more miniature schnauzers. To me they are the perfect dog. They’re super friendly, they don’t smell/moult, they’re small but not too small, they’d happily have a 30min pavement walk or a 3 hour moors walk. They do bark, they do chase anything that gets in front of them, but they have so much personality it makes up for it.

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Wednesday – this is where the week definitely went down hill. Up at 7.30 to let the builder in (who has been fantastic, if you live in Leeds and need a builder let me know!). The skip was promised to be at the house in the morning so builder wasn’t too worried, he just put all the bricks/rubble in the front garden. I am not going to go in to all the detail of why the skip hire company were terrible, you can read my review of them here. They still owe us money and are refusing to communicate with us now. Anyway!


We uncovered this rustic water heater embedded at the back of the fire place, which was taken within minutes buy the rag and bone men.


So Waste King Ltd arrived at 1.30pm (yes even though they said morning delivery). A few hours after the builder had left so my sister and I had to put all of the rubble and broken down kitchen unit in to the skip (because they were threatening to come back and take the skip because they overcharged us and we were contesting it).

Our phone conversations went on all day back and forth. I was called a liar and spoken to so rudely. Please, never use Waste King Ltd for skip hire. They are nationwide but they basically outsource your local skip hire so cut out the middle man and find a local company, save yourself nearly £300 for less than 24 hours worth of skip.

We also had Fluetech come back to sort the leaking chimney, think it is all sorted so we can finally light the wood burner!


Thursday – another day of the builder being in to finish off the hole ready for the tiler, electrician and plumber to come over and quote that night. All on schedule. Takeaway for dinner as the kitchen was covered in dust and everything we own is stashed away in boxes elsewhere in the house. We opted for reclaimed yorkshire stone as a kind of hearth for the new range cooker to sit on. Still need to choose new cooker, debating with a blue one but worry it may be too much blue as units will be dark navy?


Friday – said goodbye to Miller as he’s off on holiday with a friend. Spent the day trying to clean the dust and dirt away but seems so pointless when work starts soon? The dark tiles near Atticus’s head in teh picture above are the originals that were underneath the lino. They’re nice but the wrong colour for the kitchen I think. Need to order handles and tiles still. Sister cheered me up with booze and street food at the local.


Saturday – a lie in, a day of rest and a potter round the house. I upload a pic of the new country living magazine at the beginning of the week but hadn’t actually had a chance to read it till the weekend so finally got round to that, shamefully excited for Autumn now! Anyone else? Leeds has already given up on summer as its been torrential on and off since Friday. Went out that night with the dogs again, they always manage to steal the show and make friends.


Sunday – There was some sad news on the blog about blogging bride Emily, her wedding has been called off. I was so sad when she text me as I have enjoyed having her as a blogging bride and behind the scenes she had been fantastic at events and to be honest, I was probably going to choose her to work for SYGM when her visa allowed it as she fit in so well with us. Emily is back in NYC now, she has disabled her social media but if you leave comments here or on her post, I am sure she will see.

I had a lovely Sunday. Did some exposure with sister, went shopping with her and returned and set up a mini brunch photo shoot for Denby (their new range is gorgeous). We then ate and drank everything, had lasagne for dinner and watched a scary film. Had no shirts to iron as Miller still away. Silver lining hey!


Recipe for porridge with peach, cardamom and rose compote coming soon! I hope you had a lovely weekend and your week is starting off well. We now don’t have any major work starting till next week, but there will be the odd workman coming in to get bits ready. I need to order flooring, tiles and handles but we are all ready to go. The marble is the only thing seeing me through.

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