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Merry afternoon! How’s your Monday been so far? This week has been OK, do you ever have days or weeks where you just feel a bit blue? A bit meh? But can’t really put a finger on why? Well this week was like that. Work on the house is progressing but nothing major has been done yet. Hoping that this week is slightly more cheerful!


Tuesday – I remember waking up in a bad mood, sore head, spilling hot tea down my leg and tripping over a cable that I previously thought I should probably move, which did not help alleviate my morning mood. I shop when I am in a bad mood and thankfully that morning an ASOS parcel arrived. In it contained the most perfect slouchy tshirts I have ever had. I bought the twin pack of one black, one white (really wish I had got the multi pack with the grey). I wanted something lightweight, v neck but quite baggy. Well these hang perfectly, feel super soft and have a dip back. I am going to purchase another pack with the grey in as I am pretty sure I am going to live in these leading up to autumn, then layered under knitwear throughout winter. I felt I needed to share this find with you all.

Unmade bed #reallife.


Wednesday – no CBT again, I am actually starting to miss it! The day before I published this post, about my favourite instagram accounts to follow for wedding inspiration. For the most part it got a really positive reaction, from the suppliers mentioned and you guys perhaps looking for new people to follow. The best thing about my blog is that it is not paid for by advertisers and I can mention who ever I want, write about whatever I want and promote whatever I want. There were a few sly comments made on social media about my choices but haters gon hate.

Got a text from a friend asking if I wanted to go for a coffee, well helllll yes. I had a skype meeting but agreed to meet after. Was so nice to catch up (she had just got back from Wilderness, v jealous) and talk about weddings. Never a busman’s holiday for me. Coffee turned in to a gin, and then home as Wednesday is always date night.


Thursday – mood getting better as the week goes on. I popped on Harry Potter (classic ”Phoebe is in a bad place” move) and ploughed through emails and blog posts. You have one day left to apply to be a SYGM blogging bride. Due to something unforeseen I am going to be picking 2 or 3.

House stuffs – we are all on track aside from flooring. The quote we got back from the company we were going to work with was a little off so we’re attempting to find a new company and really struggling. Timeline wise I have added some pressure to ourselves by inviting friends to a kitchen warming on the 24th Sept. Work is due to finish hopefully by the 10th. So that gives us 14 days to get flooring in. Doable?

We have also reassessed costs and it looks like we are still on track, we saved about £200 on the appliances we bought but had to spend it on a skip. We are yet to get quotes back from electrician and plumber, I am thinking we have underestimated how much that will be. I also need to make sure there is enough money left for frippery. There’s no point in having a pretty kitchen if there aren’t beautiful things in it. I am re-buying all of our utensils in gold (don’t tell Miller). I have found Mia Fleur for some pretty ones. I actually have a 15% off discount code (SYGM15*)  if you find anything you like on there (please don’t all buy those utensils as I can’t buy yet!). I just want it all finished now without any of the building work that is about to happen.


Friday – skin has gone to shit this week. Only difference is that I added a bit of dairy back in to my diet in the form of milk in that decaf Earl Grey I found last week and the odd bit of chocolate. We decided on a Friday night in so went to get treats, I picked up myself some super yummy cookies and a gf lasagne. It was heaven.

Currently obsessed with this song.


Saturday – Up early to empty out more of the kitchen and dining room. It’s a slow and boring process as we obviously need to leave some things downstairs so we can still use the kitchen whilst it’s there. We can’t store stuff in the living room as decorator will be going in there (thats on the second floor) so need to trudge everything up to the third floor guest room. At least it is some good cardio. That afternoon we took the dog up to a craft/food fair and the pub. It was nice to get out of the house and away from all the mess.


I found this pic in my camera roll as I sent it to my sister. When we were little and the fair came to town, we would be given a bit of money to spend on rides. Only thing was, I hated (and still do) rides so used to spend all of my money on hook-a-duck. It gives me fond memories.


Sunday – Major chore day as Miller is going away soon (sad face) so need to get washing/ironing in order as we will be without a washing machine soon (I bulk bought 14 pairs of pants from New Look to see me through). Caught up on Celeb Big Brother. I am obsessed with it this year as it is simply awful. Had a lovely roast dinner then played some No Man’s Sky. Really good PS4 game, basic premise is that you have the opportunity to explore 18 quintillion (1.8×1019) planets to get to the centre of the earth. It is HUGE. Looking forward to the coming heatwave but I doubt I will be able to enjoy any of it.


Atticus and I took an evening dog walk in the last of the sun.

So that has been my week, nothing major to report. This coming week is going to be more exciting as proper work starts and omg, wait till you see what is underneath the carpet in the dining room (think we will be taking it up ourselves on Tues night so will share on snapchat/insta). I also have to squeeze in two photoshoots in to all the messy chaos. Wish me luck. Oh and will be able to give more details of the SYGM candle launch soon, so keep and eye out. If you want to be the first to know you can sign up here.

Oh, and are you enjoying #lonelydog? 🙂

*T’s & C’s: Offer may only be used once per person and not in conjunction with any other offer. Excludes delivery and any items in the sale. Expires 28.08.16 23:59.

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