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This has been one of those weeks where I have done some fun stuff but totally forgot to take photos of it all. It was my sisters birthday so my parents came up for lunch (remembered camera), I have decided on the colours for the kitchen. Been addicted to Celeb BB (no shame here) and discovered all of The Hills is on Now TV. Had a lovely time seeing my family and wish I lived a little closer so we could do it more often. I hope your week was good and I hope your Monday has started off OK? I nearly lost the dog this morning and scalded my hand on peppermint tea. YAY MONDAY!

Monday – so my weird rib pain came back, kinda feel like it’s not skeletal (like the first doctor thought) but something inside. Booked back in to docs for a second opinion. It doesn’t seem to be triggered by anything, the only pattern is alcohol so I have decided to cut that out (after Lili’s birthday, ha) till I am sorted. This meant I took the day to potter round the house and attempted to get chores done.

Tuesday – my parents were coming up for my sisters birthday on Weds so it meant blitzing the house and trying to get everything blogged up so I could enjoy the day knowing everything is scheduled and posting where it should be. I binged watched cougar town (so sad I have almost finished it!)


Wednesday – and a merry birthday to my sister. They travelled up from Stamford and went to my sisters house first then we met as the restaurant. Anxiety level was quite high but I used what I had learnt in CBT to calm myself down to a uncomfortably comfortable level.


The lunch was lovely, we then headed back to mine for cake. We all brought cake up so I had a slice of the gluten free chooclate one. Oh my it was delicious. They all enjoyed a storm trooper. I bought my sister a Crosley LP player in baby blue.

Lili and I then went to the pub around 4ish to meet her friends. We had oysters and gin. I then had to leave early to get back home.


IMG_0728IMG_0727IMG_0729 IMG_0673

That evening we had a final-ish meeting with our kitchen fitters. The colour swatched wood was back and we had a few other bits to finalise. I have decided on Hague Blue units with the second pic work surfaces. Then I have decided on blackened by F&B on the walls for the rest of the room.


Thursday – docs appointment first thing. He decided it isn’t my lungs or actual ribs so it is best to send me for a scan. He is thinking gallbladder, liver, pancreas. However he did say as the pain comes and goes he thinks nothing will show because it won’t be stones etc. But who knows. (Got the letter through this morning and have my scan 4th September). I personally think it is all just gastro related as I have had so many issues over the years. I would almost put money on them coming back to me with an IBS diagnosis…again.


Friday – I can’t remember what I did in the day. Ha! Got ready to meet sister and her friends in the evening but they stood me up, thankfully I bumped in to some neighbours and hung with them (drank water) for a bit. What a dull Friday! Got back home for about 9ish and watched The Vikings and Outcast (really good sky atlantic series). Ate a whole bag of quinoa crisps.


Saturday – regretted eating a whole bag of quinoa crisps as my tummy awoke exceptionally unhappy. Spent most of the day in bed or on the sofa, boo. Our builder came round to knock in to the chimney breast as the range cooker will be going in there (you would have seen the damage on snapchat, phoebemillerz) the lintel is huge but we can have it all removed and to a height we want. The cooker is 1100 wide and he thinks the most doable gap will be 1150 so it will be a little snug!


Sunday – we started clearing out the kitchen. I started on the dresser and decided rather than sell it, I have moved the base up to the living room and will paint when it gets decorated in there. I popped a little box of pretty things outside the house for people to help themselves to (vases, mugs, lanterns etc) a couple of people took stuff then about an hour later some knobby youths came past, took all the glassware out and smashed it in the road. Ugh. I went out and cleaned it up as I didn’t want children/dogs to fall or get it on their feet. What arseholes hey? People used to do this all the time back home…Leeds obviously isn’t ready for it.


This week sees electricians, plumbers and builders start their work. I need to sort out a skip (why are they measured in the most ridiculous sizing options?! I have no idea how many cubic yards of crap I have). I also need to empty out all the cupboards in the kitchen and leave us with the bare essentials. All the new appliances have been bought and sent to the cabinet makers. I think I am most excited about the sink and taps.

Sugar update – I’ve decided to let myself have some if it is an occasion (such as cake, prosecco, bbq sauce), but apart from that steer away from anything high in sugar. Skin good but I noticed after indulging over weds/thurs that a few spots have appeared.

A few other updates. The SYGM candles will be available to pre order in 2 weeks!! I have decided not to hire anyone new at this time, things are quieter right now. I will now be choosing 2 new blogging brides instead of one. Sorry it has taken so long.

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