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Sam and Lucy-369

Happppppy Wednesday lovely reader!! It is my sisters birthday today, so merry birthday to you Lili. We have the beautiful wedding of Sam and Lucy on the blog this morning. I am definitely trying to make the most of all the pretty pastels before we move in to the sultry darker colours of Autumn. The florals in this wedding are heavenly, captured magnificently by Melissa.

photography | Melissa Beattie 

Sam and Lucy-7 Sam and Lucy-11 Sam and Lucy-13 Sam and Lucy-22 Sam and Lucy-26 Sam and Lucy-28 Sam and Lucy-30 Sam and Lucy-33 Sam and Lucy-36 Sam and Lucy-38 Sam and Lucy-49 thehair&makeup

Bow & Blush

Sam and Lucy-57 Sam and Lucy-58 Sam and Lucy-59 Sam and Lucy-65 Sam and Lucy-70 Sam and Lucy-75 thebride

My Dress was chosen from Lulu Browns in Whalley, Blackburn.

I saw their website on Facebook and fell in love with a lot of their dresses; they were just the style I was looking for. Although it was over an hour away and the first bridal shop I had properly tried on dresses in I found my dress the first time I visited! Little did I realise myself and my mum would have to visit another 7 times to order, pick up and have alterations done. But the journey was well worth it, I couldn’t have wished for nicer staff that we dealt with. The headpiece was from Lou Lou Puchalka Accessory & Millinery Boutique.

Sam and Lucy-79 Sam and Lucy-82 Sam and Lucy-84 Sam and Lucy-88 Sam and Lucy-91 Sam and Lucy-93 Sam and Lucy-98 thevenue

Northorpe Hall was somewhere you can completely style and accessorise to your own vision.

Sam and Lucy-102 Sam and Lucy-103 Sam and Lucy-105 Sam and Lucy-107 Sam and Lucy-111-4 Sam and Lucy-111 theflowers

Firenza Floral Design – our florist Fiona was the perfect style for relaxed rustic but still pretty flowers.

Sam and Lucy-112 Sam and Lucy-114 Sam and Lucy-118 Sam and Lucy-119 Sam and Lucy-123 Sam and Lucy-127 Sam and Lucy-135 Sam and Lucy-136 THEGROOM

The suit was hired from Groom Hire after finding them at a wedding fair in Manchester.

Sam and Lucy-138 Sam and Lucy-142 Sam and Lucy-143 Sam and Lucy-146 Sam and Lucy-147 Sam and Lucy-148 Sam and Lucy-150 Sam and Lucy-153 Sam and Lucy-158 Sam and Lucy-163 Sam and Lucy-166 Sam and Lucy-167 Sam and Lucy-169 Sam and Lucy-172 Sam and Lucy-175 Sam and Lucy-179 Sam and Lucy-182 Sam and Lucy-185 Sam and Lucy-190 Sam and Lucy-196 Sam and Lucy-203 Sam and Lucy-213 thedecor

After browsing Pinterest I had soon decided I wanted a vintage relaxed style wedding. Our wedding theme was vintage, with pinks, greens and creams. We chose birdcages for the centre pieces with candles inside and flowers round the outside of them sitting on log slices. I wanted it a bit rustic with the barn setting we chose; With very loose flowers lots of green with pale pink flowers, I styled the venue with fairy lights, candles, flowers, and hay bales outside.

Sam and Lucy-214 Sam and Lucy-216 Sam and Lucy-218 Sam and Lucy-219 Sam and Lucy-220 Sam and Lucy-224 Sam and Lucy-230 Sam and Lucy-232 Sam and Lucy-241 Sam and Lucy-242 Sam and Lucy-246 Sam and Lucy-248 Sam and Lucy-251 Sam and Lucy-253 Sam and Lucy-255 THECAKE

The wedding cake was made by The Little Tiny Baking Empire.

It was my mum’s friend’s daughter. I asked for very pale pinks, a 3 tier cake with a tea cup and flowers on top to match our theme and to complement our afternoon tea choice. All our cupcakes were sat in tea cups and saucers too. We chose sponge for the top 2 tiers of our cake with carrot cake for the bottom layer.

Sam and Lucy-260 Sam and Lucy-261 Sam and Lucy-267 Sam and Lucy-298 Sam and Lucy-299 Sam and Lucy-301 Sam and Lucy-308 Sam and Lucy-311 Sam and Lucy-312 Sam and Lucy-315 Sam and Lucy-316 Sam and Lucy-318 Sam and Lucy-322 Sam and Lucy-325 Sam and Lucy-327 Sam and Lucy-339 Sam and Lucy-340 Sam and Lucy-347 Sam and Lucy-351 Sam and Lucy-357 thephotographer

There was no doubt after seeing Melissa’s work we just had to have her as our wedding photographer. Her work is just amazing, so eye catching and very natural but artistic at the same time. After our Pre-Wedding shoot at the beginning of May we just couldn’t wait for the wedding photos and we certainly have not been disappointed. I am finding it near impossible to only choose 60 for our Album as they are all so lovely! Melissa fitted in perfectly and everyone at the wedding commented on how lovely she was and you just didn’t notice she was there, which you most definitely want on your wedding day.

Sam and Lucy-369 Sam and Lucy-370 Sam and Lucy-372 Sam and Lucy-383 Sam and Lucy-398 Sam and Lucy-401 Sam and Lucy-402 Sam and Lucy-408 Sam and Lucy-414 Sam and Lucy-418 Sam and Lucy-420 Sam and Lucy-421 Sam and Lucy-425 Sam and Lucy-434 Sam and Lucy-435 Sam and Lucy-439 Sam and Lucy-441 Sam and Lucy-447advice

The only thing I found testing and worried about is so many things you book in advance, I was worried they wouldn’t have booked me in or something would go wrong. But of course it didn’t everything goes perfectly and you don’t even notice it if somethings not just quite right anyway as you are enjoying you day too much!

Top three tips for a bride-to-be…

  • Don’t stress! There is no need to; everything will run smoothly as long as you are organized. I tried not to and a lot of people commented on how chilled out I had been, much better than being Bridezilla. (although maybe Samuel would disagree Haha)
  • Choose your suppliers wisely! The little details are what you remember, especially your photos as these are your memories forever! We couldn’t have picked better!
  • Just enjoy the day! Take every minute in as it just flies by in a flash. I wish we could do it all over again.

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