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Good morning lovely reader. How was your weekend? You can catch up with my week here. We have a feast for the eyes this morning, when Eva emailed and said she had shot the perfect hen party I was a bit dubious because if I could, I would abolish hen parties in to oblivion. But after opening the images I saw it was simply set out as a few girls, in a beautiful manor house having a wonderful time, and really, that’s what we all want right? Feather headdresses are optional. I love this shoot so much! Eva came over to England with a romantic dream of a gorgeous shoot, she definitely achieved that but in true UK style…it rained the entire day.

wording and photography | Marie Marry Me

MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0001 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0002 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0003 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0004

We used to panic when we heard the words “hen’s party”, because people can imagine some strange things… But what do you think about an intimate party with your besties in a charming House near the lake? We love it!

That’s why we took the suitcases to travel to London, to share a lovely time with our girls. We planned it all: the vintage car to go to the house, the florals to dress the rooms and spaces, the macrame handmade jewellery as a gift for the friends, and a large range of shoes, fine lingerie and dream dresses.


We focused on their friendship: they were the most important thing for us. Their unconditional love was the key of all: the simplicity of enjoying every little time together. It was all planned… All but the rain! Nevertheless we are so lucky about to be surrounded by such a dream team that, from the first time, understand the main concept of this photo shoot, and work together to do the best. It was awesome…!

MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0006 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0007

Thinking of this, we planned a weekend in a beautiful country house near London. The first thing was to find the location. We wanted to shoot outdoor with natural light, so we looked for a house with flowered gardens. Samantha, from Verdigris, found the perfect place: Hambledon House, a spectacular country house surrounded by nature, with flowered gardens and a private lake. It was the perfect place! Thanks to Blank Canvas Weddings, we could easily work with the owners to choose the different rooms and spaces where to build our story: the boudoir, an eclectic picnic, a party under the stars… Thanks to the talented Gabi, from The Fine Flowers Co, we could dress all the beautiful spaces with their flowers. Thanks to her it was just a funny game to play: choose the colours, the place… And she did the rest!

MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0008 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0009 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0010 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0011

We arrived to London few days before the shoot. Lidia, from Otaduy (a SYGM fave), received us in their showroom. It’s a paradise! She helped us choose the perfect dress for each girl. It was so difficult because their gowns are full of lovely details, but we finally choose three different dresses: the spectacular M.I.A for the bride-to-be, and the delicate “Damien Rice”, with the bohemian “Half Moon Run” for the friends.

MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0012 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0013 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0014

Martin, Sara, Lola and I got up at 6am to prepare it all and go to the House. It was a terrible rainy day! We had the hope of the positive thinking, and maybe because of that we had a double rainbow as a reward at the end of the shooting…  🙂

We had to re-plan everything and move the shoot inside the house. We were frightened because we love to shoot with natural light… But we change our mind after take a look to the light conditions of the house: there was a very special filtered light. The atmosphere was just magic!


The girls arrived with Beatrix, one of the vintage cars that Buttercup Bus offer. The main room was dressed with a large old mirror, and a desk to leave all the gorgeous handmade macramé jewellery that Chia Designs created specially for this day. They find three delicate parcels made with lots of love by Lou, from Brighton Lace, with different coloured sets of fine lingerie for each girl. They looked so funny getting crazy about all these little details!


After this first time full of lovely surprises (jewellery, lingerie, dresses, pretty vintage shoes by Rachel Simpson, extravagant colourful props and fascinators by Fairy Love…), we calmed down: it was just perfect! Everything! The girls look stunning thanks to Lena Nixon -as the stylist-, and Helen Brown -as the make up artist-. We shared so many beautiful moments with all the team: the girls playing in the room, like there weren’t any cameras behind the scene. Making toasts for their friendship, getting crazy about the dresses… It was fantastic!

MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0017 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0018 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0019

While they were in the room, we installed an eclectic picnic near the lake. The bride-to-be invited their friends to a private picnic party near the lake, with Judy Broad‘s beautiful calligraphies. They shared so many stories together, enjoying a light meal. We used the beautiful vintage sets from Tea and Lace for that.

MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0020 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0021 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0022 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0023 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0024

After this, we planned a cocktail station to continue their party: Samantha and Gabi created an exquisite space under a pergola, dressed with blooms, candles… And everything they needed to create an intimate and magic corner. The drink dispensers from The Wedding of My Dreams became essential for this scene. It was raining a lot (I was frozen!), but the girls were so excited, and they took the opportunity to stay together outside, and play music, and dance in the gardens, until the sunset.

MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0025 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0026 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0027 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0028 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0029 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0030 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0031 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0032 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0033 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0034 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0035 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0036 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0037 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0038 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0039 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0040 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0041 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0042 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0043 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0044 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0045 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0046 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0047 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0048 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0049 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0050 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0051 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0052 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0053 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0063 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0064 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0065 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0066 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0069 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0070 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0071 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0072 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0073 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0074 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0075 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0076 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0077 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0078 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0079 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0080 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0081 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0082 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0083 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0084 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0085 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0086 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0087 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0088 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0089 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0090 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0091 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0092 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0093 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0094 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0096 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0097 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0098 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0099 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0100 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0101 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0102 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0103 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0104 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0105 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0106 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0107 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0108 MarieMarryMe_OverTheRainbohow_0109

It was a very special day, full of lovely moments, of crazy laughs, singing in the rain, dancing over the rainbow… And it was all so real, because we had to improvise a lot of details. But I think that it was even magical than we thought, because we all love to work with natural light, and shot lovely and spontaneous images. It’s just incredible to take a look to the results, thanks to everybody’s efforts, and thanks to an international team that it was just in point. Thanks… Many thanks to all that have done this possible!


The team:

PHOTOGRAPHY: Marie marry Me in collaboration with Sara Cuadrado and Erase1vez1Boda

http://www.mariemarryme.com Instagram: @mariemarrymeinc

VENUE: Hambledon House – http://blankcanvasweddings.co.uk/

PLANNER: Verdigris http://verdigrisvenuedressing.co.uk Instagram: @verdigris_event_design

FLORALS: The Fine Flowers Company http://www.thefineflowerscompany.co.u Instagram: @fineflowersco

WEDDING DRESSES: Otaduy http://www.otaduy.c Instagram: @otaduy

PROPS: Fairy Love http://fairylove.com Instagram: @FairyLoveFamily

SHOES: Rachel Simpson http://rachelsimpsonshoes.co.uk/  Instagram: @rachelsimpsonshoes

HAIR STYLIST: Lena Nixon https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=10000132880682 Instagram: @lenanixon

MUA: Helen Brown https://www.facebook.com/helenb.mua/ Instagram: @makeupbyhels 

VIDEOGRAPHY: Marie marry Me http://www.mariemarryme.co Instagram: @mariemarrymeinc

PICNIC STUFF: Tea and Lace http://teaandlace.co.uk/ Instagram: @vintagecrockeryteaandlace

DRINK DISPENSERS: The wedding of my Dreams http://theweddingofmydreams.co.uk/  Instagram:  @theweddingofmydreams

VINTAGE CAR: Buttercup Bus http://buttercupbus.com Instagram: @buttercupbus

LINGERIE: Brighton Lace http://brightonlace.com/ Instagram: @brightonlace

CALLIGRAPHY: Judy Broad http://judybroadcalligraphy.co.uk Instagram: @judybroadcalligraphy

JEWELLERY: Chia Designs http://chiadesigns.com/ Instagram: @handmadejewellery.chiadesigns



Instagram: @katja.cem



Instagram: @hanna_lyn_hughes



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