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Evening! How is your Sunday wrapping up? I have just cut up some watermelon to have whilst watching Vikings (needed a new series to watch after Stranger Things). I have a fun week ahead but need to get a weeks worth of work done in 2 days, totally possible. As it is the last day of the month I have finished the whole no sugar thing, will I continue it? You will have to read on to find out (ooooo click bait). 


Monday – usual Monday chores (washing, ironing, cleaning etc) then a quick break to read the new September Country Living. I know August hasn’t even happened yet but I am guilty of wishing the month away because a) the kitchen will be nearing completion and b) I WANT AUTUMN. This edition was full of autumnal landscapes, log fires, bramble liqueur, and crumbles. Atticus and I did a mammoth walk after being cooped up for the rest of the afternoon blogging.


Tuesday – please feel free to skip over this day if you saw on Instagram. I put the call out to try and find some new teas. I realise for the last few months I have been circulating through the same non caffeine teas and I am in need of something new.  A lot suggested The Birdhouse Tea Company and Teapigs (I have tried some of their mint one, meh). Will pick a few of these up to try, but if you have any more suggestions let me know. I hate how some teas turn out tasting like flavoured water ( I know that is essentially all it is), I just want a bit more yumminess and depth out of my cup of tea.

IMG_0470 IMG_0583

Wednesday – I am officially on my 10th session of CBT. Usually the NHS let you have up to 16, I have now got 2 weeks off whilst my lady is away so will resume again on the 17th August. Someone ask me on instagram how I have found it so I thought I would answer here instead. As it is talking therapy the actual work happens outside of the appointment. As my anxiety relates to travelling around, my exposure therapy is going to new places and not using any of my safety behaviours. The sessions themselves are about an hour long and we talk about negative thoughts, safety behaviours (we all have them whether you know it or not) and try to look at situations differently using various methods.

I still have a long way to go before I am hopping on a plane to Bora Bora but I am definitely closer than I was 10 weeks ago. If you are struggling with anxiety and/or depression then I would definitely seek help through your GP. Depending on where you are, referral time could be quite lengthy but it is worth it. If you want to talk further, please do not hesitate to get in touch, a few of you have already and I hope I was of help.


Wednesday is always takeaway/eat out night. I opted for Pizza Express as their gluten free pizza is actually one of the decent ones. I foolishly wanted to make it dairy free and asked for vegan cheese. My god, that stuff is rank. Never again!


Thursday – over the past months myself and and lovely lady called Laura have been working together on some SYGM candles! We have finalised one scent but need to finish the second. For now there will be 2 in the collection (with the range expanding should you enjoy them) and they will have the pretty florals from the blog’s banner but won’t actually say ‘so you’re getting married’. Not sure if I can give any hints to the scents yet but one is very clean floral and fresh and the other is warm, dark and heady. If all goes to plan they will be available for pre order at the end of August (another reason for me wishing the month away).


Friday – started with a walk to a new place (hello exposure) without my phone (this was taken a few days before). It feels weird not having a phone but I survived. I then went for a quick brunch. Yes avocado and salmon again. In my defence, its the only GF thing they offer. Fennel salad was delicious.


Back home to finish the coming weeks blogs off. Then food shopping for the weekend.


Saturday – had a little lie in watching Cougar Town (new to me, v late on the band wagon for this). Made pasta salad for a BBQ later that day. Grilled chicken, artichoke, tomatoes, basil, olives, pesto and gluten free pasta all chucked in a bowl. Was a family event (on Miller’s side), out of my comfort zone. Arrived. Had gin (non safety behaviour I swear).


I got to enjoy their garden and be envious of their pond, roses and hydrangeas.


Left there at about 6 and met sister for civilised ‘one swift gin’ affair. That didn’t happen.


Sunday – dragged my very sorry arse out of bed for brunch. The GF bread wasn’t nice so I ate the salmon out of the middle of each. Like a child. I then bought myself a brownie to have tomorrow as it is the 1st of August.


But I caved. 31 days sugar free (ish). I actually feel ill after eating it but I’m not sure if thats because I am still semi hungover. My skin is still glorious, the weight has stayed off, had noooo bloating at all. Energy levels still really good, so I have decided to carry it on for another month. I don’t think it is something I could continue forever but it has really helped me asses how much sugar I was eating, what it was doing to my body and I am hoping going forward I won’t slip back in to bad habits but I think I need another month clean to cement it in my brain.


It was worth it. Chocolate, I have missed you the most.

Have a lovely week and I will see you back here next Sunday (if you don’t stop by during the weekly wedding posts).

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