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This has been one of those weeks that has flown by and I am not quite sure where it went. Or what I did. Nothing of significance thats for sure. Still feeling a little bit iffy but nothing some good food and sunshine can’t solve. We have paid the deposit on the kitchen and started buying everything to be sent over to the kitchen makers. I ate a lot of avocado on toast this week. And I am still sugar free. 


Monday – Floor man arrived to measure up and then quote. Think we are def going herringbone.

Tuesday – it was forecast to be a hot one (rare in the UK, let alone Leeds) so I got as much work done as I could on the Monday so I could work from a friends garden on the Tuesday. I took brunch, some treats, water for pup, blankets etc and set up shop. It was so nice to get some peace and quiet (next-door having work done). Waded through emails and snacked on nectarines (natural sugar is allowed, wished it was dipped in chocolate).

IMG_0361 IMG_0226

That evening I met up with sister as weather app it was still yet to reach 30C. After a sweaty walk to the pub we cooled down with gin and befriended all the dogs. Still adoring this New Look dress.

Met the most adorable retriever, I am seriously considering one. I think Atticus would love a larger companion.


Wednesday – CBT as per in the morning but it was over the phone. Usually works out fine as it really is all about the talking. We then had the kitchen makers over that evening to finalise the little details, handles, colours, how many plates we want to fit where etc. We also chose the quartz for the work surface (my god you can get some blingy numbers) and they then measured up again. The process thus far has been quite painless…


Thursday – a normal work day for me, then we binged watched the rest of Stranger Things. OMG. SO good. its Super 8 meets ET meets The Goonies meets Tron meets The X files. Fantastically acted and directed, brilliant soundtrack too. Its on Netflix now.


Friday – well, it gets weird if I don’t have a Friday night out. I usually have a day off on Friday as I work on a Sunday but I worked up until 4 ish then took my time getting ready. I instagrammed some of my current favourites but thought I’d go in to a little more detail here. All were purchased with my own monies. Skin as be insanely wonderful since quitting sugar (ugh) it isn’t needing much at the mo so I switched to a lighter cleanser from Ren. It is lightly fragranced and goes straight through my heavy make up, leaving my skin clear but not aggravated at all. I then bought a new moisturiser as I felt the Tilbury was a little too heavy for this time of year as my skin is no longer dry. I have no idea why I didn’t try this Kiehls moisturiser sooner. It is silkkkkky smooth, absorbs straight in and when I wake in the morning my skin looks and feels heavenly. I won’t be changing any time soon.

My skin, whilst lovely at the moment is still hued a little red. The Naked Skin corrector by Urban Decay has been a saviour.

I needed a new bubble bath, and whilst on John Lewis looking for a cleanser and cream I came across this Burts Bees, its for babies, but makes your skin so soft! And ya know, if you get it in your eyes then no biggie. It smells a little like honey, which I quite like a base note for a night out as perfume layers nicely over it.

Cowshed shampoo was new to me this year, I think I might to a whole blog post on shampoo as I have trialled everything and anything over the past 6 months. This was lovely, smelt incredible but I have since found something better (and cheaper!)

Finally, that pretty yellow tube is after sun! It smells exceptionally floral, consistency of milk and soothes burnt skin impeccably (also helps prolong tan). I got it in a Glossy box a couple of months ago and got the chance to use it a couple of weeks ago when I burnt a little whilst out with the dog.


So yeah we went for drinks, and I taught friends how to Pokemon.

IMG_0358 IMG_0359

Saturday – Miller was away for a company day and wouldn’t be back late so I arranged brunch and dinner with friends. I popped the old fireplace and a few other bits on gumtree and found a lovely lady to come and collect them. She had to leave her home suddenly due to domestic violence. She and her son had nothing so is slowly building everything back up. I have since got in contact with a local woman’s charity to see if there is anything I can do to help around Leeds. I am in a very fortunate position and would love to be able to give back to the women of my community in times of need til they find their feet again.

Sorry if that sounds trite or patronising, it really isn’t meant to. She just really struck a chord with me.


Sunday – Big dog walk, all the chores, roast chicken and then got work ready for the week.


Monday – And now to today. Feeling a little bit in limbo with the house because I want to start getting the dining room and kitchen ready but work doesn’t start for a while yet. Living room is still bare plaster and paint swatched until the decorator comes at the end of the Aug. I have finally chosen a SYGM bride and I think I am down to the final 3 that applied for the current vacancy. I really want to personally reply to all the emails so I will email you, it may just take all of this week. Ha.

25 days sugar free – it has been easier this week. Lost another couple of pounds. Skin lovely. Mood good. Energy really good. I have no idea if I will keep this up or not.

Hope your Monday was good, let me know what you have been up to!

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