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I get sent quite a lot of products to review and as you will notice, not a lot make it on to the blog. I tend to do quick first impression type videos over on my snapchat (phoebemillerz) and if I like them I may add in to a blog post/insta pic at a later date when I have used what ever it is a few times properly. When this little curling contraption arrived I was exceptionally intrigued. As you will probably know, I have a lot of hair, actually 5 inches less after a recent hairdressers trip. I am also very precious about my hair, so when I read the instructions on the curling product and it involved inserting my hair and letting it automatically curl it…I was exceptionally wary shitting it.

There is a real wedding up in a few hours, then my weekend edit up this evening. Hope you have a great Monday, and let me know if you want more reviews like this! 


Dyed blonde hair means a lot of maintenance. One of my favourites before applying any heat is this Paul Mitchell spray, it also happens to smell ah-mazing. New to me, this Hairon brush I got it in July’s glossy box. Love it.

Back to the Carmen curler! Here is an action shot. It is quite easy to use once you work out how. You slide a section of hair in to the front. Press the top button and it rolls it all in to the device, beeps for 5 seconds, then you pull out a curl from the top. There is a video of Sam Faiers using it here. You can adjust the heat and how long it stays in for, depending on how thick your hair is.


I did one side of my hair with straighteners (what I’ve always used to curl) and the other with the Carmen curler. Can you guess which is which? I also timed how long it took to do both. My hair is quite thin so curls easily, but this also means it drops out quite quickly. Straighteners took me 3 mins 22 seconds. Carmen curler took me 4 mins and 9 seconds (this also included snapchatting a quick tutorial).


My straightener curls are on the left and Carmen curls on the right. I spritzed with a little holding spray then went about my day. This is what they looked like at about 8pm (below). Carmen curls still giving good wave.

If you want long lasting decent waves then it is a great product. Once you get over it literally eating your hair then holding it hostage in a tight barrel it is a really easy process, especially on long hair when arms start to waver past the fourth strand.


Carmen do a full range of other products (such as the  Styler being used by Sam below) but the Glamour Curler to me was the best. This product does take some getting used to, but I wanted to review it because I am sure you have seen similar and always thought “huh, I wonder if that actually works without stealing your hair” well now you know!


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