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Afternoon all! My goodness, isn’t it gorgeous and warm. I didn’t realise we were on for a heatwave this week. Trying to rearrange a few things so I can go out with the dog tomorrow and enjoy it! This week was definitely split in two, half v good, half v dull. Another week sugar free though. Will update at the end of the post. 


Monday – prepping the house for the photoshoot the following day. It was a level of clean and tidiness the house hadn’t been in for a while. Lots of little things had to be put away that I do use every day but weren’t necessarily needed for the photos (like deodorant, hairdryer, washing basket etc). They were shooting the insides of the wardrobes to show what kind of set up we went for which meant I needed to make sure everything was nicely ironed, especially Miller’s 100s of shirts (I know, but you would too!). I was feeling a bit meh but put it down to early start and cleaning all day. Had favourite dinner of chicken and avo on toast. IMG_0194

Tuesday – shoot day. Arrived at 10.30 and they left around 1ish. It was weird but fun not being the one organising things, and taking photos. They interviewed me just for background, why we chose what we chose and some details about the house. The images will be put in to a brochure as a case study for Sharps employees and prospective customers. So many British houses have the same Victorian terrace living issues as we do, we made the use of awkward spaces and high ceilings. (This is totally not sponsored by the way, bought and paid for by us, they just saw a pic on instagram and wanted to get in touch). Also, everything the light touches is basically from Cox and Cox, because the obsession isn’t stopping any time soon.


I then met up with a friend and her baby who currently had chicken pox. We googled whether dogs can catch it, the answer was no. She struggled with treats to bring (because she usually does to have with tea/coffee) gluten and sugar free doesn’t leave much so I supplied a little fresh fruit platter for the 3 of us. Would rather cake. Around 6pm I was struck down with a cracking migraine (I put this down to no chocolate) and crawled in to bed. I slept in the guest room that night and cancelled my CBT for the next day as head and body were not happy.


Wednesday – Still felt rough, friend had come down with something a few days before and I am pretty sure I caught her disease when I dropped off a care package on the Monday. It came in waves, so I took a good wave and met sister for the afternoon. Bad life choice. Body crashed out again. Paracetamol. Tomato soup (lots of sugar? but decided it didn’t count) and bed for me!

IMG_0075 IMG_0195 IMG_0198

Thursday – Not quite sure what happened. Hadn’t blogged all week (which I always get major guilt about). Looked after Geoff for my sister, spent the day in bed watching The Magicians (TV series, V good if you’ve read the books)then went out in the evening for fresh air and…


I don’t care what you think. Pokemon Go is so much fun. Let me know if you’re playing!

Friday – caught up on emails and blogged for the following week. Felt much better. That night a few of us went to the pub, which just so happened to be a pokestop.


Saturday – As I only had a gin or two I was feeling fresh enough the next day to be up and at it for the farmers market then some brunch. We picked up pink oyster mushrooms and cod cheeks. Then brunched in new place local to us, Stories.


We need to get flooring sorted and laid before kitchen is installed in a few weeks. I can’t decide what I want, I like the look of grey/ashy toned floor as I think wood would look to warm against the grey units and marble tops. Bit like this? (that’s basically the new kitchen ha). I am thinking herringbone though. Not sure if I will regret it in a couple of years?

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I also need to knock the plaster of the chimney breast to find where the lintel is to let the builder know as a lot of the kitchen hinges on how deep and wide we can make the recess. Bye bye boring biscuit beige and cream!


Dinner was delicious. The cod takes a few minutes either side. Season first. A really beautiful fish taste. Accompanied by some rosemary roast potatoes, asparagus and the oyster mushrooms. A really delicate mushroom flavour and fried for a few minutes with the cod.


Sunday – we went out for lunch but I was still full from breakfast so Miller hammered down some coddled eggs and I had 2 gins. We took the dog with us so preceded to walk round the park for a bit, then to the pokestop pub for an hour or so. Back home to the usual Sunday chores.


18 days sugar free – to be honest it is becoming more of a struggle. Especially when going out for food, like on Sunday, I would have had some cake and a gin. But no. I am definitely craving it a lot more and no matter what I eat as a substitute nothing really satisfies me. I have also been v headachey (actually feels a lot like when I quit caffeine). Over half way now though. Skin still great. Weight still off. Pros and cons hey.


Hope you have a lovely week and get to enjoy the heat wave coming our way (will it include The North?!) let me know what you think about the herringbone, will I regret it? Exciting that its all finally starting to come together.

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