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Goooood evening and a merry Sunday to you! I hope your weekend has been full of sunshine and BBQs? Mine has been lacking in both of those but instagram tells me sunshine and frolics occurred in other parts of the country. This weeks main focus has been finalising the kitchen, coping with quitting sugar, a trapped nerve and scouring the internet for the perfect footstool. I know. My life is akin to a trauma surgeon. 



Tuesday – ordered lipsticks which arrived. Whilst I wasn’t overwhelmed by the new Tilbury colours there were a few I thought were really pretty. The formulas are usually wonderful, and I often opt for matte. I think the most anticipated colour was Kim K-W (second in from left), it is a muted nude-y pink. Personally I thought the Kim KW was a little shitty as after wearing it for 2 hours the colour had gone. This has a slight gloss to it which is probably why. Tell Laura in the middle is my favourite so far, its a coral/orange/red and the colour does not shift, even without liner. Will let you know about the other 3, Kidman Kiss, Electric Poppy and Miranda May.


Wednesday started with a doctors appointment due to a pain I had been having in my ribs. He cracked my back and told me I have a trapped nerve, after pushing on the pain he has now made it worse so I am going back to see my normal doctor on Tuesday. After that I had my usual CBT appointment. Depressing setting, marginally depressing content but a good session.

I also started whitening my teeth with Crest White Strips that Rebecca picked up for me whilst she was in the US. Weird experience but no pain (yet).


Thursday – starting to really struggle and crave sugar, breakfast is OK, it’s the afternoon slump and post dinner sweetness I am missing. I have written a round up of my experience so far at the end of the post.



Friday – Mid morning hair appointment (which I always hate). For me, I had a lot off (mum if you’re reading). I love my hairdresser, she is a coeliac so we spend most of the session talking about how awful our gluten free lives are and gossiping about local goings on.


Thats a lot off!


Returned home and had phone calls with log burner man (we still haven’t lit it!) because the metal plate dribbles rain every time its a little bit torrential. Really hoping he comes and sorts it but he is kinda blaming the chimney bricks rather than himself. Then confirmed final decisions for the kitchen which starts at the end of August. Shaker style, brass hardware, white marble tops, and I *think* Plummet for the cabinets. Knocking in to the chimney for new oven and now just need to sort new flooring (gawd, no idea) and choose appliances to be inbuilt. Thinking just cheapy ones as they won’t be seen and really…they all do the same?

Current beauty favourites. Becca X Jaclyn Hill palette is beautiful, Rebecca picked this up for me from Sephora. I am pretty sure it will be available in the UK soon (if it’s not already but it’s sold out most places). Barry M Rose hip nail polish is my favourite of ALL TIME EVER.


Saturday – Sharps are taking photos of our bedrooms/workspaces on Tuesday so I needed to sort everything out. Clean, iron, style, prettify etc. Atticus was taken on a lovely long dog walk whilst I sorted everything out. He came back absolutely filthy and had to be bathed as I didn’t want him going near any of the new shiny beds!!

IMG_9884 IMG_9925

Guest room is finished, just need to tidy the inside of Millers wardrobe (move all the random crap men seem to hoard) not sure whether reindeer should be on floor or bed. I got the most gorgeous quilt but I think it’s too fluffy and big!

It was nice to spend the weekend in, and actually enjoy my days hangover free.


Sunday – Big dog walk, brunch, formula one, bit of tennis (not a Murray fan), all the house chores, blogging and then tidying up my dressing table. Still need to clean my brushes (ugh) and perhaps declutter a bit more. Then sort my own wardrobe and chest of drawers out. I am using the opportunity to take some nice pictures for the blog so I will let you see everything and do some behind the scenes over on snapchat (phoebemillerz).


10 days sugar free – I have lost 7lbs, not had a single spot and 4 people have said “oh you’re looking good”. I explained before that I thought my sugar consumption was high, I used it as a pick me up, a treat, PMS comfort and well, I would always choose something sweet over savoury (plus working from home does have its downsides such as ALL the food). As of the 1st I cut out anything with refined sugar but kept natural sugars. I am still having honey, fruit etc and reading the backs of products to see the hidden sugar grammage. Energy levels are good. I think at the moment I am mentally missing it. It feels strange not having chocolate, or a little ice lolly, some juice, or a slather of nutella, oh god I could go on. At the moment it is a genuine wrestle of will power. I have been told it gets easier. We shall see.

Teeth update – 4th strip and having tooth sensitivity on bottom row. Will update with pics next week.

So, do you have any go tos/recipes I can look at? Something to fill the snacking void? I thing Get the Glow or Deliciously Ella will probably have some but are they actually tasty?

Oh and I think I found the perfect footstool.

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