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Afternoon! I hope your week is going well?  I first saw Nikki Stark Jewellery on instagram and fell in love with the simplicity of her designs, after clicking on her profile I was so happy to see she was UK based. So many of the jewellery designers I fall in love with are often based outside of Europe and the delivery charges can be astronomical. I am so glad I got to see them up close and look at her attention to detail, they are so pretty!

photography | Phoebe Miller (that’s me)


I wanted to take a few in sunlight because the stones are at their best then. It was hard trying to capture how pretty they look. Nikki has been making jewellery for over ten years, her work is understated and elegant. The detailing is contemporary but the scale can give the designs a vintage feel and they work very well as a compliment to older pieces. She also love to stack and combine pieces, so tends to keep the individual items simple and create different looks though putting different things together. Her current favourite combination is a soft, misty rose quartz ring stacked with a tiny sparkly diamond.

DSC_0102 DSC_0108

Whilst these make pretty bridesmaids gifts (or just presents in general) the simplicity of the designs don’t just tailor themselves to bridal and personally, I can’t stop wearing about 4 or 5 stacked up at a time just with a nice white shirt and jeans. In saying that, the hammered band above would make a pretty wedding ring. Priced at £240.


When talking with Nikki you can tell she has a real passion for what she does, she creates each of her pieces by hand with a simple selection of hand tools, meaning each will be subtly different. The process is very instinctual and she says it’s such fun to see something go from a blackened irregular shape after the first solder join to a sparkly finished item. As they are made by hand, Nikki can also tweak and amend designs to create unique pieces for people.

DSC_0118 DSC_0120

You can see more of the designs on her website, there is also scope for something bespoke (you can find her details on her site). I think my favourite is either this super cute turquoise ring or this rose quartz one. I am definitely a gold kind of girl, hence re-buying my engagement ring last year but Nikki caters for all with silver, gold and rose gold. You will definitely be seeing a lot more from this lovely lady! Prices start at £35.


Thank you to Karla for her hand, cup and wall. Thank you Nikki for the rings, I will be sad to send them back!

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