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There’s a lot to choose from!

`So what’s the deal with liquid lipsticks? If you have spent your life searching for long lasting lip colour, these are your answer. These are super thin in texture, super opaque, generally dry matte and offer highly pigmented, rich long lasting lip colour in various finishes and formulas. They usually look pretty strong whatever colour you choose as they have more pigment than a normal lipstick, and then can be a bit of a torment to get the lip line perfect but they offer payoff and density that you’ll unlikely have seen in a lipstick. I always always use a nice precise lip brush with them on clients and build in small strokes, occasionally touching up with a lip liner to finish – I also correct any mistakes with a concealer. These are for you if you like to apply once and know your lippy is on for the duration (perfect for brides who want strong lipcolour – a few layers and you’ll be good to go even after eating and kisses, plus they are generally transfer proof!)

These are not for you if you don’t like dry feeling lips, or if you have a lot of flakiness, as they will show up texture way more than gloss – I have tried putting balm or gloss over the top but generally it creates a bit of a claggy mess, and some of them begin kind of peeling, which isn’t pleasant. Virtually every brand is hopping on the wagon (albeit slowly at the higher end of the market), so the list below is by no mean extensive – I haven’t tried Jeffree Star, Bourjois, or Mac to name a few. Here’s a few picks from my kit that I love.


Purples <3

Best for brights – Lime Crime Velvetine £13.95

There has been drama surrounding the brand over the last few years, but it’s undeniable that they led the liquid lipstick revolution, and for colours you can’t deny that they deliver punch-you-in-the-eyes pigment (check out Squash, Teacup and Alien if in doubt). I still go back to these for smooth, pigmented, long lasting colour – for wearable shades head to Red Velvet, Wicked and Bleached)

Best for low budget – Makeup Revolution Lip Laquer or MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Laquer £3

Not absolutely perfect – they do have a tendency to go a little bitty with long wear, and there’s only a limited shade range, however for £3 you categorically can’t beat them for the money. Some colours are never in stock in my local Superdrug (usually the red), but you shouldn’t have any issues with ordering online. Perfect for those who’ve never tried a liquid lipstick before but don’t want a high price point commitment.

Best for mid range budgetNYX Liquid Suede £6.95

These are super long lasting, highly pigmented and come in a range of 12 shades. I’m obsessed with LC11 Kitten Heels, which I’ve been buying for all my red lip brides to top up with (having said that, it needs very little topping up – you’ll get a good 10 hours from this!) Waterproof, opaque, and dries to a long lasting matte finish, you’ll need a good remover to get this off!  I also find the does foot wand super easy to get a nice clean edge.


Best for transfer proofLa Splash Lip Couture

These are a little softer, and will require a few layers to build a really dense colour, but once they are on they are on and they don’t budge. Plenty of greige, plums, nudes and deep colours – I bought about a million different purples from LA Splash, as as you know, I’m all about the purple!

Best for wear – theBalm Meet Matte Hughes

These smell minty fresh, come in a range of 6 natural-ish tones, and are comfortable and actually feel somewhat hydrating to wear, unlike a lot of liquid lips, which can feel like the sahara by the end of the day.  These are grown up wearable glam, and would suit those who are looking for a long lasting matte lipstick in a “normal” colour, and they wear off evenly and don’t flake.


One of my amazing 2015 winter brides wore Lime Crime Wicked for her big day!

Best for a glossy finish – Too Faced Melted 

Long lasting and full of pigment, these have a glossy finish but a long lasting formula. They aren’t transfer resistant (as they aren’t matte) but if you struggle with the drying effect of other formulas, these are a great hybrid. The colours are gorgeous, and there’s also a metallic range with a shimmer finish too.

Have you tried any other brands I need to know about? Did you or will you wear one on your wedding day?

Emily x


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