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I have to admit to not being particularly frequent with facials. My skin care regime is pretty meticulous, and I take the time when I can to spend a little more time on a deeper cleanse once or twice a week, but generally I struggle for time and to put myself before work when it comes to heading to a salon for something a little more targeted.  However when salon Skin3 invited me to try the Environ Active Vitamin Facial I couldn’t wait to try it as I’d heard amazing things about the celeb loved brand.

Skin3 is a lovely salon close to Finchley Road in London which specialises in targeted, results-driven skin treatments. Their philosophy is three fold, meaning they target skin care concerns and signs of ageing beginning with supplements to feed the skin from the inside (ANP), then products to apply to the surface (with Environ skincare) and then to finish with skin healthy cosmetics (Jane Iredale). The staff are all super friendly, and whilst it’s stylish and sleek, it’s also cosy and welcoming.

I was booked in for a consultation, and the reputed Environ Active Vitamin facial. Environ skin care is developed using medical grade ingredients, and is perfect to target many concerns including lines, wrinkles, aging, pigmentation and dullness. Much of the line is developed with Vitamin A, an ingredient used to penetrate the top layer of the skin to make it smoother and clearer. The moisturiser is designed so you can progress from a low dose of Vit A, to eventually stepping up to the highest dose acceptable for non prescription – so this is serious skin care that delivers, rather than bathroom shelfie fluff!


After I arrived, my appointment began with a consultation and skin analysis in order for my therapist to help me to find exactly where my skin is currently at, what it’s lacking in and what products and treatments will help me to improve it. We had a chat about my current regime and lifestyle, and any concerns I had skin care wise. Using a VISIA machine, my face was then scanned and then (some slightly scary!) images were produced on the laptop to show factors such as dehydration, sun damage, and enlarged pores, and my therapist explained some of the ways in which I can target first signs of aging and dehydration (my main concerns). This it has to be said, is not the most attractive I’ve ever seen myself looking on a photo – but it was interesting, and since I’m generally pretty happy with my skin my self esteem remained reasonably intact (although I’m not in a rush to see my onset wrinkles again!) My sun damage surprised me – whilst it wasn’t horrendous I was still taken aback as I very rarely sit out in the sun now – on holiday I wear factor 50, and I do keep my face out of the sun, particularly over the last few years, but it just goes to show that all those sunbeds in my late teens have left their mark. To finish you are shown your skins potential – ie an impression of what it will look like if you work to improve it, and then how it will look if I continue as I am.


Next it was into a treatment room for my targeted facial (the analysis helps the therapist to provide targeted treatments dependent on your skin), and onto literally the comfiest bed I think I’ve ever laid on (it was literally me shaped – a kind of body formed zig zag shape which felt amazing to my perpetual bad back!) The Environ Active Vitamin Facial uses “the freshest, most active forms of Vitamin A, C and antioxidants are driven deep into the lower layers of the skin using state-of-the-art technology. This scientific approach stimulates collagen, softens lines and improves elasticity while increasing hydration and boosting radiance.”


I have to say this facial was amazing – it was unlike any other facial I’ve had before. After plenty of cleansing, vitamin treatment gels were applied to my skin and were then activated using a wand that gave off sound waves and electrical pulses ( this feels cool and refreshing, and like a little gentle massage). Then the mask – the best bit! A wet creamy mask was applied all over my face (including over my eyes and mouth, although this is optional if you are claustrophobic!) using a brush – and then another electrical pulse is put through the mask, which feels mildly tingly for 20 minutes.  I was given a hand massage whilst the mask dried, and then it was (in a super satisfying fashion) peeled off in one piece. I was told you can see the results after 1-2 days after just one treatment, and a course is recommended for maximum results.

After the facial had finished, I headed back up to the reception area where my therapists popped on a little makeup (facial or no facial, the eyebrows had to go back on if I was walking through central!) using the huge range of Jane Iredale products Skin3 stock.


To finish I was also prescribed a skin care regimen to take home* – including ANP Skin Vit A+ capsules, the Environ Pre Cleanse Oil (you all know I love a good cleansing oil), Sebuwash for morning cleanses and the Moisturising Toner. I’ve avoided toners for years, worrying they’d be drying, but as this is alcohol free, non drying and packed with lactic acid to help to improve hydration and rebalance my skin oil levels.

It’s rare for me to leave a salon post facial not looking red and flushed and to be honest, feeling a bit of a mess, but I had no redness whatsoever, despite my mega reactive skin, and I felt glowy and smooth from the minute I left. My makeup applied like a dream the next day, my skin felt amazing, and over the next few weeks I felt hydrated and happy, even switching to a light coverage foundation from my usual Doublewear. I also felt my redness was reduced significantly, and my skin has been calm and clear since switching to Environ too. I literally cannot wait to book my next facial, and I highly recommend it if you are looking to see actual real improvements before your big day. There’s a no makeup selfie the day after my facial on my instagram here if you are interested!

*For an exclusive 20% just for SYGM readers on the entire Jane Iredale and ANP Supplement ranges from the Skin3 website, all you need to do is enter SYGM20 at the checkout here. *

Here’s a few of my fave products across the brands to check out (and perfect for pre wedding prep)

From Jane Iredale I absolutely love the Glow Time Full Coverage BB Cream (see before and after photos here) and I use my Daytime Eye Shadow Kit all the time in my kit – it’s the perfect use for everything neutral. These sleek starter kits are also everything you need for the perfect base.

ANP’s Skin Accumax is the perfect supplement for clear skin – it works to tackle the internal imbalance at the root of acne prone skin so is great if you are worried about breakouts before the big day. The travel pack is also ideal for honeymoon as travel can play havoc on your skin!

Emily x

*this post contains PR samples and complimentary treatments, but as always, I never recommend anything I don’t love or wouldn’t purchase myself.

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