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So here is part two of my makeup brush guide – following on from my face brush post , today’s post is a guide to eye makeup brushes – what to buy, what does what and what you’ll need to achieve the look you want to.  Lots of my clients are surprised at what a huge difference using the right brush can have on product application, and it’s definitely worth experimenting to work out what works best with what. There are squillions of different eye brushes out there, and there will be some variations on the below that I haven’t included, but generally the rule of thumb is the smaller and shorter the brush, and the more compact the bristles, the more product the brush will apply to a smaller area. Bigger and fluffier are better for washes of colour over the entire eye area. I always suggest the darker the eye product you are using, the smaller the brush to help you to retain control over how much you apply and where you apply it.

Brushes are a bit of an investment, but they will revolutionise your products and if you look after them they will last you for years. Some of the brushes I’ve linked to below are under £3 and still great quality, so no excuse!

eye brush 1

Small Shadow Brush, Large Shadow Brush, Angled Liner Brush

Small Shadow Brush

Best with ~ loose pigment, pressed shadow, glitters, dark or strong colour

Use for ~ this brush will pack colour on to a small area of the eye, and prevent drop down of eyeshadow. Good for the mobile lid, and good if you have small eyelids or limited eye space. Just ensure you tap off the excess to prevent product dropping down on to the rest of the face.

Try ~ Crown C123 Mini Chisel, Zoeva 226 Smudger Brush

Large Shadow Brush

Best with ~ Pressed shadows, cream eyeshadows, eye primer (also concealer)

Use for ~ Washes of colour over large areas of the eye, up to the brow bone etc. These can be flat and rounded, meaning they will pack on plenty of product due to the flat edge, or softer and fluffier, meaning they will dust colour onto the eye for a soft focus finish.

Try ~ Crown Brush C135 Oval Shadow, Real Techniques Oval Shadow

Angled Liner Brush

Best with ~ Gel liner, liquid lipstick, liquid eyeliner

Use for ~ Detail work, lipliner, eyeliner, strong brows – anywhere you want thin, sharp lines. This is a good brush if you struggle to get close to your lash line with a traditional liner brush.

Try ~ Crown Brush C217 Bent Liner,  BDellium Bent Liner Brush

brush 2

Crease brush, pencil brush, liner brush

Crease Brush

Best with ~ Loose or pressed eyeshadow

Use for ~ to blend colours together, to create depth in the crease of your eye, to add soft, diffused definition the outer part of the eye. If you have lots of space between your eyelid and your eyebrow, you can go for quite a big crease brush, but if you have hooded eyes go for something smaller to work with a smaller space.

Try ~ Crown C200 Crease Brush, Bare Minerals The Blender Brush

Pointed / Pencil Brush

Best with ~ loose or pressed eyeshadow

Use for ~ this is a softer detail brush – good for smoky liner shapes, diffused smokiness under the lash line, or pressing to create a cut crease shape. You can also use this to create a cut crease shape in a stronger way than a crease brush.

Try ~ Morphe Precision Pencil Brush, Crown Brush Precision Pencil

Thin Liner Brush

Best with ~ liquid liner, gel liner, liquid products

Use for ~ Sharp liner, flicks, lipliner, detail concealing. This won’t be very effective with powder as it’s so narrow it won’t push on product.

Try ~ Chanel No 13 Pinceau Eyeliner, Rae Morris Eyeliner Brush 13

brush 3

Brow Brush, Angled Brush, Mini Buffing Brush

Brow Brush

Best with ~ powder, pomade

Use for ~ Brows, and a smoky diffused liner with a powder – this is thin so can be pressed into the lash line. The thicker the width of the brush, the more difficult to do very sharp lines, so a wider or stiffer, thicker brush will give a more natural finish, whereas if you like a crisp, hd brow type look or use a pomade, a thinner smaller brush will be perfect.

Try ~ Zoeva Brow Line Brush,  Anastasia Beverly Hills Angled Cut Brow Brush, Crown Stiff Brow Brush

Angled Brush

Best with ~ gel, cream, liquid, liquid lipstick

Use for ~ Precision and detail work, and anywhere you’d like sharp lines – great for brows, eyeliner, flicks, perfect lipliner, detail concealer.

Try ~ Zoeva Wing Liner, Crown Silicone Angle Liner

Mini Buffing Brush

Best with ~ Cream concealer, eye primer, cream eyeshadow

Use for ~ I always use these for cleaning up under and around the eye area, smoothing and blending in concealer, or applying creams such as primer or shadow all over the eye area.

Try ~ Zoeva Concealer Buffer Brush


Let me know if you find this helpful!

Emily x

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