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Morning all! Ahhh I love a beautiful editorial, and this one is stunning. I adore the use of colour and watercolour to create a whole shoot around the painterly style. The ladies involved did a fantastic job of working with brilliant local talent that would make a perfect addition to any event or wedding. I would also like it known that I really want that sofa.

photography | Emma Billsborough


The concept of this shoot started out with a chat and a cuppa with Lisa (The One Who Bakes)… We wanted to do something that would showcase local talent, catch people’s eye with colour, and celebrate the curvier bride. I enlisted the help of Hayley of Big Chief Tipi’s, Elaine of Felicity Farm Flowers and Beth of Betsy’s, and they helped me to source some amazing people and props to bring together all of the ideas floating around my head! All of the suppliers worked so hard bringing each of their talents together.. and the results were more than I’d dreamed of. We had an explosion of colour! 

The inspiration behind the shoot came from a painterly style.. we knew we wanted it to remain elegant and stylish but we also wanted it to be brave and vibrant. We hope to inspire brides who are looking to style their wedding with lots of colour and unique details, and show that you don’t have to play it safe when it comes to your wedding palette. 

painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0003 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0004 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0005 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0006 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0007 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0008 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0009 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0010 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0011 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0012 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0013 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0014 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0015 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0016 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0017 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0018 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0019 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0020 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0021 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0022 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0023 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0024 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0025 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0026 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0027 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0028 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0029 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0030 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0031 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0032 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0033 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0034 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0035 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0036 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0037 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0038 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0039 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0040 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0041 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0042 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0043 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0044 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0045 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0046 painterly_bridal_style_EmmaBillsborough_0047

The Epic Suppliers: 
Emma B Photography
Hoghton Tower
Big Chief Tipi’s
Felicity Farm Flowers
Areles Bridal
The One Who Bakes
Victoria Shoesmith
Kerry Baker
Claire Gould, Calligraphy For Weddings
Besty’s Living Vintage
Crockery and Cutlery
Sourced by Betsy’s from http://www.eventcrockeryhire.co.uk/

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