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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Goooood morning all! A very pretty Denbies vineyard wedding for you today (yes we can do them in the UK!). I think there is something so romantic about a vineyard wedding and thankfully Alex and Kate were exceptionally lucky with the weather. I am loving all of the pastel hues (of course) and the traditional visuals of the day in an untraditional setting. I hope you enjoy!

photography | Carl Glancey 

KateAlex1 KateAlex2 thebride

Nieves, White One. Bought from Lavender and Jude, Stradbroke

Bride’s shoes: Lucy, Rainbow club

Bride’s veil: Bought from Lavender and Jude, Stradbroke

KateAlex3 KateAlex4 KateAlex5 KateAlex6 thehair&makeup

Natasha Wiggins Make Up

KateAlex7 KateAlex8 KateAlex9 KateAlex10 KateAlex11 KateAlex12 KateAlex13 KateAlex14 KateAlex15 KateAlex16 KateAlex17 KateAlex18 KateAlex19 thebridesmaids

JLM Occasions 5243 in Lavender luminescent

KateAlex20 KateAlex21 KateAlex22 KateAlex23 KateAlex24 KateAlex25 theflowers

Church flowers, family. Bouquets and all else, The flower shop, Knights garden centre, Betchworth

KateAlex26 KateAlex27 KateAlex28 KateAlex29 KateAlex30 KateAlex31 KateAlex32 KateAlex33 KateAlex34 KateAlex35 KateAlex36 KateAlex38 KateAlex39 KateAlex40 KateAlex41 KateAlex42 KateAlex44 KateAlex45 KateAlex46 KateAlex47 KateAlex48 KateAlex49 KateAlex50 THEGROOM

Moss bros

KateAlex51 KateAlex52 KateAlex53 KateAlex54 KateAlex55 KateAlex56 KateAlex59 KateAlex60 KateAlex61 KateAlex62 KateAlex63 KateAlex64 KateAlex65 KateAlex66 KateAlex69 KateAlex70 KateAlex71 KateAlex73 thevenue

Church: Christ Church Brockham Green

Venue: Denbies Wine Estate

KateAlex74 KateAlex75 KateAlex76 KateAlex78 KateAlex80 KateAlex81 favouritemoment

That moment when its just you and your husband alone for a brief 5 minutes away from all the madness, and he tells you how beautiful you look, I will never forget it.

KateAlex82 KateAlex83 KateAlex84 KateAlex85 thedecor

We used Reveries for our venue décor, we just wanted something very classy but low key.

KateAlex86 KateAlex88 KateAlex89 THECAKE

M&S, iced and decorated by mother of bride

KateAlex90 KateAlex91 KateAlex92 KateAlex95 KateAlex97 KateAlex98 KateAlex99 KateAlex100 KateAlex101 KateAlex102 thefavours

Homemade, little bags of lavender for the ladies and little bags of mints for the men.

KateAlex104 KateAlex105 KateAlex108 KateAlex109 KateAlex110 theentertainment

Good company band, Brighton

KateAlex111 KateAlex112 KateAlex113 KateAlex114 KateAlex117 KateAlex118 KateAlex119advice

Prior planning and a spreadsheet.. it really helped us stay within our budget, also, try to involve the man as much as you can, give them their list of things to do, it will make them feel a lot more involved and take a huge weight off you during the run up and on the day.

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