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I’d consider myself pretty low maintenance when it comes to hair and beauty. I really don’t have the patience to put my socks on of a morning, never mind a full face of contour. I simply apply a BB cream, a bit of powder (I’m not about that shiny face life), mascara and lip balm, after finishing off my new twice daily face routine (which by the way I can’t recommend enough. Who knew cleansing, toning and moisturising actually worked?! And I will now forever swear by Liquid Gold too – read the reviews, you’ll never look back). So when it comes to my hair and make up on my wedding day, I want to keep it pretty simple still. Perhaps a polished version of my day-to-day self, rather than pile on a face of make up that will inevitably slide off 5 minutes into the ceremony.

At first I hadn’t even considered a hair and make up artist. I figured I would just do it myself, I mean what could go so seriously wrong? But then after a Bride Squad Whatsapp chat I was persuaded to go for one after all. It being the only day of my life I could probably get away with one and all. I also happen to work with an amazing hair and make up artist so that was that and I now have one lined up.

I have my trial in a couple of months time. I want to wait until my hair has grown a bit longer and for my veil to be ready before I do it, and in the meantime, I’ve been wondering exactly what it is that I want?

I’ve been looking at Pinterest (obviously) and am thinking something very low maintenance such as a a low messy bun, braids (depending on whether my hair’s grown enough), or a ‘pun‘ (a cross between a bun and pony tail apparently), with a dewy facial complexion and lipstick. I’m a big fan of a red/orange lip – I would never usually go to an event without wearing it and couldn’t imagine not wearing it on the day. Is wearing a bright lip a good idea though? I’ll probably be debating that one until September!

What was your make up look on the day? Do you have any beauty secrets you swore by? I’ve been saving my favourite looks to my Pinterest board here.

And finally, yesterday marked our 17 week countdown to the wedding day! Over the coming weeks we have three weddings (one being in Sorrento!) to go to so I can’t wait to pick up more wedding related inspo and report back.

Speak soon x




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Laura Cutress //

Brilliant! So excited! I have lots of old scarring and dull patches and working in fitness means covering it up in a sweaty environment can make it worse. If I can improve without makeup that will be amazing!

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