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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

In quite the contrast to yesterday, we have a beautiful airy summer wedding in Austria. Lukas and Martina enjoyed the celebrations surrounded by olive trees and sunshine. With a simple colour palette of green and white, this wedding looks so simple yet inviting. I love the relaxed and paired back feel to their day, which you quite often find with other European weddings, don’t you think? I hope you enjoy these images as much as I did.

photography | A Twist of Lemon 

4K6A5347 4K6A5357 4K6A5363 4K6A5374 4K6A5399 4K6A5419 4K6A5444 4K6A5463 4K6A5480 4K6A5502 4K6A5507 4K6A5559 4K6A5587 4K6A5603 4K6A5660 4K6A5674 thebride

The dress was from – San Patrick and the shoes Rainbow Club.  

Bride’s hair accessories/veil: Percy Handmade

Bride’s hair /makeup: Sophie Chudzikowski

4K6A5695 4K6A5722 thestationery


4K6A5732 thefavours

Handmade Olive Oil

4K6A5735 4K6A5739 4K6A5741 thevenue

Die Träumerei
4K6A5743 4K6A5744 4K6A5749 4K6A5752 4K6A5758 4K6A5810 4K6A5840 THEGROOMSuit and shoes by Hugo Boss

4K6A5864 4K6A5878 4K6A5911 4K6A5912 4K6A6018 4K6A6049 thephotographer

A Twist of Lemon | fine art wedding photography by Markus Alexander Schlamadinger

4K6A6077 4K6A6085 4K6A6096 4K6A6175 4K6A6186-2 theflowersThey were by Traumwerkstatt

4K6A6186 4K6A6193 4K6A6197 4K6A6213-2 4K6A6213 4K6A6275 4K6A6289 4K6A6294 4K6A6312 4K6A6313 4K6A6330 4K6A6344 4K6A6348 4K6A6384 4K6A6394 4K6A6403 4K6A6416 4K6A6418 4K6A6422 4K6A6424 4K6A6446 4K6A6460 4K6A6463 4K6A6489 4K6A6517 4K6A6568 4K6A6571 4K6A6625 4K6A6650 4K6A6652 4K6A6664 4K6A6684 4K6A6687 4K6A6729 4K6A6731 4K6A6746 4K6A6764 4K6A6765 4K6A6794 4K6A6800 4K6A6805 4K6A6810 4K6A6816 4K6A6824 4K6A6825 4K6A6834 thefood&drink

Supplied by the venue – Die Träumerei

4K6A6847 4K6A6848 4K6A6896 4K6A6968-2 4K6A6968 4K6A6985 4K6A6992 THECAKE

Die Träumerei

4K6A7033 4K6A7038 4K6A7055 4K6A7062 4K6A7115 4K6A7140 4K6A7159 4K6A7234 4K6A7247 4K6A7298 4K6A7333 4K6A7349 4K6A7404 4K6A7420 4K6A7453 4K6A7624 4K6A7634 favouritemoment

There were so many, it’s hard to choose… probably when just the two of us were walking through the beautiful garden, realizing that this was our wedding!

4K6A7703 4K6A7720 4K6A7780 4K6A7850 4K6A7865 4K6A7866 4K6A7884 4K6A8034 4K6A8035 4K6A8056 4K6A8069 4K6A8102 4K6A8124 4K6A8175 thehoneymoon

Amalfi Coast

4K6A8182 4K6A8190 4K6A8192 4K6A8263 4K6A8307 theentertainment

Johannes Lafer (Reception), DJ Chrizz

4K6A8343 4K6A8393advice

Keep calm and enjoy this special day!

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