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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Good morning lovely reader! Ohhhh we have a treat today, it has been a little while since we blogged a Binky wedding. I know we shouldn’t have favourites and be mostly impartial to help you with your planning, but Binky is in my top 5 favourite wedding photographers. This is not just based on her wonderful talent at capturing weddings, but also just how lovely she is. She is always an absolute pleasure to work with and I always get so so excited when I have a submission to open from her. There are usually lots of beautiful flowers and nearly always a dog. I know you will enjoy Sam and Kyle’s wedding. Get that pinning finger ready!!

photography | Binky Nixon

ks_W010 ks_W019 ks_W020 ks_W025 thehair&makeup

Hair accessory from Jules Bridal, a company in Ireland I believe? Got it from their website

Bride’s hair /makeup: Hair done by Joanne Moriarty a local hairdresser who owns Courts Hair Salon in Northampton

Makeup done by my amazing bridesmaid and ex model Sophie Blackbrough who works for Urban Decay

ks_W044 ks_W046 ks_W055 ks_W062 ks_W066 ks_W069 thebride

Dress is Charlie Brear with an  alteration to lower the back done by a local seamstress. Shoes were non-branded but were beautiful flat sandals with pearls on them.

ks_W073 ks_W074 ks_W076 ks_W078 ks_W084 ks_W091 thevenue

Fawsley Hall Hotel, Northamptonshire

ks_W092 ks_W094 ks_W097 ks_W101 ks_W103 ks_W107 ks_W111 ks_W117 ks_W120 ks_W121 THEGROOM

Grooms suit jacket was Jack Wills, trousers were John Lewis and shoes/belt were next – Bow tie from Mrs Bow Tie website

Groomsmen’s outfits/accessories: Suits from John Lewis, Bow ties from Mrs Bow Tie and belt/shoes from Next

ks_W126 ks_W127 ks_W129 ks_W130 ks_W132 ks_W133 ks_W137 ks_W140 ks_W142 thebridesmaids

Bridesmaids dresses were a stunning range from Chi Chi London, they wore their own choice of nude/gold shoes and their earrings/bracelets were from Highland Angel website

ks_W144 ks_W157 ks_W160 theflowersFlorals done by Emma Remmington Flower

ks_W184 ks_W201 ks_W205 ks_W209 ks_W214 ks_W217 ks_W218 ks_W224 ks_W232 ks_W233 ks_W235 ks_W239 ks_W241 ks_W242 ks_W272 thefood&drink

We did our own sweet table, Fawsley did all other food drink apart from the hogroast at night which was Ian Brodie.

ks_W273 ks_W277 ks_W280 ks_W283 ks_W286 ks_W289 ks_W292 ks_W295 ks_W301 ks_W305 ks_W308 ks_W311 ks_W314 ks_W320 ks_W330 ks_W333 ks_W335 ks_W337 ks_W338 ks_W344 ks_W358 thedecor

We went for a rustic/vintage mix – No set colour sceme but all browns to add to the rustic feel and pale pastel colours

ks_W362 ks_W363 ks_W364 ks_W365 thefavours

I made my own favours which were scratch cards. I put them in little brown envelopes and secured a penny to each one – everyone loved them!!

ks_W366 ks_W367 ks_W368 THECAKE

This was made by my friend who makes cakes for a hobby, not a profession – surprisingly this was her first ‘naked’ cake, she specializes in cupcakes!

ks_W371 ks_W372 ks_W373 ks_W374 ks_W375 ks_W376 ks_W378 ks_W380 ks_W381 ks_W383 ks_W386 ks_W391 ks_W392 ks_W394 ks_W397 ks_W404 ks_W408 ks_W411 ks_W412 ks_W422 theentertainment

DJ was Potter Events, photobooth was HZ photobooth and Magician was Steve Dean

ks_W437 ks_W438 ks_W456 ks_W474 favouritemoment

My favorite moment was our first dance! We had a slow dance to Sam Smiths remix of Whitney Houston’s How will I know for about 1 minute but then planned with our DJ to shut off the sound and bring on the lights….30 seconds later after everyone got scared the music was ruined, it remixed into Fuse ODG ‘Dangerous Love’. We had learnt the dance moves from the video and did the whole routine in front of our guests – it was amazing!

ks_W478 ks_W480 ks_W498 ks_W500 thehoneymoon

We stayed in LUX* Maldives for 10 nights and it was absolutely incredible!!!

ks_W508 ks_W510 ks_W512 ks_W516 ks_W519 ks_W520 ks_W522 ks_W530 ks_W532 ks_W534 ks_W537 ks_W539 ks_W544 ks_W550 ks_W554 ks_W555 ks_W561 ks_W562 ks_W566 ks_W568 ks_W572 ks_W578 ks_W582 ks_W587advice

We didn’t have a budget as we were really keen to have the best day ever for us and all our guests. We made sure the important stuff was the best of the best, but saved money where we could. I made all of the invitations, table plan, table names, name settings, favours etc myself as well as the sweet table. This was fun and added a personal touch to everything, as well as saved a bit of money.

Where did you find your inspiration?

I knew that I didn’t want a set theme or colour scheme to make it look, how should I put this…. Tacky! I knew that I wanted a really relaxed dress with flat shoes and pastel colored flowers to go with the rustic/vintage feel of the venue. I think a lot of people are going for the rustic look at their weddings but some people take it too far. Some people add way too much hessian for that look, which I really didn’t want to have. We didn’t get bogged down with a theme or inspiration, we just chose everything that was our favorite and it fitted together perfectly, especially for the wedding venue which is stunning, inside and out!

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