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Good morning all! I hope your weekend was lovely? We have a pretty treat this morning! I put the call out a little while ago for some more European weddings, I felt we could blog SYGM style weddings but cast out a little further and this beauty came in from Austria. Christina and Andreas got married last summer on the Amalfi Coast and then had a party for all of their friends and family when they were back in Austria. This is such a gorgeous way to start the week! Claudia shoots in the UK if you love her work then have a look!

photography | Ladies & Lord

weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0001weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0002 thebride

The dress was from Das Kleid Salzburg and the shoes were Valentino.

weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0003 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0004 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0005 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0006 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0007 favouritemoment

We chose to see each other before the ceremony because we knew it would be a busy schedule and not enough time to cherish just between the two of us. So with our wedding photographer Claudia we headed to Schlossberg, the main tourist attraction of our little town and guess what it was so hot (about 36 degrees) that we were completely alone there. Some of our most beloved pictures were taken there. The ones below the famous Hackher Löwe (the mighty lion statue).

weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0008 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0009 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0010 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0011 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0012 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0013 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0014 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0015 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0016 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0017 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0018 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0019 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0020 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0021 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0022 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0023 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0024 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0025 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0026 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0027 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0028 thedecor

DIY project – We filled frames with photos from our civil ceremony that took place in Ravello, Amalfi coast. Claudia our photographer joined us in Italy and took some beautiful images for our album. Since no family was present we presented the pictures at the wedding in Austria.

weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0029 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0030 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0031 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0032 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0033 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0034 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0035 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0036 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0037 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0038 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0039 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0040 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0041 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0042 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0043 thevenue

Orangerie, Graz, Austria

weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0044 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0045 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0046 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0047 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0048 advice

If you are a DIY enthusiast like us you will have a ball planning your wedding. We did not hire a wedding planner and really loved the challenge. I mean, when do you get to throw a party for 80 people, right? Anyhow, there are of course highs and lows during the many months of planning and my biggest advice: Do your thing. It is your big day!

weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0049 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0050 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0051 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0052

We were lucky to have a very experienced photographer who gave us lots of ideas and inspiration what to do for our ceremony in Italy as well as Austria. We wanted to combine the two since none of our family and friends were present in Italy we had frames filled with our most precious moments of that special day.

weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0053 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0054 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0055 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0056 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0057 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0058 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0059 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0060 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0061 weddings_austria_ladiesandlord-0062

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