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So a little bit of summery makeup goodness today with the new Clarins Summer collection. Since there has actually been some sun of late, it’s easier to start thinking about fresh and glowy makeup (perhaps you might like to take a peek at this look from last year for some more inspiration) and there are some gorgeous bits in this limited edition collection. 

Just look at the bronzer!


So, as most summer offerings are, this is a sun kissed collection, with plenty of beautiful soft bronze, gold and peach and lots of easy to use, natural products which are perfect for honeymoon and sunny weekends. Here’s a few products swatched and some details ~

Limited Edition Bronzing & Blush Compact ~ £30 (above)

“This palette warms your complexion with a blend of copper, terracota, golden tones, and an apricot pearlescent blush ~ the harmony of shades complements all skin tones whilst the formula cares for the skin and gives luminosity to the complexion.”

I know this will be popular – when I used to work on a makeup counter we once did a large bronzing palette as part of a Limited Edition Christmas collection and the amount of people who came in and asked for it for many years after was unbelievable! I think larger sized bronzers are great because you can use a big fluffy brush to apply a light dusting of product to the face without over big blobs of strong colour on the skin – and with this multi tonal palette you can use a smaller brush to just pick up the peach blush in the centre.

Limited Edition Waterproof Eyeshadow Shimmering Cream Colour ~ £18

” Fine pearl particles provide shimmering colour to subtly illuminate the eyes and bitter orange tree wax helps to create a protective shield against water and humidity to ensure long-lasting hold”

Available in four shades, these are a creamy, blendable wash of colour which can be built up or sheered down depending on your preference. They do indeed set and then don’t budge – so if you do experience oiliness on your eyelids which makes your eyeshadow crease these are a great alternative to powders. You can apply shadow on top and use them as a base too – they are metallic so shimmering but not sparkly – flattering to most eye shapes (I love the rose gold tone of golden peach!)

Clarins lips

Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil ~ £19

“A non-sticky oil derived from plant extracts to leave lips feeling nourished and comfortable. Containing nourishing hazelnut oil, annatto oil and organic jojoba oils, it envelopes the lips in a melting formula whilst enhancing the colour of your lips with a red berry tint.”

If you are not into feeling products on your lips, this definitely isn’t for you – but if like me you are a gloss girl and love feeling moisture on your lips, you’ll love this.  Its’s a strawberry smelling tinted oil which feels smooth and has a hint of colour which pretty much looks like your own lips but enhanced (despite the fact it looks super red in the tube!) You can feel it on the lips for a few hours after application and for dry lips this is a lovely way to moisturise.

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Fix Make-up ~ £24

“This ultra-fine, cooling mist sets make-up by forming an invisible, fixing veil over the face. This make-up must-have is hydrating and acts as an urban shield” 

This smells like grapefruit and rose, and feels gorgeous as a makeup refresher. I usually use the Urban Decay setting spray, but I have to say I am loving this at the moment – it sprays very finely so doesn’t drench the skin in product, looks gorgeous, and is both cooling and refreshing. It’s hard to say whether fixing sprays work – I always use them because I’m pretty sure they do, and I hate to overpowder in the heat, so on a hot day you can layer up with this without mattifying or dulling down luminous or glowy makeup. Pop this in the fridge to cool you down on a warm day and give your skin some rehydration!

Double Fix Mascara ~ £20

“Apply over your favourite mascara to provide a transparent waterproof top coat to eyelashes or sweep over brows to keep them tame. For a natural look, wear Double Fix Mascara on its own as a barely-there glossy lash styler or invisible brow groomer”

I never think waterproof mascaras give as good a finish as non waterproof, and I also think they dry up a lot quicker in the well, so if you have a mascara you really love you can pop a little of this over the top to make it waterproof. Great to tame flyaway brows too! A great holiday multi tasker.


The summer collection launches this weekend on the 17th of April nationwide and online.

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Can I just ask what colour is the lip oil you have? It seems very pretty but when I looked up the swatches for Clarins Lip Oil they all seem too sheer and not as pigmented as the one you have.