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Last week I headed to Berkeley Square in London to attend a bloggers launch for the new Miller Harris fragrance Vetiver Insolent, and as soon as I arrived at their gorgeous boutique I knew I needed to tell you about this brand! I had heard of Miller Harris before and have purchased a couple of candles in the past but hadn’t really had a chance to really find out what they offer, or visit the boutiques, or discover what the brand is all about. Miller Harris are a fine fragrance brand steeped in history, and they produce unique, considered, interesting perfume – so less your high street fashion scent, and more your timeless, unique signature smell – so absolutely perfect for a wedding fragrance (and also totally the kind of fragrance I love! I’ve long been over having what everyone else has, and I love perfume which smells authentic).


A personalised engraved bottle to take away from the launch*

Upon arrival to the MH store, we got to have a chat with in house experts about what the fragrances are about, the journey that fragrance can take you on and how  (there are a lot, and all completely different from one another). They are all ungendered and unisex, so you are really encouraged to discover your own taste – much like I do with Jo Malone, I could appreciate every fragrance even if it wasn’t something I’d choose myself.

MH collage

You’ll find lots of warm, complex, punchy, interesting fragrances which will evoke an instant reaction that you may find completely changes after five minutes of wear!  Some of their fragrances have literally hundreds of ingredients and many smell as if they’ve been filled with notes gathered from the garden or woodland. Everything is also beautifully packaged and laid out, making it easy to navigate the large array of fragrance. The quality of ingredients really comes through with these fragrances – and for purists there is the Perfumer’s Library – the highest concentration of raw ingredients. I tried and liked so many on the evening but particularly Poirier d’un Soir, and L’Air De Rien – designed to evoke memories of old books and dusty libraries (I told you they were different!)


The night itself was to celebrate new release Vetiver Insolent and I have to say, whilst this fragrance is something I’d never have chosen myself I am infatuated by it! It’s bold, and intriguing – spicy, with floral heart notes of Iris, Lavenden Absolute and Jasmine, and then Vetiver sitting in the base notes with Oakmoss and Tonka Bean Absolut. Vetiver itself is an ingredient which has been used for thousands of years in perfume – a type of tropical grass, it’s root extract produces a smoky, woody earthy note when added to fragrance which is impossible to synthetically reproduce. This makes this perfume woody, powdery and almost masculine at first spray, before it wears and softens, revealing floral sweetness in a warm but not sickly way. You’ll either love or hate this, but it’s definitely been a grower for me – I wasn’t sure until a few wears in, but now it’s got me hooked ~ and to be honest if you don’t love it your man may very well do! Vetiver is used in an estimated 30% of male fragrances and in many many bestsellers.

Vetiver Insolent is available from April 7th 2016 from Miller Harris, Selfridges and Harrods and prices start from £65.

Emily x

*This review contains PR samples


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