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Happy Thursday everyone! It’s almost the weekend again and I’m back to tell you all about The Wedding Fair my BFF Jess and I went to last weekend (and whether it’s worth going or not!).

We rolled up on Saturday ready to be faced with ALL of the wedding-related things, a current favourite subject for both of us right now as Jess is also getting married, next year (and I’m a bridesmaid, wahoo!). We made our way around the show (stopping off at the Prosecco and wine tasting stands as many times as possible, naturally). There’s everything from venue stands to entertainment, bridal wear, caterers, honeymoon planners, beauty and décor.

As I’ve pretty much got everything planned and booked now, there wasn’t really much for me to look more into. I was hoping to get inspired and collect a few more ideas in terms of wedding décor but the only thing I came across was a stand for a stylist and design planner called Nina Marika. She specialises in vintage décor, and whereas the rest of the stalls there were quite typically ‘wedding-y’ (and a bit dated if I’m honest – think early 2000’s wedding style), she stood out from the crowd. Having checked out her site too, her work looks beautiful so if you have the budget for someone else to do it, I’d definitely recommend her. Fortunately (or more like, unfortunately and due to budget constraints) I’m doing everything myself so had to wistfully walk by, but she seemed to have some great ideas.

I made Jess try a wedding dress on (her first one ever) but to be honest the stalls are all really busy and the ladies manning them seemed a little stressed and rushed us through the trying on session. They also only allowed her to try one dress on and no pictures allowed – not really the kind of service to make you want to part with potentially thousands of pounds!

In conclusion, unless you’re completely clueless when it comes to planning a wedding (and there’s this thing called the Internet now so there are no excuses) and have no idea where to start, I wouldn’t really recommend a wedding fair. I think there are much better vendors to be found online through your own research than anything you would find at a wedding fair. I’m now happily addicted to wedding blogs and read them daily so have collected most of my inspo from those.

So moving on, where am I at with our planning? Well, I’ve found a florist, hurrah! I was struggling to know where to get my flowers from (we’re getting married in the middle of actual nowhere), but then I found out that my dad’s cousin is a florist and can order everything for us (win), AND one of my good friends who is currently travelling is now coming home in time for the wedding and as an ex-florist (and wanting to get back into it), she’s asked to do all of the button holes, bouquets and floral décor for us.

I’m getting HD brows on Saturday morning in prep for the wedding as well as meeting a hair stylist and colourist for a consultation (these locks need chopping and dying!). I’m still whitening my teeth too and plan to get waxed, tanned, pedicured, manicured and false eyelashed up nearer to the wedding date (maybe like, a week before).

…And it’s officially 6 months today ’til the wedding date.

Have a great weekend!

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