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I work for an online fashion brand alongside a very good graphic design team, so I knew early on I wanted to design all of our wedding stationary. I work with some amazing designers and asked my colleague and friend Hollie to help design and create everything from the save the date cards to the invites and table menus.

When it came to the design I wanted to keep it quite rustic yet elegant and simple. After evenings of trawling through fonts (thanks Hollie!) we finally found the perfect swishy title font that I think reflects both Mike and I. Hollie’s also created a ‘logo’ for us using the green foliage theme we’ll be going with for the reception and chapel decor too so it all ties in nicely together. I don’t want to give too much more away about the invites yet as they’ll only be going out around April time but as soon as they’re posted, I’ll be sure to give a sneak peak.

I used printed.com to print the save the dates and am so happy I did. I ordered a wedding sample pack first to decide on the card type and when they were delivered, they were everything I’d hoped for! You can even get 15% off with your first order (every little helps when planning a wedding..!)

The only stationary bits Hollie hasn’t designed for me are the Bridesmaid proposal cards. I was too excited when we got back from Iceland (where Mike proposed if you’ve only just tuned in!) and couldn’t wait to ‘propose’ to them. I have 5 bridesmaids altogether; two maids of honour who are my younger sisters, and then my two oldest friends from school and BFF from university.

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I stumbled across Amy’s Avenue UK on Etsy by chance and was sold straight away. Amy’s designs and card quality were beautiful and I couldn’t think of a prettier way to propose to my bridesmaids.

I also treated myself and them to a floral silk robe each to wear on the morning of the wedding whilst we get ready. I went for a mint floral green colour for them and white for me and am considering having something embroidered on the back (bride-to-be? Mrs G? Sh*t just got real..?). I bought the robes from Ali Express; a little secret I recently discovered. It’s basically a super cheap website which cuts out the middleman meaning you can buy directly from the suppliers. It tends to mean you have to wait a while for your orders to be delivered but if you have time then it’s a really good money saver. The longest I’ve had to wait for delivery has been a month and the shortest a few days so it’s really not too bad!

In terms of planning now, it’s all slowed down a little after the initial first couple of months when I was booking things like a madwoman. As I’m getting my wedding dress made from scratch by designer Emma Beaumont, I have my second meeting with her this Saturday to try on the first ‘mock up’ of the dress which I’m super excited about (though a little scared I might have changed my mind?). I’m also going to visit a haberdashery and crafts shop to see what I can pick up to start the DIY-ing. The only thing I’m a bit stuck on at the moment is entertainment – band? DJ? Neither? So any advice would be much appreciated! Next week I’ll chat all about the photographer, videographers and some tips from me about the planning process up until this point (6 months to go!), as I keep being told I’m super organised..! I’ll see ya then.




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