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Morning! I hope your week is going well? We have another beautiful Darren Gair wedding on the blog today. There are so many pretty DIY details in this one that I think you are going to love. Amy and Ben managed to achieve a lovely mix of craft projects and a little bit of luxury (hello Loubs). I love the fairytale garden flowers, all of the little rustic touches and Amy’s choice of dress. Enjoy!

photography | Darren Gair

darren-gair-photography-draper-001 darren-gair-photography-draper-002 thehair&makeup

Cinderella inspired bun by mobile hairdresser ‘Becky’- following lots of blow-drying and backcombing.

Bare Minerals makeup applied by  ‘Jodie’- friend of bridesmaid.

darren-gair-photography-draper-003 darren-gair-photography-draper-004 darren-gair-photography-draper-005 darren-gair-photography-draper-006 darren-gair-photography-draper-007 darren-gair-photography-draper-008 thebride

Dress – Adele Louise Bridal – Ronald Joyce dress (Emilia)

Light gold in colour with a beaded tulle bodice on a princess skirt with beaded shoulders and low back.

Shoes- Selfridges, Birmingham – Christian Louboutin (Crossminetta, nude leather sandal)

darren-gair-photography-draper-009 darren-gair-photography-draper-010 darren-gair-photography-draper-011 darren-gair-photography-draper-012 darren-gair-photography-draper-013 darren-gair-photography-draper-014 darren-gair-photography-draper-015 darren-gair-photography-draper-016 darren-gair-photography-draper-017 darren-gair-photography-draper-018 darren-gair-photography-draper-019 darren-gair-photography-draper-020 darren-gair-photography-draper-021 theflowers

Niche, Wombourne. Blue hydrangeas were a must, which Bobby at Niche incorporated beautifully with other flowers in the colouring of our theme. She also arranged our flowers in jars decorated with hessian and ribbon for the pugh ends in the church. We chose pomander wands for the flower girls with ribbon streamers, which she made so lovely.

darren-gair-photography-draper-022 darren-gair-photography-draper-023 THEGROOM

Three piece suit- Moss Bros. – French Connection, cream shirt, peach silk tie

Brogues- Blooms Wolverhamption- Barker

Rotary Skeleton pocket watch- wedding gift from Amy

darren-gair-photography-draper-024 darren-gair-photography-draper-025 darren-gair-photography-draper-026 darren-gair-photography-draper-027 darren-gair-photography-draper-028 thebridesmaids

Flower girls- All from Monsoon. Dresses- Gold Estella Flower Crochet Dress. Shoes- Gold cha cha cha shoes. Bags- Gold glittery clasp bag. Flowers – Wand Pomander (Niche)

Bridesmaid- Pastel blue and peach floor length dress from Coast.

darren-gair-photography-draper-029 darren-gair-photography-draper-030 darren-gair-photography-draper-031 darren-gair-photography-draper-032 darren-gair-photography-draper-033 darren-gair-photography-draper-034 darren-gair-photography-draper-035 darren-gair-photography-draper-036 darren-gair-photography-draper-037 darren-gair-photography-draper-038 darren-gair-photography-draper-039 darren-gair-photography-draper-040 darren-gair-photography-draper-041 darren-gair-photography-draper-042 darren-gair-photography-draper-043 darren-gair-photography-draper-044 darren-gair-photography-draper-045 darren-gair-photography-draper-046 thephotographer

Darren Gair Wedding Photography. Darren was recommended to us through Ben’s boss and what a recommendation that turned out to be. Darren captured some amazing memories for us that we will treasure.

darren-gair-photography-draper-047 darren-gair-photography-draper-048 darren-gair-photography-draper-049 darren-gair-photography-draper-050 darren-gair-photography-draper-051 darren-gair-photography-draper-052 darren-gair-photography-draper-053 thevenue

Ceremony- All Saints’ Church,  Sedgley (Our local Parish Church and also where Amy was christened and her parents married)

Reception- The Hundred House Hotel, Norton, Telford (within their restored 17th Century Tithe Barn). The Hundred House was always a favorite of ours and when it came to looking at other venues, nothing quite got us excited as this place did.

darren-gair-photography-draper-054 darren-gair-photography-draper-055 darren-gair-photography-draper-056 darren-gair-photography-draper-057 darren-gair-photography-draper-058 thestationery

Save the date and wedding invitations from Lovat Press- Vintage Rose design

Order of  service, name place cards and table plan made by Amy and Ben with a ‘Craft’ theme (Paperchase was favourite supplier).

darren-gair-photography-draper-060 darren-gair-photography-draper-061 thefavours

For our wedding favours we attempted home made fudge! We made a lemon meringue fudge which was cut into little hearts and accompanied by a vanilla fudge. Two of each flavour was parcelled in a little laser cut craft box labelled ‘Love is Sweet’!

darren-gair-photography-draper-062 darren-gair-photography-draper-063 thedecor

Colour theme- Pastel blue, peach and gold (decided by bridesmaid/flower girl dresses)

‘Craft’ Theme, but also described as a fairy tale garden wedding- which we love this idea!

The church was decorated with jarred flowers attached to the pew ends. In the barn vases of flowers were placed on each table, surrounded by gold candle votives. The jars from the church and more candle votives were dotted around the barn. Upon one of the galleries in the barn,    photo booth props were set up in a vintage suitcase, and a Polaroid camera for our guests to take a snap of themselves for us. We also had a sweet station set up on the gallery.

darren-gair-photography-draper-064 darren-gair-photography-draper-065 darren-gair-photography-draper-066 darren-gair-photography-draper-067 darren-gair-photography-draper-068 thefood&drink

Arrival drinks- Pimms/lemonade for the laides, bottled larger for the gents, which was served in the garden (where garden games were laid out)

To start we had a tomato soup (our personal favourite), followed by Slowly roasted Bridgnorth Beef with Yorkshire pudding & rich red wine gravy and Honeycomb Cheesecake with Raspberry and chantilly cream.

For our toast drink we chose Asti, which is a favourite of Amy’s.

We had a hog roast for the evening, with salads, coleslaw and rosemary baked potatoes. We served our wedding cake for dessert, although saved our top teir for ourselves.

darren-gair-photography-draper-069 darren-gair-photography-draper-070 darren-gair-photography-draper-071 THECAKE

Elizabeth Jayne Cakes, SedgleyThree tiered victoria sponge cake, iced with cream royal icing and decorated with lace, peach roses and pastel blue hydrangea flowers.

darren-gair-photography-draper-072 darren-gair-photography-draper-073 darren-gair-photography-draper-074 darren-gair-photography-draper-075 darren-gair-photography-draper-076 darren-gair-photography-draper-077 darren-gair-photography-draper-078 darren-gair-photography-draper-079 darren-gair-photography-draper-080 darren-gair-photography-draper-081 darren-gair-photography-draper-082 darren-gair-photography-draper-083 darren-gair-photography-draper-084 darren-gair-photography-draper-085 darren-gair-photography-draper-086 darren-gair-photography-draper-087 darren-gair-photography-draper-088 darren-gair-photography-draper-089 darren-gair-photography-draper-090 darren-gair-photography-draper-091 darren-gair-photography-draper-092 darren-gair-photography-draper-093 darren-gair-photography-draper-094 thehoneymoon

For our honeymoon we headed down to Dorset to Christchurch Harbour Hotel and Spa. After getting married only 6 months after our engagement, we really wanted to take it easy and have a rest! So we spent our week pottering around the local towns and relaxing in the spa.

darren-gair-photography-draper-095 darren-gair-photography-draper-096 darren-gair-photography-draper-097 darren-gair-photography-draper-098 darren-gair-photography-draper-099 darren-gair-photography-draper-100 darren-gair-photography-draper-101 darren-gair-photography-draper-102 darren-gair-photography-draper-103 darren-gair-photography-draper-104 darren-gair-photography-draper-105 darren-gair-photography-draper-106 darren-gair-photography-draper-107 darren-gair-photography-draper-108 darren-gair-photography-draper-109 darren-gair-photography-draper-110 darren-gair-photography-draper-111 darren-gair-photography-draper-112 darren-gair-photography-draper-113 darren-gair-photography-draper-114 darren-gair-photography-draper-115 darren-gair-photography-draper-116 darren-gair-photography-draper-117 darren-gair-photography-draper-118 darren-gair-photography-draper-119 darren-gair-photography-draper-120 favouritemoment

Every second of the whole day! But to be more specific:

-Seeing my dad well up when he saw my dress hanging up for the first time

-Hearing the church bells as me and my dad approached the church in the car with the roof down (as the weather was beautiful)

-Seeing Ben for the first time on our wedding day waiting for me at the alter

– Being able to share the whole day with our family and friends, but sneaking away into the gardens for photographs gave us some time to just be together

darren-gair-photography-draper-121 darren-gair-photography-draper-122 darren-gair-photography-draper-123 darren-gair-photography-draper-124 darren-gair-photography-draper-125 darren-gair-photography-draper-126 darren-gair-photography-draper-127 darren-gair-photography-draper-128 darren-gair-photography-draper-129 darren-gair-photography-draper-130 darren-gair-photography-draper-131 darren-gair-photography-draper-132 darren-gair-photography-draper-133 darren-gair-photography-draper-134 darren-gair-photography-draper-135 darren-gair-photography-draper-136 darren-gair-photography-draper-137 darren-gair-photography-draper-138 darren-gair-photography-draper-139 darren-gair-photography-draper-140 darren-gair-photography-draper-141 darren-gair-photography-draper-142 darren-gair-photography-draper-143 darren-gair-photography-draper-144 darren-gair-photography-draper-145 darren-gair-photography-draper-146 darren-gair-photography-draper-147 darren-gair-photography-draper-148

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