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Happy Monday lovely readers! I am so sorry for the blog absence last week. Thank you all for your lovely messages and being so understanding. I must admit, I find it so hard to switch off and had work guilt for 80% of the week but I am fully recovered (though awaiting a few test results) from kidney/bladder painfulness and a fully functioning human again. So excited to be back in to our little SYGM world and share pretty weddings, trends for 2016 and wedding advice this week. You can sign up to all of the #sygmbrides updates here. I will collate all of their posts in to one newsletter and send it out each Monday.

On to this mornings beautiful wedding! Claire and Rich look so relaxed and happy in their images, I think it is so important to find a photographer you connect with to make this happen.

photography | Darren Gair

darren-gair-photography-draper-001 darren-gair-photography-draper-002 thehair&makeup

I work at a salon in Monkspath called Richard Wallace Hair. My team created all the wonderful hair you see in the bridal party. My hair was created by my colleague  Michaela who put my hair up perfectly just how I wanted

darren-gair-photography-draper-003 darren-gair-photography-draper-004 darren-gair-photography-draper-005 darren-gair-photography-draper-006 darren-gair-photography-draper-007 darren-gair-photography-draper-008 darren-gair-photography-draper-009 darren-gair-photography-draper-010 thebride

Dress – Essense of Australia Blush dress from The Bridal Boutique in Henley in Arden

Shoes: Steve Madden Diamante pumps from Selfridges

Bride’s hair accessories/veil – My headband was simply from Debenhams after searching far and wide for a headband I found they had the best variety and at a fantastic price. My Veil was from The Bridal boutique in Henley In Arden

darren-gair-photography-draper-011 darren-gair-photography-draper-012 darren-gair-photography-draper-013 darren-gair-photography-draper-014 darren-gair-photography-draper-015 darren-gair-photography-draper-016 darren-gair-photography-draper-017 theflowers

Urban Flower Design – Birmingham

darren-gair-photography-draper-019 darren-gair-photography-draper-020 darren-gair-photography-draper-021 darren-gair-photography-draper-022 darren-gair-photography-draper-023 darren-gair-photography-draper-025 darren-gair-photography-draper-026 thedecor

Not really a theme as such  colour scheme blush and navy, all the tables were named after different types of wine. Of course the top table was champagne. We used lots of wine/champagne corks and used wine crates for the table plan. These were great you could get them from the wine society with a small donation to a charity as I looked on eBay and they were selling for £10 a crate! We also had a cheese cake in the evening with lots of breads and chutney.

darren-gair-photography-draper-027 darren-gair-photography-draper-028 darren-gair-photography-draper-029 darren-gair-photography-draper-030 THEGROOM

Rich’s Suit was from Ted Baker, shirt from T.M Lewin, tie and pocket square from Next and shoes from Dune

Groomsmen’s outfits/accessories – Groomsmen suits and shirts from T.M Lewin. Pocket squares from Next and Ties from Marks and Spencer

darren-gair-photography-draper-031 darren-gair-photography-draper-032 darren-gair-photography-draper-033 darren-gair-photography-draper-036 darren-gair-photography-draper-037 darren-gair-photography-draper-038 thebridesmaids

Bridesmaid dresses were from a wonderful shop in Kennilworth called Lilly Rose Bridal. This shop tailors for the plus size brides but has a fantastic selection of bridesmaid dresses. I can’t express how fantastic the team were at the shop from the moment we walked in to the moment i collected the girls dresses. As the sign in the boutique says “Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends” of which I believe. Anyone who has several bridesmaids all different sizes make sure you go see Nicky and her wonderful team as they have dresses to fit all shapes and sizes. I absolutely loved my bridesmaid dresses and all my maids loved wearing them. My bridesmaids hair slides were from Claire’s Accessories. Bracelets were from Accessories and the earrings from Warehouse.

darren-gair-photography-draper-039 darren-gair-photography-draper-040 darren-gair-photography-draper-041 darren-gair-photography-draper-042 thevenue

Nuthurst Grange Hotel, Hockey Heath, Solihull

darren-gair-photography-draper-043 darren-gair-photography-draper-044 darren-gair-photography-draper-045 darren-gair-photography-draper-046 darren-gair-photography-draper-048 darren-gair-photography-draper-049 darren-gair-photography-draper-050 darren-gair-photography-draper-051 darren-gair-photography-draper-052 darren-gair-photography-draper-053 darren-gair-photography-draper-054 darren-gair-photography-draper-055 darren-gair-photography-draper-056 darren-gair-photography-draper-057 darren-gair-photography-draper-058 darren-gair-photography-draper-059 darren-gair-photography-draper-060 thefood&drink

Procsecco, beers for the boys, and canapés are a must for me at a wedding after having them at ours. They filled a gap from ceremony to wedding breakfast and they tasted amazing. The wedding breakfast was a glamorised Sunday roast which was just what we wanted.. we ordered bowls of Yorkshire puddings for the tables too !! all the food at Nuthurst was outstanding.

darren-gair-photography-draper-061 darren-gair-photography-draper-062 darren-gair-photography-draper-063 darren-gair-photography-draper-064 darren-gair-photography-draper-065 darren-gair-photography-draper-066 darren-gair-photography-draper-067 thephotographer

Darren Gair is an amazing guy, and made us feel really comfortable, everyone at the wedding commented on how fantastic and professional Darren was and all his images prove it.

darren-gair-photography-draper-068 darren-gair-photography-draper-069 darren-gair-photography-draper-070 darren-gair-photography-draper-071 thestationery

We designed our own. My mum drew the front of our wedding venue that we put onto our invites.

darren-gair-photography-draper-072 darren-gair-photography-draper-075 thefavours

2 home made fudge hearts with R&C Stamped into them. Perfectly bitesized as I’ve seen so many wedding favours left on tables before and I didn’t want this to happen at ours. Very cheap to make and tasted fantastic. Favours were something we didn’t want to spend too much money on.

darren-gair-photography-draper-078 darren-gair-photography-draper-079 darren-gair-photography-draper-081 darren-gair-photography-draper-083 darren-gair-photography-draper-085 darren-gair-photography-draper-087 darren-gair-photography-draper-089 darren-gair-photography-draper-094 darren-gair-photography-draper-095 darren-gair-photography-draper-096 darren-gair-photography-draper-097 darren-gair-photography-draper-098 darren-gair-photography-draper-099 darren-gair-photography-draper-100 darren-gair-photography-draper-101 darren-gair-photography-draper-102 darren-gair-photography-draper-103 darren-gair-photography-draper-104 darren-gair-photography-draper-105 darren-gair-photography-draper-106 darren-gair-photography-draper-107 darren-gair-photography-draper-108 darren-gair-photography-draper-109 darren-gair-photography-draper-110 darren-gair-photography-draper-111 darren-gair-photography-draper-112 darren-gair-photography-draper-113 darren-gair-photography-draper-114 darren-gair-photography-draper-115 darren-gair-photography-draper-116 darren-gair-photography-draper-117 darren-gair-photography-draper-118 darren-gair-photography-draper-119 darren-gair-photography-draper-120 darren-gair-photography-draper-121 darren-gair-photography-draper-122 darren-gair-photography-draper-123 darren-gair-photography-draper-124 favouritemoment

All of it so hard to pick one so heres a few…seeing my dad for the first time in my dress, seeing rich for the first time asking him to turn around so he could see me, all of the speeches, winning beer pong as husband and wife. Our first dance was amazing. we had calvin harris “ feel so close “ the first 30 seconds was acoustic then it dropped into the dance track we asked everyone who had a role in the wedding to come dance with us. Everyone then joined in which was better than we could have expected.

darren-gair-photography-draper-125 THECAKE

Hilary Sparkes, my mum made the fantastic 5 tier cake. Fruit cake, red velvet , pink champagne , victoria sponge and chocolate !! it tasted as amazing as it looked.

darren-gair-photography-draper-126 darren-gair-photography-draper-127 darren-gair-photography-draper-128 darren-gair-photography-draper-129 darren-gair-photography-draper-130 darren-gair-photography-draper-131 theentertainment

Dave Clark Dj – What a guy !! the dance floor was full all night.

darren-gair-photography-draper-132 darren-gair-photography-draper-133 thehoneymoon

New York and Jamaica.

darren-gair-photography-draper-134 darren-gair-photography-draper-135 darren-gair-photography-draper-137 darren-gair-photography-draper-138 darren-gair-photography-draper-139 darren-gair-photography-draper-140 darren-gair-photography-draper-141 darren-gair-photography-draper-142 darren-gair-photography-draper-143 darren-gair-photography-draper-144 darren-gair-photography-draper-145 darren-gair-photography-draper-146 darren-gair-photography-draper-147 darren-gair-photography-draper-148advice

Get WedPics … its great for the morning after when you want to see pictures of the events.. just put a little message in your menus in the wedding breakfast.

Enjoy every little stressful moment of it. Sometimes you want to pull your hair out but seriously treasure the feeling as it seriously is over before you know it. Plan something for the day after the wedding we all went for a meal with our parents and in-laws with was so lovely to recap the events.

2015 was truly the best year ever..so many fantastic memories. if 2016 is your year enjoy it treasure it and have the most amazing day.


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