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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Evening all! I am going to be honest, this week has not been great. You may have seen on my instagram that I had a very bad weekend. I am finally feeling better and up for blogging so majorly playing catch up this weekend. I hope this weeks update isn’t too boring, I’ve added in a bit of last week too. So this week was kidney stones, Netto, new beds, trashy tv and new shoes. 

Pre Kidney stones – 27th Jan – my sister has moved up to Leeds! We celebrated by heading out for school night drinks to celebrate her new house and job. We took the dogs and she ended up staying here. Twas fun! I had a few questions on snapchat about my make up that night. As it was over a week ago I will try and do my best to remember…

Skin – Toner / Oil / Moisturiser / Glow Base (02)/ Foundation (Mont Blanc) / Concealer (chantilly) / Under Eye Brightener (01) /

Cheeks – Contour (St Lucia) / Blusher / Highlight (THE BEST!!!!)

Eyes – Eyeshadow / Eyeliner / Mascara / Brows

Lips – Lipliner / Lipstick


The mirror and antlers were finally put in place, I don’t think the antlers are on Cox and Cox anymore sadly. The mirror came with all the Sharps bedroom furniture, it isn’t something I would have picked out but they threw it in for free as we booked just before Christmas.

I let Michael choose the office chair, this was his choice. No comments shall be made. At least it kinda goes with the room…it wasn’t this West Elm beauty I had my eye on but he feels involved now.


That week a print arrived from the wonderful I Am Nat, I am going to put up a kind of gallery wall of such in the guest room. 20% of the profits from each print goes to Cancer Research. I adore not only the gold foiling but the message behind it.


So, last Friday, the 1st of Feb. I was feeling a bit unwell, I had bailed on drinks with my sister and took the dog for a walk dressed like this. That night I had pains, and was urinating frequently, each time in pain and passing blood.  I won’t go in to details about how awful the NHS was but I have learnt, do not get ill outside of office hours. I was in agony all weekend, but I was in now way going to go to a&e. My nearest out of hours clinic was miles away and I really was in too much pain to go through the stress of getting there and waiting. So I stayed in bed until Monday when I managed to get an emergency appointment with my doctor. He said he thought I had already passed the stone/s and was now suffering from cystitis like symptoms. Course of antibiotics and within two or three days the blood stopped and I felt so much better.


I watched all 4 seasons of Ex on The Beach. And Atticus stayed by my side the entire time. I was downing water, painkillers, and living off constant hot water bottles in between toilet visits. I ate corn tortillas for 2 days because thats all I could stomach.


The new bed arrived! It was due on the 26th Feb but it is here. Michael assembled most of it on his own. It is a slightly warmer grey than pictured so I am going to repaint the wall in something suiting. I am thinking of Peignoir in Farrow and Ball’s new range. I am totally up for suggestions though.


Wednesday – Whilst I was ill, I treated myself to some new lovely bits. I had a “joint” John Lewis voucher left from Christmas but I am pretty sure Michael had forgotten about it and well…I needed it more. The Tam Dao is one of my all time favourite scents. It is so woody and warm. The Naked palette was something I kept meaning to buy myself but always got distracted by something else. I also picked up one of the new Tilbury shades ‘between the sheets’ it’s OK. Still not had it on a full face but it’s not as pink as pictured.


By Thursday, I had a second check up at the docs and handed over more samples so I decided to treat myself to an adventure. I went to a Netto for the first time. Is this interesting blogging? I have no idea, I have spoken about bloody wee so really I think I can talk about Netto. What I understood of it, is that it is cheap and can stock very random items. Well, I was underwhelmed. The fruit and veg looked OK but apart from that. I just didn’t really get it. I ended up spending money on tulips, smoked salmon and dog chews. Do they change up their stock or always have random things? Brands weren’t cheap such as Nutella etc so is it mainly on their fresh produce that you save? The salmon was £2 and was delicious.


And this WHOLE time, Rebecca has been sunning it up in The Bahamas. I know. More to follow in our ever expanding honeymoon section.


Saturday saw Michael head to Wetherby races for his friends 30th. I was still resting up but looked after Geoff for my sister for a few hours. We were going to venture out for dinner but by the time Michael was back and settled he couldn’t be bothered to move.


Mother sent me up a pickle fork. I don’t think it needs more explanation.


Sunday – my favourite day of the week, and the first time in 8 days that I felt like myself again. Full face of make up just for lounging round the house. Chores, blogging and I am staying up to watch The Super Bowl. Go ummmm Panthers?


OH. So I totally forgot to mention during the week…my birthday present from Michael arrived early…Eeeeee. Not allowed to open till the 23rd. Wish me luck.