OMG! We are getting married this year

Keep calm

Hi everyone and Happy New Year (is it too late to say that now?) Well here we are in 2016 the year that I get MARRIED!! And not just this year but in a mere 18 weeks time. How did that happen?! When the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve Wayne and I turned to each other and simultaneously said “OH MY GOD we are getting married this year!” And every time I think about how close it is I feel a little bit sick! In fact even more exciting its only six weeks until my surprise hen do! I only know the date…should I be worried or just extremely excited?! I think I’m both.

In some ways I feel like I have been waiting for 2016 for a lifetime but in others ways it seems to have flown by. So now that we are just four months away you’d think I would have everything sorted – so did I! – but this just isn’t the case. I mentioned in a previous blog about pacing myself so that I didn’t plan everything all at once and spaced it out – I think I may have taken this too far with still SO much to do. I seem to have developed ‘the fear’ – the fear of buying physical items for the wedding. I was fine booking the big stuff but for things like decorations, our mini moon and even the bridesmaid dresses I seem to be struggling to make that final purchase. Please tell me I’m not the only one?!

Since Christmas my evenings have mainly consisted of lots of Internet browsing from bridesmaid dresses (have you checked out the bridesmaid range on ASOS? It’s pretty fab and its free returns so perfect for trying on and sending back if its not right) to trying and failing to book a mini moon to randomly googling and pinning everything from table plans to giant lawn games to apple crates to a pastel bandanna for our fifth bridesmaid – our Dalmatian Lola.

Amidst all of my browsing but not buying I have also been faced with the task of renewing my passport and as if the process wasn’t complicated enough as it is we are travelling straight after the wedding so I also need to change my name. But my transition from a Lumley to a Fairnington is a whole other story – a rather daunting one.

Tomorrow we are off to church for our sixth visit which qualifies us to marry there and afterwards to meet our photographer at the venue, so it’s all go and getting very very real now. Next time I post I hope to have overcome the fear, chosen the bridesmaid dresses, purchased the wedding rings and booked a mini moon….wish me luck!

  • Good luck for getting everything else tot better. It will happen. You’ve already done the big hard stuff

  • Emily Sacharin

    I’m also having a seriously hard time getting myself to book/purchase smaller stuff now that the biggest decisions have been made. Aside from the venue (with food and alcohol), officiant, photographer, and my dress, we’ve done basically nothing, eek!